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Andre 325

Hi fellow AGoT players - let us publish the deck we played at Prague Regional (73 players). The deck is a result of joint effort, thorough testing and deckbuilding with my friend Raius. Some time ago we both independently focused on clear underdog of that time, house and realized that banner Rose is probably a right choice for our needs. We both won two local tournaments with slightly different builds and decided to combine our effort with later releases of good cards to create competitive mid-range deck out of these factions. Let's take a look at key components:

Hand destruction - combination of Queen's Men and Seen In Flames is pretty potent hand control. Queen's Men is very reason for having inverted chud reducers instead of one.

Kneel package - an important control tool option especially against rush decks. Mostly one or two triggers from Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) and Melisandre (Core) are enough to get the time needed. Every character part of R'hllor package could be recycled via Spears of the Merling King if needed for additional kneel or hand control.

Draw - draw in the deck is supplied by the obvious The Red Keep being able to be fetched by Support of the People (or whatever location needed) and more importantly by #King at the Wall. That is the main reason behind the inverted zero-cost limited locations. Testing proved an attachment to be very effective draw and having another king trait is very handy. There is also a very good squadron of potential wielders.

Plot deck - the general choices are pretty self-explanatory and therefore just take a look on some more interesting decisions taken. The most notable is absence of reset = initially we of course tested a very usable Wildfire Assault useful with Spears of the Merling King. It performed well however due to the abundance of and we switched into Barring the Gates. It proves to be correct decision (it is even useful to have Winter plot around for variety of reasons). The deck has relatively low initiative value however this is not such a major issue due to the that it could be an advantage to be chosen either as a first player (threat being then active kneeling of His majesty Drunkard and Margaery Tyrell (HoT) with combination of Highgarden Courtier) or second player (threat being then kneeling package). We also considered an inclusion of Your King Commands It in order to buy one additional round against combo and with the amount of Kings in the deck. At the end we decided not to do that because we do not want to further decrease INI by swapping with Calling the Banners and with the frequent Heads on Spikes in the meta removing of Close Call (in reality the least useful plot however if used then in a crucial moments) was considered to be no go.

Some particular card choices:

Initially we had 2x Maester Cressen however decided to drop him to one copy with Oathkeeper in mind to free up an extra slot. Dragonstone Castle was tested and it was good of course. Still we decided to remove it due to the sheer amount of location hate and the fact that The Red Keep is able to net you 2 cards even in the round it gets discarded by Jade Sea Dromond. Initially we had 2x Bodyguard however we decided to trade one for Crown of Golden Roses to be able to trade cards for board pressure. Due to having only two targets eligible for Crown of Golden Roses we decided to add a third lord, one. We have to decide in-between The Knight of Flowers (Core) and Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR). At the end we choose Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) due to the 5-cost bracket being overpopulated already. Begging Brother was added lately and we never regretted that decision in the current meta.

We decided to play Brienne of Tarth (GoH) at full complement of three copies due to her strong efficiency in this deck with correct trait and solid amount of kings in the deck. Number of triplicates in the deck is another reason why Close Call had to remain in a plot deck.

The whole performance of the deck is available at https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/5225

Interesting note is that my match at TOP 8 against future winner of the Regional was decided by great luck on his part (on top-deck mode he was able to draw third Growing Strong in-between more than 35 cards of his deck) otherwise I would won :) (Good to note that Raius managed to defeat that very same Crossing in a close game during preliminary rounds) player (Herly) thus prevented my game against my team mate Raius and the very same deck in TOP 4 :) Congrats to him!

I'd like to thank all the participants to make the tournament great experience as it was. I'm deeply indebted to my organization team who sacrificed a lot to allow me to play at the event (as head organizer). Thanks and see you next year (or at Nationals)! And good luck in Birmingham for some!

Mini-team Baratheon (Raius and me)


mattastrophic 727


BlaiddDrwg 1

Congratulations to good placement and thanks for the write-up.

I have a few questions about the deck. On the paper it looks like Selyse hits you as hard as she hits your opponent most of the time, so how does that work? Is she just a stall engine?

Would you consider swapping in Alerie for Penrose, or do you feel that with the draw engine, you draw into the courtiers consistently enough (she seems like a good synergy with not only the standy girls)?

Speaking of Oathkeeper, how often do you find yourself not triggering it (even if you can)?

Also the Arbor Queen as a two-of bugs me. Is it really necessary, especially with Support of the People? I would be looking for a replacement in form of Honeywine, maybe even Caswell. Is the buff that invaluable?

Were Icons ever lacking? Would you consider slotting in Off to Gulltown?

Andre 325

@BlaiddDrwg Thanks!

It depends - I admit that it could happen what you mentioned and Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) is acting more like a stall engine (even that could be sometimes solution for particular board state). Truth to be told you are still able to generate a very solid pressure via stand engines played after Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) trigger. Truth to be told the count of impactful ladies in the deck is not so low. Brienne of Tarth(GoH) and Randyll Tarly are able to pull out a very solid board pressure even during Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) round. Even more if you have an Arbor Queen out. Therefore in our experience the hit is not that hard if triggered correctly of course.

Alerie Tyrell is fine however we never felt she is needed that much with the draw present and I personally was never short of Highgarden Courtier in terms of drawing them (besides them being killed in or match-ups). And Ser Cortnay Penrose is actually quite good (for example during Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) round being played after her trigger).

Sometimes Oathkeeper is indeed kept instead of being used especially in match-ups or against Arianne Martell (JtO). However it is not that frequent - you need to solve some issues regularly or simply improve your board position.

Yes - Arbor Queen is really that important. You could lose one copy of it frequently by Jade Sea Dromond or Nothing Burns Like The Cold and therefore having another is quite useful.

Sometimes could be somehow lacking however it is not that crtitical and zou have other ways how to solve the issue (kneeling the threats on the other side) and thus with lack of additional Song synergy the "Off To Gulltown" was never indeed considered here.

Raius 510

@BlaiddDrwgHi, thank you for the question.

Selyse has few use. Usually you play her as a second player, so you see the consequences. Many times you have ability to kneel additional lady using a Mellisandre. Then you play 3 times Brienne of Tarth, which is non-kneeling in the defend (5 King traits). She is beast with Oathkeeper or Arbor queen. Oathkeeper may also stand Randyll in marshalling, so he has 2 use with AQ again.

This might also answer your second question related to Arbor queen itself. Second copy is there also in case the first one would be destroyed with Jade sea or other location hate. Support is there mainly for Red keep, but can be used for eco as mentioned above. If the buff is usefull? Be sure about it. Tyrell is the best house these days and even with AQ you might sometimes struggle to win key challanges.

Alerie was in the previous version of the deck. She might worth a slot, but to be honest, King at the wall has just a few Targets here and you are never sorry to put Cortnay in the setup, but she's not a bad call.

Oathkeeper - it rly depends on the matchup. Against Targaryen you often keep it attached. In other cases you might look for dupe/Selyse/Mel or whatever you just need.

Off to Gulltown was part of the conversation, but was declined very quickly. We agreed for pure effectivity in what we are good at, mentioning it might mess up our setups and there are no slots available in a deck.

OKTarg 27

Awesome deck! I have been fiddling with my own Bara-Rose lately, loving how the Rose banner helps you grab Selyse so consistently. Your version is a lot stronger, I think :)

Did you consider Withering Cold in the plot deck with all of the stand/non-kneel/kneel control you have?

Raius 510

@OKTargThanks for the kind words.

Talking about myself, i've never rly considered The Withering Cold to be a choice. I know Andre had it in previous version of the deck for a while, but then removed it for something else. I believe the main reason might be the fact, that there are houses who had way more standing/non-kneeling then you have, therefore it might be a risk.

Also, the only smart replacement in this meta would be Time of Plenty, which is an opener in 95% of cases and 1 more gold might be crucial at this point.

And there is one more. Even if you had most of your non-kneeling/standing techs on the table, it would stall the game, which is not something you are looking for in some match-ups. Against Martel you are trying to be as fast as possible. Actualy, if you do not close in 3-4 plots, you sometimes have to wait till plot 8 to have The King in the North or Barring the Gates available again.

I would only think about it as a meta call if the meta shifts somewhere else.

Diomedes 2560

Great deck! Congratulations to the good result and to an amazing tournament! I would have loved to play one of you in the final, that should have been more interesting than 2 Crossing (and probably a better match-up for my songs). Maybe next time. :)

I'm playing a Bara Rose deck with King at the Wall, too. As a player, I'm happy there is finally a card to build interesting Bara decks. I go full King at the Wall, 3x copies, Building Orders, 3x Jousting Pavilion, so I focus more on knights than ladies. Conveniently, all the good new characters are knights, the upcoming Ser Justin Massey will also fit right into this deck.

By the way, why no Honeywine?

JimmyNovak19 6

I love your deck Andre! Innovative as usual!