Mog - Bara AaA - Joust - Stahleck 5-3

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Mog 78

Hi! I'm really not a Baratheon player so i'm sure this deck can be a lot better.

My idea was simple, as the deck is. Play Big guys with renown and let my opponent do the thinking on how to stop me. The "normal" plot order is The Maiden into Winter Festival into The King in the North (FotOG) or You Win Or You Die for a turn 3 finish.

I wanted to come in Lannister FC but the deck is too complex for my poor skills.

I don't remember all my games so my report will be short.

1st - Martell MFG - Win I don't remember much. It was a quick one. Robert Baratheon (LMHR) + Ser Justin Massey first turn. Valar dohaeris from him, turn 2. I play Stannis Baratheon (FotS) + Lightbringer and finish on The King in the North (FotOG) turn 3.

2nd - Stark Fealty - Loss Kairi got a really good start and Karhold turn 1 with Meera Reed (MoD) in Shadows, Winterfell and Catelyn Stark (Core). Ouch. I get King Stannis's Host but Meera blank them everyturn. I could get power only on my Winter Festival and The King in the North (FotOG) turn but it's not enough, and she plays very well and cautiously.

3rd - Barath Qohor - Loss My opponent setup only a Kingsroad. I'm pretty shocked and even with a really better start for me, i'm cautious. And then Melisandre (Core) and Hunting Accident locked me out of the game. Nothing to do anymore without cressen.

4th - Targ AaA - Win I juste remember having Stannis Baratheon (FotS), Ser Barristan Selmy (TS), Ser Cortnay Penrose and Ser Justin Massey against Daenerys Targaryen (Core), Daario Naharis and Ser Barristan Selmy (FtR). After a turn 3 Mad King, i took advantage in STR and so my opponent conceded.

5th - Martell Mummer's - Win It was a straight Forward game. My opponent didn't get Shagwell and did Valar Dohaeris turn 2. I finish on KitN turn 3.

6th - Targaryen FC - Win I should have lost this game but it was one of the perk of my deck. I was not tired, playing only 3 or 4 turns and only about 30 minutes a game. My opponent got more renown and more STR than me but made little mistakes, i ran into them and get the win.

7th - Tyrell Wolf - Win Hanno is a very good player and he knows Baratheon well. He stops my power grab and get a lot of ladies on board and goes to 12 power. I'm at only at 7 at the end of turn 3. I reveal You Win Or You Die goes first with Robert Baratheon (LMHR), Ser Barristan Selmy (TS), Ser Richard Horpe and Maester Pylos. All in power chall at 20 STR. Hanno fears Superior Claim and he is right, i have the only one i see all day. He offers a peach to Robert Baratheon (LMHR) and defend at 11 STR, he forgot Ser Richard Horpe, so +1 STR, Superior Claim, claim 2, 2 renown, military with Robert Baratheon (LMHR), "double renown" into 15. It was close. And i'm still in the run for the cut. I need a 5th win in a row...

8th - Tyrell Alliance Dragon FC - Loss Votja deck is awesome and i got a demo. Good econ, good draw and a lot of STR. I could do nothing. I don't have any regret because i had no chances whatsoever.

So i finish 5-3, i'm very happy with the deck results. I didn't expect to do that well with a non meta deck and i'm sure that it could be better with a real Baratheon builder in charge.


mr chipz 2

So I was the guy who mulled away a decent hand into a The Kingsroad + some other limited and some events and attachments without any characters. I thought about just saying gg right there but I can't just skip a match against a cool Bara deck so I tried anyway. This was a fun deck to play against since it showcases some of the awesome big characters like Ser Barristan Selmy (TS) and Melisandre (FotS) that normally don't make the cut. Hope to see you again next Stahleck! - Crimson Mayhem/Benni

argento 649

Congrats Mog for sharing this powerful deck !