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Dydra 1483

Hey All,

I haven't posted in a while, because I was practicing for Stahleck. Now I can give you something that will worth your time. =)

This is the deck that I drove yesterday in Joust and made the cut as 31st out of the ~300 people.My result was 5-2 in Swiss and with that I became 1 of the 3 NW to qualify for the finals. I was the only KoW though, the other two were Fealty with very different decks. In the elimination round I met Florian, who later went to win it all, in a very interesting game (more about it in the tourney report below ). A lot of people were very curious about my deck list, so here it is...

Before anything else though, I'd have to give A HUGE shout out to Daye (action_johnny), without whom I wouldn't be playing this deck. 2-3 weeks before the tournament I was split between playing NW/KoW or some variation of TGB... However, my NW/KoW was very different from what this deck is. It was a very strong 2-claimer, heavy mil, choke deck, but I also wanted to play NG and then Daye said ... " Do you wanna know a secret? Night Gathers... is much more stronger than people realize ... " and this is where it all started.

The Deck

Let me put it straight out for you. This is not a deck, that simply plays Night Gathers as a suppliment and you managed to trigger it once every 7 games to win a game you are already winning. No, this is a Night Gathers deck, that reliably puts characters from the opponent discard into play and they win you the game.

Honestly, I can write an entire thesis about this deck, but I know many of you won't have the time to read it out, so I will list with bullets some of the interactions and choices here.

  • The Agenda. This is an interesting one. I decided on KoW, because it can reliably make the opponent discard characters. Either by choking them with reserve ( -1 on Agenda and additional -2 on Wraiths ), or by stealing gold from them and not allowing them to Marshal characters (later on discarding them, or perfect target for Heads on Spikes). Additionally, it didn't limit me in the Neutral's that I play, which you can see are a lot.

Daye has 2 other lists with different agendas though. Perhaps he will share at some point. So there is space for experimentation here. My choice is definitely Kings of Winter, due to how consistent it can get chars in the opponent discard pile.

  • The strategy. This is a tempo deck, which you have to plan long-term. The entire playstyle is about setuping your opponent for 2-3, or even 5 turns and then winning it in 2. I'm talking about different levels of setup. You have to setup his discard pile, you have to setup safe conditions to trigger Varys, you have to setup your own power so you are not too far behind. Now the Agenda choice works very interesting with your opponents, who think that you are playing a standard NW-choke and try to setup as many bodies on the table as possible, in order to avoid the hard hitting 2-claimers (as well as avoid discarding for reserve). Varys sends his regards ... =)

All in all, this deck would make Doran Martell proud.

  • The plots. This is by far the optimal plot list in my opinion. The setup you can do with Wraith opening into Heads on spike is crazy. in 90% of the games, my opponents are down to 3 ( or 2 ) cards after turn 1 and most of them are holding onto their 6 and 7 costers... Yummy ... Vary's Riddle is a great plot because of it's flexibility. It flatout won me one game in 3v1 body count for enemy, where he marched. The rest of the days hitting Summmons or Building orders, or CC to give me characters. Also you can alternatively open with it if u are sure what your opponent would open ( like in my 2nd game ). Winter Festival is there give you mid-game power ( as I said, u need to hang in there ), choke a bit and allow u to rebuild with 5 gold. Famine is for once you have cleared the board, or you have a clear military advantage and can just demolish him with 2 claim. Marched for after Varys if he has 1 char with dupe.

Fallen from Favor is probably the most interesting one and let me tell you. It is designed for this deck. =) First it has 7 reserve, which is great for Night Gathers... trigger. Second you can discard your Yoren, to use a 2nd copy from your hand. Third, opponent can Riddle himself -1 body. Fourth, it's the absolute best after a Varys wipe. You lose nothing on board, gain 7 + tons of gold, while enabling you to trigger NG. GG.

Thanks again to @action_johnny for stressing out to me, how good this plot is for this deck.

  • Ocean Road is amazing. You can reduce Varys and the other ton of neutral cards that the deck is playing plus the entire enemy discard pile xD No need to say how sweet is that Tywin for -2 gold.

  • Mance Rayder is value, but because Wildling Horde are the only viable wildlings atm for this deck, you can't play him more than once. I'm sure you understand all the synergy with Winter plots and ambushing ... also Wildling Horde are freaking beasts that u can reduce with your Ocean Roads and that have Pillage ... which what it does ... it builds opponent discard pile ;)

  • Samwell Tarly and The Iron Throne are pretty key, as they give you the extra reserve for you to safely be able to trigger NG at any time.

The Tournament

Game 1

It was against a gentleman from France, who was playing Martell Crossing. He setup Harmen Uller and a chud. I open Wraiths he Opens Noble cause. He won't/cant marshall because of some choke I did to him. Saves all gold for challenges. Ambushes Nymeria and some bastards. One or two plots later, he floods the board with everything he has. I play Varys, resset the board. Re-marshall because I'm keeping a bunch of dudes in my hand. I draw Night Gathers the turn after and steal his The Red Viper with a bunch of chuds and win, because he has no characters on board or in hand and had already used his CC. It was a very beautiful finish though with stealing the Vyper and getting 3 power for his 10STR on an UO int challenge. (1-0)

Game 2

V.s. a NW Wall deck piloted by a gentleman from Spain ( Josh? ). The standard double CC build. Both of us have similar setup. I open with Riddle this time, because I know that he will Here to Serve and didn't want him to have Aemon and me not. He floods the board with chuds and everything he has by turn 2 ( i think ~ 10 chars or more ) with a duped Aemon. I Varys, March his Aemon dupe and Night Gathers... about 5-6 NW bodies from his discard under my command (including Aemon). From there on it was just about closing it out. (2-0)

Game 3

Andrash from Hungary playing Lanni/KoW. Very close game. Could have gone either way. I had strong Mil icons so I kept my setup ( bunch of Ranging Parties and Wildling Horde). I setup 2x Ranging Party and a Roseroad. Turn one he opens with The Long Winter v.s. my Wraiths in Their Midst, with Tyrion, 2mil chud and The Hound. I marshal out a Wildling Horde thinking that he can't pass through my MIL icons. As he selected for himself to go first, he does an Intrigue followed up by Trial by Combat. I'm left with only Wildling horde left. He doesn't do Mil to clean up and next turn Marches, where I flip riddle and his board- from Hound, 2 mil chud and Tyrion is left only with Tyrion. I immediately Yoren his Hound and from there on start punching him a bit by bit. I had drawn 3x Varys and was keeping them in hand, because I had board advantage and was slowly winning. He plays a 2nd Trial by combat and a few other characters with 2 claim intrigue,managed to discard my 3x Varys and 1x Night Gathers by plot 6, but at the same time he is left only with Tyrion on the board v.s. my 4 guys. I march, board is reset and he concedes. (3-0)

Game 4

Played Mathew S. from the UK. He was running Targ/Summer. Something which in my OCTGN testing was the only deck that defeated me. It was a crazy game. Especially when I found out that he runs Varys as well. I've been setuping on turn 1 and waiting for him to flood the board, so I play my Varys. Meanwhile got burned 2 times with Dracarys! on the first 2 plots. On turn 2 he had clear board advantage and to my biggest shock he plays a Varys ... with a Dupe ( which somehow I managed to miss in a 2/3 heads on spikes situation ) ... I have Varys in my hand and 3 guys on board v.s. his 6-7 ... what do I do? I play Varys , man up and trigger :D He had a dupe on Aggo and his Varys, so he is left with them after my trigger. He starts flooding again, but I draw a second Varys ... I setup some chuds and play Varys ... this time I discard his Aggo and Varys as well with the rest of his board ... This time finally I have a clear advantage ... until he draws his 3rd Varys with Sir Jorah he cloaks up 14 power, before I make POW challenge and drop him to 13. This time HE wipes the board =) He was at 13 power, I was at 12 with Yoren in hand and a few other chars .. he has no cards in hand, I think I played FFF, i Go first and Yoren his discarded Ser Jorah Mormont. I win as he top decked The Roseroad and Ser Jorah Mormont ... GG (4-0)

Game 5

Lukasz from Poland. He was running an interesting Targ/Crossing that was rushing power with Viserys Targaryen (AtSK). My ass just got burned 2 times in the first 2 turns last game, so I was very careful playing around Dracarys!. I think he didn't understood how my deck works, but really quickly adapted to it (sign of a good player). He opened Noble vs my Wraiths. This is a very good opener for me. Played the new Viserys with a dupe and a few other guys and started doing challenges for crossing etc. etc. I didn't have Varys in hand or on Setup and he was starting to flood the board. Perhaps ~7-8 chars by end of turn 1. As he was out of cards, I went for Riddle trying to hit his CC, but instead I hit Summons. He finds a Daenerys Targaryen to which I find a Varys ( the 10th card, so I wouldn't have drawn it otherwise ). Of course he sees it because of the plot and what he does was very smart. After draw with 2 cards, instead of playing all of his gold for Danny , he plays MIL Drogon with a Dupe ( which he just drew imo ). Now he has Drogon Dupe and Viserys Dupe ... usually when you Varys, you don't want more than 1 dupe targets.

Non the less, the board advantage is very large for him and I Varys. Plot 3, I Heads on Spikes, because I know Danny is in his hand and he had 3 or 4 cards ... I hit a chud ... :( I play Night Gathers and I steal Jhogo and Ser Jorah together with some chud, but it's not enough as he Marshalls Khal Drogo with a dupe next turn, Viserys has already generated 4 power ( for 4 turns), he has about 9 power on card and that was a wrap... (4-1)

Lukasz continued to make the cut as well.

Game 6

V.s. Kamil from Poland. He was playing a Lanni/ Castamere deck. That game was doomed pretty much from the start. He drew the best possible cards v.s. me. After a muligan he setups Ser Ilyn Payne with a chud and starts executing my chuds. I managed to get him down to 3 cards with Wraiths and Head on Spikes turn 2. From 3 cards ( 1 chud and 2 Tywin ), I hit the chud. So turn 2 he Marshals Tywin with a dupe. Starts triggering the Agenda constantly. On turn 3 or 4, he plays CC and Marshalls the mountain on CC turn ... because ... Lannister ... He managed to discard my Varys on a 1/5 chance and there was no returning from that point. Without taking any credit from my opponent for playing properly, this was certainly the worst luck I had during the tournament. (4-2)

Kamil entered the cut as well I believe.

Game 7

Played Steven from Germany. He is the director of Toknemannia and a really cool guy. They make amazing tokens and even gave me some swag just for playing him, so shoutout to him for that! He recorded the game and it will be uploaded on youtube at some point, but at the start I told him " I'm playing an interesting deck ... you will see " ... or something similar :D and you can bet that this was the most epic game during the day ( yes, even more infarct then game #4 against Mathew with the triple Varys :D ).

Steven was running Lanni/Kraken and I won't spoil anything, but this was the game where Mance Rayder showed to work and despite having some awful luck ( missing killing a key character with heads on spikes in 1/2 chance ) AND getting my Varys discarded in 1/5 chance ... there was some last turn comeback! =)

Cheers to Steven for the sportsmanship at the end! (5-2)


Went against Florian and his Stark Fealty, as 31st against 2nd seed. This game made me learn a life/AGoT lesson the hard way. I played the most perfectly calculated first 2 turns during the entire day, just to have a simple mistake in the very last second of the game cost me the victory.

I drew on Setup and Refill, Varys, Night Gathers , HoJ, Aemon, White tree, bunch of chuds ... I setup Ghost, Raven and White Tree, planning to choke him and play Aemon first turn. He setups Gates of Winterfel, Jon Snow and a chud.

Turn 1, Wraiths vs Calm Over Westeros. -1 gold only from my tree but he would still have 3 reserve at the end... He managed to bring out Arya with 2 dupes and Caitlyn stark and a reducer. On my side I played Aemon and Reducer as I he selected me to be first and had only 4 gold. I calculate the challenge math and realize that if I don't do any challenges we would be at 1-1 power, which was the best scenario and so it happens. At end of challenges he Gates of Winterfell an Ice and sicards down to 3 cards keeping the ice. He discards Summer, Blackfish and a Milk

Turn 2, I flip Heads on Spikes to discard his Ice while he opens with the Wardens of the North. He shuffles intensively saying something like " Well, let's see now if this will be the discard that will decide the game ". I try telling him that I've been unlucky white my Spikes all day and to continue the tradition, I hit a Winter Is Coming, rather than Ice. He is first though, so he Marshals Bran and attaches Ice on Caitlyn. I collect my 5 gold and do the following. As it's 6v5 reserve, I play Night Gathers... and I'm with 4 gold left. As he thinks that I can marshal only Summer, he doesn't use Bran. I drop a The Kingsroad and immediately go up to 6. I marshal The Blackfish on turn 2, without resets and the jaws on everyone around the table drop. He continues with his plan though and thanks to the plot target-kills my Maester Aemon. We exchange some challenges and stay in close power range.

Turn 3 , He already has a solid board advantage. I'm left with Blackfish and 2 other chars. Time to play Varys. I play Varys Riddle and hit his Building Orders. I ask him to go first. He tells me to resolve my plot first. I find a Roseroad. He is searching for a 2nd Ice, but picks up only a Roseroad himself. He marshals a few more bodies and for my 6 gold i play Varys. During challenges I let him 3 UO, as I calculated that it would be the same power difference, as I'd go UO against him as well. on my UO intrigue I manage to discard Fast Eddie ( one of his two cards in hand ).

At the end of phase I trigger Varys, as it's 6+ chars vs 3 for him. Only Arya is left with a dupe on the board.

Turn 4, My hand is - Ranging Party, Yoren, HoJ, Milk ... he had 1 card in hand and Gated of Winterfel to show a milk (something which I forgot). My plot choice was either Marched to the Wall or Fallen from Favor. My logic was the following. Disregarding top decking, Marched would allow me to play ONLY yoren or ONLY ranging party. Fallen from Favor would allow me to get 8 gold and Marshall both Yoren and Party AND play Milk on Arya.

I opted for the safer play. I play FFF and ask him to go first. He doesn't marshal anything and keeps his 4g. Now we are in time and no other plots will be played 7 to 4 power for him. I drew 2 Wildling Hordes. I play a Wildling horde and I milk his Arya 6 gold ... then I Yoren and while looking at his discard pile which had Bran, Tumblestone Knight and Summer, I pick take Summer and ask the judge " If I steal summer, can I trigger for cards from my discard pile" to which the judge nods and says "yes". As I have a Sworn Brother in my discard, I steal Summer and put my 2 coster into play, just so the judge tells me " you can only bring back Stark characters " ... As I made it to the finals of the biggest tournament in EU, I man up and take it like a man, no take backs... GG

If I had taken any character with a PoW icon from his discard. I'd win. If I had read the card, I'd win.

Lesson learned for life. =)

Perhaps its worth mentioning that this was my first Stahleck, as well as my first international tournament. It was amazing experience and next time I'll come back better and stronger!


fricco 7

ty for the list man, you inspired me a lot,

HidaHayabusa 73

Amazing. Well done.

Loras Tyrell 316

Love it, I wll be waiting for the nest part. I have tested a similar concept, but running Banner of the Sun, it was very good but sometimes hard to create the right conditions to protect and trigger Varys

OldShrimpEyes 423

Bravo. What a fantastic build.

ChannelDelibird 998

Teriffic work, and congratulations! Daye smacked me around with Night Gathers recently so I'm not surprised that it paid off for you. Great to see an underappreciated card doing so well!

RoflRoy 22

I always wanted to make Fallen from Favor reliably work, this sounds very good! Grats for making the cut man!

nikotinlaus 594

I love your deck. It looks nasty to play against and well thought out. Congrats for making it to the cut with it.

action_johnny 745

Thank you for your kind words Metodi. You're a fantastic player and it was a pleasure working on this with you. I look forward to building again with you in the future.

From your old boy Daye Daniel :)

iaan 17

Well done sir, awesome decklist. This was my first time playing at Stahleck and it was a blast. <3

Dydra 1483

Thanks everyone.

@nikotinlaus I saw your deck list as well. I think it would have made for an interesting game if we met somewhere in the field. =)

@action_johnny same my man =) I wouldn't be playing this without you showing me the foundation to build upon

I'll write-up the rest of the report later tonight or tomorrow. Cheers!

Amoon 1

Big props driving this deck all the way to top 32! I have seen only one of your matches, but was at the time already amazed how different this decks looks and now with the list i have to say that these are the kind of decks that drive the meta forward. Many thanks for sharing :)

HidaHayabusa 73

Quick question: Wouldn't it be OK if you ran 1 Rattleshirt Raider? Neutral, wildling, can save a Varys from Milk. I do understand the meta call of the Devout freerider, but the Tyrion hate is so specific, that I guess you could dedicate that slot to Rattleshirt.

action_johnny 745

@HidaHayabusa the deck already has a glut of military icons and you don't really need the attachment removal if you play it correctly, especially as your wiping the board 1-3 times a game. The pow icon is more important.

Dydra 1483

Absolutely what @action_johnny said. The Pow icon is very valuable (and it actually cost me the game in the finals vs Florian :P ), it's a bit cheaper and the occasional chance that I'd draw into the Raiders so I can discard a milk that might have hit the very few targets I have in the deck .... pretty lackluster

The only thing that the Rattleshirt's Raiders have going for them are the Widling trait, but considering that I need both Mance ( 1x ) and a Winter plot ... not worth it atm ...

Also the turn when you play Varys, you go second ... if you go second, they can't milk you.

Toomagic 109

GJ for your deckbuild ! I've tried à similar NW-Stark deck but I didn't realize the strenght of Night Gather, especially with Varys ! Fantastic idea !

NikolaP 61

Congrats on your Top 32, really fun and cool looking deck, and an amazing report! ;)

HidaHayabusa 73

@Dydra and @action_johnny, I fully agree with the analysis, but still I don't think that the Devout rider is an optimal choice. I can understand that Tyrion can make a full game on his own, but I see Waymar Royce working better with the whole discard thing going on (also a power challenge), and as I read from your report Rattleshirts could nuke an Ice or two in your Stark matchup.

Anyway, obviously your choices worked out, so I'll agree with what you played.

action_johnny 745

@HidaHayabusaSure, Waymer is an option. The downside there though is you can't reduce him with Ocean Road, so he doesn't slot in quite as easily. If you were absolutely clucking for attachment removal you could swap Thoren for a Rattleshirt but tbh I'd rather top deck Thoren in this deck. As with anything, give the build a try, see how you like it, and adjust to taste. I can tell you that Metodi spent about 2-3 weeks play testing and tweaking the original build meticulously, so I'm sure everything in the deck at the minute has been thought out. I do always encourage people to experiment though :)

HidaHayabusa 73

Yes, Devout can be Ocean'd, Waymer can be reduced by Steward so they pretty much both share same advantages and disadvantages cost-wise.

Just to be clear, I am running a KoW/NW+Night Gathers for quite some time since I got my FFH and our card differences are that I am running 2 Mances, no HJs but 2 Nightmares, and no Fallen from Favor for a second Winter Festival.

Love the deck.

action_johnny 745

Glad it's working out for you man!

Paku 521

Hi on your game 6 I have 1 tywin 1 chella and 1 chud on hand ;) And yes I did make the cut I was in top8 ;) Anyway deck looks really funny I hope you don't mind me copying it :)

Dydra 1483

@Paku haha alright then, that makes me feel a bit less unlucky ... =) You marshaled the duplicate quite fast though, so I assume u had him in hand as well ...

Go for it and let me know how it works out ;) With the next chapter pack it will be even more interesting ...

Paku 521

@Dydraone more thing to let you feel better, if I didn't discard Varys from your hand he will get put to the sword anyway :P

Dydra 1483

If you could cancel my The Hand's Judgment sure ... you wouldn't think I don't protect varys, right? ;)

Duckbringer 31

Would you really win the top 32 match though? If I am counting corectly, you would have to block his pow chall with wildling party, then go for UO int and UO pow chall, which would generate you 3 pow, him losing one, but he would win dom with that 4 gold, at that point it matters who draw more, right?

Dydra 1483

@SaniOsa that is correct. I can't recall if there was anything else more interesting in his discard pile and if challenges are done in best possible way for Florian, it would have came to to # cards in deck.

However, I will just remind you that he had Gates of Winterfell on setup, that I had Pillage on Wildling horde and I will wink ;)

Duckbringer 31

right pillage:) If you have not been drawing much with that raven, you would have probably win :)

Dydra 1483

@SaniOsa he had 1 more card on setup, draw 1 extra card ( Ice ) on turn one, can't remember about turn 2, pillage ... that's -3 cards compared to my 0 draws with Raven =)

I was counting them as time was announced ... I just made the error, because a Summer + Sworn Brother would give me an extra 1 power for UO Mil ....

Kvothe 1

Congrats on your TOP 32 :) I'm very impressed by this deck, how do you feel about the post valar meta? do you think this deck could work properly with it and against it? What changes would you make in that environment?

Dydra 1483

@KvotheBCN me and @action_johnny have already discussed it and the only aswer is - we need to test it. =)

Generally, speaking about Valar meta, all 90% of the decks will be running the plot and what does that mean for our deck?

1) We want characters in the discard pile, not in the dead pile, therefore running Valar in our plot list feels lackluster.

2) Varys stays. I heard people on Stahleck throwing out stuff like " Who will play Varys when U have Valar " ... that might be true for the other decks, but not for a Night Gathers... deck.

3) I think I will switch 1x Mance Rayder for 1x Jaqen H'ghar and 1x Isle of Ravens for perhaps a milk. ( The Isle is pretty interesting card for this deck btw). This is the list that I'll be testing with chapter 4 out.

Generally Varys is safe from Valar Morghulis and the - gold from choke and - reserve will make get them in trouble if they don't Valar in the exact right moment.

On the other hand a Banner of the Kraken is an alternative and @action_johnny has already been working on a list for a while. ;)

Kvothe 1

Thanks for the answer @Dydra I was feeling the same about 1) and 2), but Jaqen doesn't feel the same as running valar? Isle of ravens could be very interesting IMHO. What do you guys think about Nightmares in this deck? I didn't find good targets for Milks in the matches I've played, could NM be a better option?

Dydra 1483

Jaqen H'ghar I want to test. I think having slightly some target kill is okey. Nightmares can be fine if you dont like the milk just have to be careful to not get too many events. I think I'd go 2 hoj 2 nightmares or 3hoj 1 nightmares.

Perhaps in my first testing I'd even go to 2 Isle of Ravens and remove milk completely.

Colinnuts 29

@Dydra``@action_johnny what about Take the Black can this card become viable again with this deck even at just 1x just because with A Meager Contribution and White Tree gold really isn't a problem. I just guess is it worth the cost to the people you will take. ????

Colinnuts 29

@Dydra``@action_johnny also love this deck. Been playing nights watch since I got into this game and you guys are a fountain of knowledge to read and watch, thanks to @Joe From Cincinnati for his videos. So cheers

action_johnny 745

Thanks for the kind words `@Colinnuts. I certainly see no problem with a single TtB as a 61st card. I have exactly that in my NW/Wolf build that I will be publishing after this weekend. I wouldn't run more than x1 though as I find it to be situational.

I absolutely love playing NW, all builds. Their mechanics I feel are the most interesting in the game, and as a faction we have some great minds always working to push the boat out and develop new and original builds. Shout out to @Dydra and of course Joe and Tamas as well for all their hard work.

Colinnuts 29

@action_johnny yeah man I totally get that. They are for me by far the most interesting to play. Totally forgot to add Tamas to that list. Especially the double Counting Coppers mechanic. So nice. Wondering what will come kut before euros next year at Birmingham!! That will be interesting to see.

linkingverbs 191

What changes would you make to this deck post-valar? I've favored the winter build for NW over the Wall deck pre-valar, but do you think the Wall deck may be the direction to go now? Or, is the choke style even more effective with a 2g plot exploding onto the scene?

Also, I can't help but feel like Without His Beard + Night Gathers... were made for eachother...

Dydra 1483

@linkingverbs this is a cool synergy, which I haven't thought about. @action_johnny is running a Night Gathers deck with Banner of the Lion agenda, I feel it would slot perfect in his deck perhaps =) On the other hand, I expect this to be choking even harder ... and being able to choke the opponent on his Valar turn would mean he remains a 0, or small board, while with the stolen gold you should be able to put stuff out.

The changes I foresee in the Valar meta are:

1) Varys Stays

2) No Valar in our plot deck

3) Will try out 1-2 Isle of Ravens + Jaqen H'ghar on place of Mance Rayder.

After I do 10-15 games with this build, will decide how to go forward =) With Shadow Tower Mason and The Haunted Forest NW Wall defense decks really go Tier 1though and they are easier to play in general than the Night Gathers decks, so a pretty solid choice for a tournament.

Colinnuts 29

@Dydra``@action_johnny been testing this deck recently with the addition of Isle of Ravens and it's an MVP for me. I saw meager about 5 times. Which for a choke deck almost locked my opponent down. Excellent combo

linkingverbs 191

sooooooo....The Frostfangs?

Dydra 1483

@linkingverbs you bet ... can't wait to get my hands on it ... probably would increase the Sworn Bros to have more reduction and ditch the milk ... After that we are waiting for the the NW big box and all hell breaks loose!

Dydra 1483

You can quote me on this if you like, but the deck will only get stronger in time, unless some really hard counter comes out that hits the discard pile ( plot, agenda or location ) or the cards rotate out.

RoflRoy 22

@Dydra I have the feeling that this deck will profit much more from the NW box (compared to Wall decks). Did you test against Valar and tweak this deck yet?

Colinnuts 29

I was thinking that when the box hits, the new Old bear definitely goes in at maybe x1. Now my watch begins as well. For sure. But I was thinking that to continue the chock theme that both rattleshirt him self maybe with scaling the wall as well. Removing peoples gold productions after victories with wildlinga could be a good avenue. Maybe!!

Dydra 1483

@RoflRoy that is true. The Wall type is already really strong and the only major upgrade which they get is the new plot. On the other hand, the Night Gathers deck get a bunch of goodies. I will have to sit down and think carefully about everything that will change with the deck, but that's still about a month or more away.

I wonder if the NW box will make it out before Vaes Bulghar ( first Road to Stahleck tournament for the year) on the last weekend of Feb. =)

@Colinnuts When I schemed through the cards, my initial thoughts are perhaps I'd give a try with 2 of the new Old Bear, have to try out Qhorin Halfhand as well, because he is just value ... Now My Watch Begins I'd start testing with x2. @action_johnny has some cool ideas about the new event :P but I think I will test first with KoW and The Frostfangs to choke their reserve and get a discard consistently.

Dydra 1483

Now, when I looked into it, KoW + The Frostfangs might not be the optimal choice as the taxation is Money first, then Reserve ... so u won't have the gold to trigger Now My Watch Begins

"7. Taxation phase 7.1 Taxation phase begins

This step formalizes the beginning of the taxation phase.

7.2 Return unspent gold

Each player simultaneously returns all unspent gold in his or her gold pool to the treasury.

7.3 Check reserve

Each player, in player order, checks his or her reserve."

Colinnuts 29

@Dydra only thing I can see it with is Ranger's Cache but i feel it's too niche to pull off. But could be viable. But also like The Watcher on the Walls it's there just for that time you need it. Rattleshirts raiders, bow rangers, problem gone. Maybe similar to that. Just sitting in hand for an unopposed challenge on intrigue you win and drop a big guy into the bin. You play it then. Maybe?

Colinnuts 29

@Dydra``@action_johnny Qhorin Halfhand plus Dragonglass Dagger for me that equals MONEY!

Dydra 1483

Ranger's Cache will net money after Reserve is done, so it won't allow u to trigger Now My Watch Begins during taxation. Only thing so far that would allow you seems to be Littlefinger's Meddling :)

ShunSokaro 217

Hi Dydra ! What about this deck in Valar meta ? Thanks !

Dydra 1483

@ShunSokaro it works, you just have to practice with it. However, the plot and the deck changes a bit with Chapter 5.

I will post the updated list at the end of next month, as we are having Vaes Bulghar in Sofia the last weekend of February.

Aaron Groth 1

Any updates?

Dydra 1483

Yeah, I've been giving updates to peeps who msged me on FB. In all honesty, my time after Stahleck has been VERY limited. I can post what is the current list (some changes defo), however it's not tested in tournaments. With Chapter 1 of the new Cycle ( All Men are Fools ) things get even more dirtier.

Will post my updated list in the next few days for those who are interested.

Aaron Groth 1

Sounds good. I will have to message you then. Things only go up for this deck this year. Definitely Isle of Ravens fits in the deck, as far as I have seen. Definitely can't wait for the Box and the first 3 chapter packs for regional season. Banner Lion looks to be a great alternative as well. Great archetype you created.

Dydra 1483

Absolutely ... as I said on many places, this archetype will become only stronger with time, because the quality of Characters will go up :)

zack 126

For those following along, @Dydrahas posted an updated version of this deck.