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This is my Targ murder deck. It's a lot of fun... for you--not so much for your opponent. I've made the cut in both regionals I brought it to. Over the course of those tournaments, I lost to only three decks. All were very good Martell/Wars decks and pilots (Jess and Christ Thompson and A.J. Valle). I won all other games soundly, controlling the game from start to finish.

It's The Wars To Come, so we'll start with the plots. 2x Counting Coppers and 2x Littlefinger's Meddling. This provides a lot of pressure because two things scare people playing against Targ: lots of cards in hand and the ability to play them. These plots provide this automatically. Counting Coppers is also very effective in Targ because cards like Flea Bottom, Missandei, and Qotho, allow you to have a solid board for little to no cash, and the last two synergize very well together to fill your board for free, allowing you to hold back the two gold (or more) to threaten burn. Blood of the Dragon provides this pressure for yet another turn by bringing all opponent characters that much closer to death and allowing you to kill with A Dragon Is No Slave without needing Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) on the board. Valar Morghulis is just a very reliable reset for Targ because it fills the dead pile to activate your Slaver's Bay Ports. Marched to the Wall is also a necessary include because it lets you get rid of that last pesky character they were too scared to put into challenges or who was too big to burn. Nothing Burns Like The Cold and Political Disaster are also very necessary in this deck because Targ hyper aggro decks like this tend to struggle with decks that push the game long and wear you down with a lot of control or passive power locations. In some matchups, you won't need them, but you also won't be forced to play them in those matchups, so they're a necessary part of your toolbox. Finally, You Win Or You Die is a solid close plot that can be used mid or late game. If you're smart about it, you can save a Counting Coppers to recover after. I recommend flipping this plot at any point where you find yourself with 4 or fewer cards in hand and Khal Drogo on the board.

As for the characters, not a lot of surprises. It runs the standard dragon package (3x Rhaegal (Core), 3x Viserion, and 1x Drogon (Core)) along with Danny, Khal, and general good stuff. Begging Brother is included because the deck tends to have gold when it gets rolling and he's important for controlling effects in some matchups. Basically, you're never upset to see him, and for two gold he is a good flea bottom target if you want to control stuff in a pinch.

The 1x Crown of Gold is also pretty obvious, so we'll move on to locations. Flea Bottom is necessary in almost all Targ decks because the Second Sons interaction is basically too good not to capitalize on. The econ package is also pretty straightforward. I subbed out 1 The Roseroad for a 1x Gates of the Moon because you basically never care about giving your opponent gold since you're going to kill anything they spend it on anyway. Isle of Ravens is a very good 1x include, as is Qarth because they give you a lot of bang for your buck when you see them though neither is generally necessary. Now, as for what's not here - Astapor. I realize most Targ decks run this card, and I'm aware it's pretty good, but it's a big investment, and in the time of Jade Sea Dromond and the location hate plots that this deck itself runs, the low gold-value nature of the plot line really can't support it. It's also unnecessary. You'll find it's not really a sweat to burn down characters with 10 or so strength if you need to.

The events are also pretty straightforward. All the burn stuff (Dracarys!, A Dragon Is No Slave, and Consuming Flames) is a given. The Fire and Blood is also still necessary given the efficiency of reviving dragons or just cycling bigs back into the deck if you draw a duplicate. The Hand's Judgment is also really good. You'll want it to cancel the other player's cancels, and it's especially beastly on your Littlefinger's Meddling turns because you can cancel big events played by other people (super funny into The Crow is a Tricksy Bird). The real spice here is the 2x Put to the Sword. This card synergizes really well with the big, cheap military icons this deck runs (like Qotho and Second Sons) and is especially scary on the Littlefinger's Meddling turns because once your opponent sees one, they're constantly worried about blocking a PttS or participating and getting burned to the ground. Again... pressure.

Overall, this deck is really fun and really strong into everything except, apparently, Martell/WtC decks with very experienced pilots. I hope someone tries this deck and enjoys it :)

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Stathis 1

Why not Exchange of Info? Could be helpful to find Crown of Gold.