What do We Say to Death? Okay. Alright. Maybe Today, Then.

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Tyrannostradamus 15

The idea of the deck is to keep the opponents character board state down by abusing Arianne Martell (Core)'s action ability, cheating Arya Stark (TFM) into play during the Taxation phase action window so that you can freely Valar Morghulis to clear the board. OR to cheat her into play during the Dominance phase action window so that Varys (Core) can discard everything without fear of any dupe saves. There is synergy utilizing Planky Town Trader to cheat into play Catelyn Stark (Core), Sansa Stark (Core) after a board wipe, or to setup another Arianne/Arya combo for later. Orphan of the Greenblood is there to get around pesky inhibiting events and attachments like Nightmares or Milk of the Poppy, and Summer (Core) is in the deck exclusively to recur Arya out of the dead pile so that you can utilize her for more board wipes.

The deck itself flies fairly low to the ground on the power scale of challenges, but that's why Eddard Stark (WotN) and Edric Dayne exist together. The idea around these two is to give Edric a Military or Power icon, swing with both, and stealth passed an annoying blocker for easy renown triggers.

I added Bodyguard as a dry run for Sansa/Eddard duping as they're the core power gen in the deck. Ward is for those troublesome 4 costs that like to keep Eddard from doing his thing, and Poppy does the usual screwball tactic to an opponents character effects, as does Nigtmares.

Harrenhal (GoH) is meant to be a setup phase staple to force your opponent to play conservatively, thereby giving you more wiggle room to setup for a sweep. Northern Armory, besides the passive income gen, was added to give Catelyn the ability to help Eddard evade character abilities or to give Sansa MOAR POWER! Skagos enables cheatyfacing any of the aforementioned characters into play, preferably during taxation or challenges action windows enabling surprise sadtimes for your opponent. I thought that adding The House of Black and White as a gold sink on slow turns was really powerful for spot removal, simple as that.

His Viper Eyes is just punishingly powerful on mid-round turns when the opponent is holding back answers for the challenges phase, Singletons of Put to the Sword and Put to the Torch are meant for early turn character and location hate meant to more hamper the opponents plans than to do any real lasting damage. And, finally Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Are meant primarily for high-initiative decks like Greyjoy who like to get in fast and hard. Shutting down their challenge chains gives you more time to setup.

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prancingPWNy 109

Super interesting deck!