Dragons, Markets and a great Pyramid!

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Pippin 8

This is my Targaryen-deck I used to play against my friends and I had unexpected success with it!

I won't explain everything, but I'll say something about some things.

Its just based on burn and using the discard interactions (Hizdahr zo Loraq (R) , Freedmen , The Great Pyramid )

One of my problems with Targaryen is that I often don't have enough draw so I never see my events.

For that this deck has Meereen (R) as its "House with red door" and also the great Pyramid. It's hard to get the pyramid on the board, but once you got that, draw shouldn't be a problem anymore and the cards in hand are protected too.

The other locations are just Econ.

Grey Worm (JS) good character which does not kneel to defend most of the time (also intrigue)

Missandei , Freedmen , Mother's Men and A Dragon Is No Slave are good cards to discard for your Meeren etc.

Other options I tried but decided against:

Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) > Incinerate

The Mad King's Command > The Father

The First Snow of Winter > Valar Morghulis

Time of Plenty > Counting Coppers

It is my first Targaryen-deck I built by myself so I'm thankful for every feedback I get! I hope you can enjoy the deck as good as I do! :)

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