A Cell Story - Stahleck Top 8

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An Imry story - Top 16 and best Baratheon at Stahleck 2023 5 2 4 1.0

Anselme. 64

Big Thanks

First of all, I would like to thank the entire organization team at Stahleck as well as the Global Operations Team. Without you the game would no longer exist. Thank you for keeping it alive and allowing us to continue playing the only game that matters! This event has a special place for me, it was a great joy to be able to come back and play with this great community in this place so appropriate and steeped in history.

The Deck

I play barath since V1 and i realy like shadow cards, this deck is a collection of everything i love to play and what works in barath control. I have been perfecting it for several months, and more recently with the help of another French player Djokovic. The idea was to make a deck capable of handling everything that touched the board and passing power challenges while losing as little as possible. I had to abandon the idea of ​​managing locations in favor of greater stability.


In my opinion, this is a bad agenda for Barath they have too many good cards that kneel the faction card, but this one of the best way to make The Black Cells efficient. The -1 Gold is a real pain to deal with, so you have to decide how many expensive cards you can run and this is not a lot. Finaly that give you the opportunity to create surprise on the board, to better manage the reset and secure one key card from intrigue claim.


-The Maiden, you need it to be second player every turns. That's a key card when you play slow and control deck

-Trade Routes (R), 22 locations and you can be first player on political

-Bran the Builder, seeking for the cell or more draw

-Close Call, this deck doesn't win fast so you will need it

-Valar Dohaeris, a good card in the meta but bad against fools deck

-Duel, i wasn't sure to run it but that's the best plot of the seven. I played it every games and come back with. (Thanks Djoko!)

-A Clash of Kings, not a fan in general but with Storm's End that's very different.


Play a good location, put a card in shadow and play a litlle char every turn until you stabilize.

Fickle Bannerman are insane with Traitor but don't forget the STR bonus of fools.

Acolyte of the Flame are huge to keep the lead on the table and not losing on a topdeck.

Ser Eldon Estermont with storm's end is generaly the end of the game, but he can also give you the eco you need to stay in the game.

Ser Imry Florent two because of The Mad King's Command.

Delena Florent definitively stay in three, too many way to stand in the game.

Lem Lemoncloak was a good surprise but maybe Godry is better


They are why the deck is strong in my opinion, need to find a way to deal better with political.

Storm's End, very expensive but very strong to stabilize and choose wich chall to loose, op with traitor, and a game closer too.

The Black Cells, there is the game with and the game without them. For 2 you lock every turn the biggest problem on the table. But careful with dominance.

The Red Keep (Core), is in three for three reasons, draw is life, Fickle Bannerman, and Storm's end.

Northern Encampment, two thrones and three Eldon to use it corectly


Milk of the Poppy only twoo for space but three would be nicer.

Traitor to the Crown, this is the final part of the party. That's allow you to defend your Fickle without a stand char, make you draw 2 cards with Red keep, only one gold to bring out for cells(lock two char for 1Gold), manage dominance, choose which big one doesn't play for the rest of the game with storm's end, and btw don't loose and win the strongest chall of the game. Balance, but at least this is terminal, oh wait..


Support of the People, here to find The Black Cells or economy when needed.

Seen In Flames, let's say you have Melisandre (Core) and The Black Cells on the board, for 1 you look at your opponent's hand deal with a threat in it, kneel a guy with Mel and lock another with cell. For 1, maybe better than Traitor.

I can't wait to come back next year and try my best with my french team ZOUAVES! If you have an advice or question, please let me know !


BlueHill 30

Okay this looks very funny deck to play! Great job Anselme!

dom 457

Thanks for posting! Will take it for a spin

argento 649

You deserved this top 8 in the greatest agot event, as a baratheon loyalist and very very reliable player in big tournaments. Long life to the "zouaves "!

Djokovic 1

Well done Anselme, you deserve your top baratheon in Stahleck! It was a pleasure to speak about this deck so many times, and a pleasure to do this tournament with all the french community