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Fruggles 101


OK so some guy got upset online and said "you all play the same deck, same plot order." So I figured I should publish this before some other nerd tries to claim it as their own, or however karma works.

The whole idea of this deck is to paralyze your opponent with fear. Not fear that you'll win the game or kill all their dudes or anything neato like that, just the "Look I don't know what you're doing over there, and that's what scares me..." kind of fear.

How to Play

To be even more blunt, this is not your (sworn) brother's night watch deck, we're not doing any pansy, wall-defending shenaniganonsense. We're punchin the bad dudes to make them sit back and watch while we play Legos with their best friends.

Early game

is largely setting up a defensible board or trying to batter their hand (match-up dependent, of course), so going second and letting your oppo cry because they're sick of playing against defend-the-wall decks is not uncommon. Couple turns later? They're crying because all your claim and kneel and pinching their favorite toy truck away surprised them and thrones players don't like surprises. To that end, unlike defendy versions of NW, we gotta be prepared for the bad guys swinging back...

Don't get wiped

Board wipes, particularly the lame varieties are painful. The latter is really just a matter of playing around it - hard for the enemy to wipe both boards when half of your board is his unique characters, and you get a free marshal from his discard (or two claim mil/int after his wipe). The former sucks. A lot. Sometimes RNG happens. Don't let it happen to you. That's my advice, I don't even follow it. As for non-lame cards, you generally want to defend the mil on turns where you're not claiming 2 or letting his characters chump for you - A wide board is more math, and thrones players hate math. Same goes for int if you're holding onto good cards and banking on him board-reseting. Know the meta, I guess.


Kneel things. Hit their hand until it's empty. Then start taking power. That's really all there is to do, late-game.


Why X Card?!

Generally His Viper Eyes, Desert Raiders and the fact that you're holding on to the enemy's chumps with the Wall works as a pretty solid military deterrent (ergo "Yay Bridge of Skulls"). There's some good chudders and just generally quality NW effects/icons to keep the spread even and handle themselves in challenges, and the attachments enable not only Halder as a viable defense but more importantly your duped Jon Snow (MoD) to beat kids up (dupe him. trust me). Also the 1-of Shandystone is lobbying really hard to be 2x (actually don't, there's no good cuts) because ohmygosh it just wins you some turns.


  • GJ 55/45: I've actually won more games against SoB than I've lost, so idk maybe it's a plus match-up or maybe it's Maybelline. You tell me; Dominance everything dies builds are incredibly hard. Powder their unique drowned dudes, and hope you discard their Drowned God's Apostles
  • Stark: 55/45; Straight murderStark is always going to be a few-turn RNG fest. Winterfell is not as strong as you might think in the match-up because of all the cool shit we can do on any given challenge, both attacking and defending. That being said, knelt Stark going second doesn't like you - Let their wipes work against them, kneel shit and take their power.
  • Tyrell 60/40: bounce large marge (or the knights that do cool shit, depending on deck type); Let their wipes work against them, kneel shit and take power.
  • Bbbbbbathon 55/45: Draw cards, blank their uniques (chars and locs), don't let your key dudes die. Don't get knelt on 2claims. If you fall behind, it can get bad fast.
  • Lionster 40/60: F me, shadows decks are irritating - look, another stupid frigging mechanic to bring back from that version of the game that died a horrible death because of stupid frigging mechanics and bad design! FFG you so smart /rant - just keep their hand empty, chuds on the board, and nightmares for harrenhal. Land a big dude with the Wall and you're way ahead. Again, let their wipes work against them, kneel shit and take their power
  • Martell70/30: As long as it's not Dorne, you crush it. Bouncing a Nym or an Arianne with pinchmares or pulling their flea bottom targets with the wall is a pretty sure path to victory. Just keep an eye/mind on their raiders and viper eyes. Also, people playing Naval in 2019 are cunts.
  • NW zz/zz: Um yeah whatever I don't think the game ever actually ends for either player, probably a negative match-up because of no wipes...
  • Cancer 00/100: I do everything in life and in thrones to avoid it, so I can't actually tell you anything about this match-up.


Valar Dohaeris is probably good in this? Marched to the Wall definitely is. Either way, you probably drop Forced March for it, but that will hurt your GJ/Murder matchups, FWIW.

+1 Queen's Crown -1 Bridge is probably correct in GJ/SoB heavy meta.

At the Gates is really not very fun, creative, or maybe even necessary. If you're punished for it, the game can become pretty boring (as with any punish, I guess). But I don't think there's a better replacement at the moment.

More cards need intimidate. It's almost as fun as pillaging.

Yes I'm that asshole on ironthrone; No, I'm not especially sorry about it; Play fun decks, stop playing competitive decks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Martell is the best faction.

If FFG could stop reprinting anything, especially champ cards and shit mechanics, I'd be happy. In fact, if FFG could just be good game nah.

Yes, I spelled Legos with an 's'. Crow Killa Builders. We out here.


Timmy 58

have you considered the .. other Aemon.

I mean, he's not valar resilient, for sure but hey... isn't that cool to get another claim 2 on whatever challenge you need to ? When i saw NW banner sun, i immediately thought of him. I must confess i was a bit disappointed not seeing him ;)

Redrio 1

This guy really is an asshole online don't play him. Cool deck though

Toaster 35

I really like this deck, because it incorporates the big Wall without being completely reliant on it, using some big threats on top of that.
It seems more stable than the actual heavy control variants that use Mutiny At Craster's Keep to get things done.

@Fruggles With and being so popular as well as SOB and Forced March would changing Condemned to Imprisoned be a good idea. Or are you mainly using Condemned to leverage A Pinch of Powder better?

Any thoughts on Ghost of High Heart?

Fruggles 101

Love you, too, @Redrio :)

@Timmy I didn't even consider it for a second: deck suffers against wipes as is. 5 cost, valar (Dohaeris/morghulis) vulnerable aemon doesn't help that. And there's not necessarily an emphasis on keeping the opponent from making challenges, so adding aemon as a mechanic to punish is not worth the cost.

@Toaster I think Imprisoned is absolutely a strong consideration/swap for condemned, depending on meta. Certainly included in Rookery. Ghost of High Heart is a must include, I think. Likely a 1-for-1 with Varamyr or 1x Benjen? Hard to say for sure without testing. Very strong card.