Goat in the darkness (Store Cracow Top4)

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Neoptolemos 624

Hi, it's the deck that I have played a lot right after the release of Lord Commander Jon Snow (MoD), put it away for several months (well, let's be honest... I put away all my cards for several months) and took yesterday for store championship in Cracow, making 4-1 in swiss and losing to GJ/SoB in Top4. From the very beginning I have made a lot of changes (like throwing away 3x Old Bear Mormont (Core)and 3x The Wall (Core) and putting ridiculously good Three-Finger Hobb), but since I had a long break from the game, recently I have just replaced Dolorous Edd for Old Bill Bone and I believe that having more time to adjust deck to actual meta, I could have tuned it up. But now I'm glad with the result and move to another underrated archetype, possibly Bara or Lanni :)

About the specific card choices: I'm pretty sure that with all these SoB around, it would be better to put more cheap military icons. Maybe Old Forest Hunter + Citadel Archivist would be enough to recycle my attachments - and, as you see, most of them are in just 1 copy - but since I haven't truly played after the release of GJ box, I haven't tested it properly. Therefore Rebuilding was great, key plot in many games, having good stats and allowing me to recycle discarded Longclaw, Craven or Seized by the Guard. I personally also love Supporting the Faith and Fortified Position to stop nasty tricks. Here to Serve is always good opener for NW and Political Disaster nearly always makes huge swing in game. Gossip and Lies is perfect finisher, although with addition of more cheap military icons I would probably replace it with Forced March because this plot is obviously overpowered, especially now. Characters are quite obvious here; I exchanged Small Paul for Cotter Pyke recently, but it isn't big difference in fact; I would also love to add more copies of Three-Finger Hobb and Spare Boot, but then playing my own Valar Morghulis would be probably too risky. Spare Boot makes hilarious combos with Weirwood Bow or Ranger's Bow and Seasoned Woodsman in Qohor can be often triggered even 4 times per round. Maybe most unexpected addition was Old Bear Mormont (WotW), but NW lacks good 5+ characters able to wear Lord Commander when Jon Snow (MoD) is hiding.

During online playtests I haven't noticed any especially good or bad matchup besides Targaryens with Drogon (IDP) in first round, but luckily sometimes I can stop him with Begging Brother or even put Milk of the Poppy on him during Fortified Position (beware of Viserys Targaryen (Core) or Qarth). Every faction needs different approach, but Trading With Qohor allows to adjust to nearly everyone - but, ofc, it isn't very easy to play with all these tricks and it's still very janky deck. SC results are here: https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/6475


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