Iron Maidens - 5th @Euros 2019

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Fenderico 267

How Can a deck be both funny and competitive? Easy: first you marshal an innocent handmaiden, then boost her with strength, military icon, renown, intimidate, stealth and the possibility to do 4 challenges in a round. Growing your board by length is for boys, growing your board by height is for handmaidens! That's the plan of this deck, nothing more and nothing less!

The usual plotline is: at the gates-exchange-fortified-king in the north-valar. You can also play king before fortified, it depends on the situations. Against a KoS deck, play Barring instead of exchange, because you cannot give the opponent time to do his things, too risky. Play Pentoshi after a reset, like Valar or First snow.

Game scheme: During the setup/first round, choose a Voltron among Doreah, Irri, Jhiqui and Missandei. The chosen one will receive lots of attachments and will serve you toward the victory. Open with At the Gates and put in play Gates of the Moon; if you already have it, go for Dragon Gate. If you have Gifts for the Widow, the first attachment you need to search is Queensguard, the second is Tokar. Then you need Syrio's Training, the second Tokar and Dragon Skull. In this way, your maiden will reach str 12, that could be enough, but if you can attach other things... do it! Once you've done this, follow the plot line described above and gain as much powers as possible winning power challenges, domination and renown.

What cards must discard? Discard the cards you don't need in the current matchup.

How to draw? Exchange of Information is the first draw engine, then you can do the Dragon gate-King's Landing recursion, or play To Go Forward You Must Go Back when you need it. Remember: better to have cards on hand than on board (but just stay safe against Marched to the Wall!!)

Why the Banner Kraken? Because Iron Mines are comfortable, Stealth is needed against Gj, and location control can be necessary to cancel Ghaston grey, Grey Ghost, The Black cells...


Valar Morghulis: if you're not lucky enough to save your Voltron, just simply play Pentoshi and attach everything to another handmaiden.

The First Snow of Winter: The luckiest scenario is to have your Voltron duped, and to have Breaker of Chains with Queensguard attached to it: in this case, first snow will be a normal turn for you. If you don't have dupes, just spend your money in the best way you can (f.e. playing cards from shadows or marshaling some location), then play Pentoshi the next round. Pentoshi will give you 12 golds (10 + gates of the moon), and you need just 8 golds to place a good Voltron (2 golds for the char, 3 for queensgard, 2 for the two tokar and 1 for the mil icon).

Weapons at the Door: same as first snow, just simpler.

A single reset is not a problem, but a combination of Valar and first snow can be hard if you don't see dupes/iron mines. Anyway, you need just few golds to fill your board, horizontally or vertically.

                             ** FUTURE DIRECTIONS**

During the tournament, I realized that Hagen's Daughter, Hired Assassin and Black Market Merchant are useless: I suggest to replace them with 3 Wildling Scout (I lost in the top8 because I didn't see the Saltcliffe Sailor, so I think that more stealth is necessary!) and 3 one-cost card, because Bolton Flayer can be a serious problem (except during the Fortified Position turn). Also Begging Brother can be good against him or the new Yoren (TB).

Anyway, That was my European walk:

G1: W vs Martell Wars

G2: W vs Tyrell RoC

G3: W vs Gj Crossing

G4: W vs Gj Prince

G5: W vs Nightwatch Builder

G6: W vs Targa KOTHH

G7: L vs Tyrell Dragon (Combo excellently driven by Hanno. Didn't know that deck before, otherwise I would have changed my plot line)

Top 32: W vs Tyrell KoS

Top 16: W vs Nightwatch Builder

Top 8: Loss vs Gj Crossing. I had a tri-iconed, 20 STR, duped Missandei... but no stealth. The opponent had stealth, and rushed me with a serious amount of unopposed.

I hope you'll enjoy playing it. Let me know what you think writing a comment below, so we can discuss about possible problems or improvements of this deck. I love you all, Peace.


Nimer 2676

Best deck of the tournament by far. Congratulations again for having the ballz to bring this cool and fresh build to such an important tournament and kick as**es with it! A pity you had to stop in top 8, you deserved a better result I think! Well done again mate!

hagarrr 584

This is great, congratulations on making the Top 8 and thanks for sharing!

AssortedNeedles 58

Very cool deck!! Saw it in action during the tournament and it looked very effective. Big fan of Voltron decks so thanks for putting the decklist up!

Neoptolemos 645

Best. Targ. Ever.

BenBarnhart 225

Recruiter for the Watch has entered the chat

Diomedes 3184

Congratulations on 5th place at Euros, but even more so for building such an ingenious deck and then taking it to a big tournament! The most amazing deck at Euros without a doubt!

In our match, I was lucky to have The Hand's Judgment to cancel your Gifts for the Widow and that you didn't open Barring the Gates. Otherwise, Voltron Renly would eventually lose to Voltron Missandei. :D

Michalku 1

As I told you at The tournament it was a real pleasure to see you play that deck.

Fenderico 267

@BenBarnhartahahah maybe Begging Brother need to enter the chat too! :D Anyway, fortunately NW steal isn't so competitive in this period, but Maybe with the new Yoren and the new event it can be. Time to play some begging brothers?

Fenderico 267

@DiomedesIt's a honor to receive such appreciations from a player like you. Yeah, I didn't know your deck at all (very strange for me to not knowing a combo), otherwise my plot line would have been barring-fortified-king in the north :)

BenBarnhart 225

@Fendericomaybe so haha!! Congrats on your performance, this deck is super awesome. We need more players like you. :)

beren miriel 1

I've always loved weenies decks, so your deck is magic for me!

argento 571

Congrats ! very nice deck !

badass_bard 20

Congratulations! An awesome deck and performance, thank you for sharing!

sirkamlot 1

I saw it in action and im amazed. Great deck great player.

footlong 173

up the irons!

Comm 1

Your build is so fresh ! That's really cool.

And to bring it this far in such a big tournament, it's impressive ! Congratulations !

With so many cards costing 1 or 2, I think you really need Begging Brother, because a Turn 1 Nighttime Marauders could be devastating for your hand.

I know Martell is less popular by now, but didn't you fear Venomous Blade?

breakspear 1

love the name!

Fenderico 267

@Commto handle venomous there are the Iron mines (possibly in recursion with king's landing) and now the new saving maester. And Begging Brother can be a good add for this deck.

zack 126

Enough said about the deck itself already.

This comment is about the deck name, which is pure genius. Kudos.

Beknirvana 184

Tweaked it up a bit and took it to us nationals. 4-2 And in the graduated cut. Wildling Scout was just a Vince magnet. Didn't do that much. Xaro Xhoan Daxos was put in for fun and was money all day.

Thank you for posting this. It was a blast to play all day.

Beknirvana 184

Sorry. I was tired and tagged the wrong card. Pyat Pree was put in, not Xaro Xhoan Daxos.

Fenderico 267

@BeknirvanaI followed and supported you on Justin Pavillon :) What a pity your loss, I believed in you (and in the iron maidens)!

badass_bard 20

@Fenderico``@Beknirvana May I ask what your experience was against the Kingdom of Shadows agenda with this deck? Thanks in advance!

Fenderico 267

@badass_bard against KoS you have 3 plots that assure you they won't do their things: barring, fortified and king in the north. After the opener with At the Gates, you must play this 3 plots. Give KoS another round and probably you'll be fucked. I took this risk at the European, playing Exchange of Information as second plot, and the result was a Varys on Missandei xD (fortunately, she was duped). So, against KoS you are safe until the end of the 4th round but you have to win in 4 plots, no other ways.

Beknirvana 184

First time I went against kos I got beat bad. Bolton Flayer just chewed me up. Second time I went aggressive with the lockdown plots. Went Barring the Gates plot on my second plot. That let me get a dupe on my handmaiden. Got her tripped up with an iron mines stalling with Fortified Position and kingindanorf. By the time he could unload I had denied his draw, hit his hand hard and was protected and in a position to close.

Beknirvana 184

First one was also hunting for the player since he knew the deck. Got it on plot 1 before I could shut it down.

Stormborn 301

It was a pleasure to watch some of your games at Euros. Awesome deck!

Xavaerys Targaryen 1

Why no Syrio? That's a 2 in 1: Stealth and mil icon. Or did you consider him too expensive for the deck?

Fenderico 267

@Xavaerys Targaryen too expensive. But surely 3x wildling scouts (and maybe one more Syrio's training) would have helped