Steel that glitters in the shadows/CZ Nats/5th place

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Floydos 52

For the first time in a long time, I attended a real tournament and took my favorite Martells (how else, right?).

The deck is based on the standard Martell shadows, with added value in the form of VS and other negative add-ons going into the hand. The domination loss mechanic does a great job, which, even though it doesn't seem like it, can slow the game down "just right". Edric Dayne (HMW) can't be missed, as his ability pairs well with either Doran Martell (AHaH) or Starfall Spy, or the card is just fuel for The Shadow City. Arianne Martell (PoS) does most of the standard work (who would have expected that, right?). I hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do, because after a very long time I've built a deck that I really enjoy and isn't the classic Martell style of disgusting your opponent's life.

So how the tourney went?

1st game – Lemon´s Greyjoy/WtC – 1:0 / I basicly bullied my opponent with combination of Tears of Lys and A Pinch of Powder. 1st take care of Victarion Greyjoy (R) and Pinch with a little help from Caggo Corpsekiller got rid of Balon Greyjoy (CtA). And then it was just "make my opponent sad".

2nd game – Stepan K´s NW/Kraken – 1:1 / Well, Stepan plays choke deck and he plays it well. In short, I had no eco, no characters on table, except 2 small ones so Stepan easily choked me and deservedly won.

3rd game – Mattes´s Tyrell/Rains of Castamere – 2:1 / Game against Mattes was really good, Mattes had great start with with good chars and Great Hall with the swan song singing Goldengrove and The Honeywine. I was able to keep the pace and finally I Lay Waste the Honewine with 5 or 6 power tokens. Again Pinch, Arianne and Tears for the win, slowely but surely I won. But hell of the game.

4th game – Lobotom´s Greyjoy/Prince Tarle the Thrice-Drowned (TFM) – 3:1 / Well my opponent got really unlucky, 5 plots and he did not even managed to draw his prince and I was able to prevent all power challenges to be won by 5. His The Mad King's Command helped me more than him. And Lobotom conceded when it was "time called".

5th game – Jiri Drabek´s Stark/Fealty – 4:1 / Another great intense game when I had all my control stuff early prepared so Dacey Mormont died twice, Robb Stark (Core) got hit by Varys (DitD) (btw.: pay atention to game text of Varys and rule with cost/shadow cost via Doran). I kinda got lucky that opponent drew his first No Surprises at 5th plot.

Top 8 game – Miha´s Baratheon/Qohor – 4:2 / Hell of the game in what we all made mistakes, like I was able to play Tears to his Stannis Baratheon (FotS)... So in that condition were our brains :) I made some small mistakes and I lost on time by 1 or 2 power. Fun fact, I MAYBE lost to a R'hllor Infiltrator that I borrowed to Miha before the tournament :D

So, for me nice achievement, for me it was 2nd or 3rd TOP in my career. So even I was 5th, in my mind I was screaming "WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN" :-D

So for all of you, that want to try this deck, have fun. For all my opponents, in past and in future, I´m sorry :)

Possible changes: Ser Arys Oakheart (TC) (my OCD card) for a Begging Brother. 1 of the attachments for a The Iron Throne (LMHR)

Have a nice day! Floydos

link for a JP:


Martozar 233

@Floydos you actually are able to use Tears on Stannis :P See FAQ

BlaiddDrwg 1

I was wondering already when I was checking the deck before cut, but why the gold plots with no SAT? I mean, popping in Locked Away just before marshalling sounds fun, but is that the only reason to have two gold plots or am I missing something?

Floydos 52

@BlaiddDrwg Well, I needed reliable gold source, but on the same time, I did not want to give opponent gold via Trading or cards via LSF. And since I can use other shadow stuff in draw phase or plot phase, why not.

hagarrr 829

Congratulations @Floydos but I would challenge your opinion that this "isn't the classic Martell style of disgusting your opponent's life.". I want to die every time I play against this :D :D

Floydos 52

@hagarrr I´m sorry about that :-)