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uBaH 98

Here is the deck I choose this year for the Tourney that matters. Lat year I ran Banner of the Wolf to a 5-3 and missing the cut, and this year I decided the the High ground will give me advantage and deck space (only 3x Underground Vault).

Unfortunately the year was full of for some reason and I ended up like the 1000000th in the cut. After I dropped out, few people commented on the deck in good regards:

JCWamma: "The nicest thing in the deck is probably the Naval Superiority"

Jakob Hultman: "Do you even have friends :D"

Here is how my Swiss went

Round 1 vs Paul Chasson The Lord of the Crossing

He mentioned that we met last year 1st round as well and I apologized for probably doing some terrible things to him last year ... and I proceeded just doing that again. Game was close the whole time. On his A Tourney for the King round I managed to pull of the standard BS that my deck does. I Coldhands my Recruiter for the Watch and his Ser Talbert Serry, played Guarding the Realm on him in the discard pile, The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due on Coldhands to get my Recruiter back standing (His previous target was Marched) and recruiting Ser Colen of Greenpools. That left his board of 4 knights and a thing to 2 knights that couldn't beat their friends on my side. Turn later it went to Dominance where we tied else I would have lost and I marched a big guy Renly Baratheon (FFH) leaving him only with Randyll Tarly. I managed to close after this point. 1 - 0

Round 2 vs Sebastiaan Kn. Trading With Qohor

No recollections of the game at all. I think it went my way fast after one character set up. 2 - 0

Round 3 vs Ektor Angelomatis The Wars To Come

Ektor is a great friend and it was hard to face him so early on. My deck decided it will work on 100% and I had a great control over the whole game. 3 - 0

Round 4 vs Sam "The tricksy Bird" Braatz Valyrian Steel

One of those decks that all the big guns broth to the tourney. After the previous round, my deck decided to take a rest. Also I wasn't aware that the deck was on 2x Return to the Fields (Fuck that card) and I played Valar Morghulis after I saw the first. Not sure if I would have survived there with even if I played something else. 3-1

Round 5 vs Michael Brocker The Lord of the Crossing

Again another nail biter of a game. But this is the nature of rush decks vs control. The point that sealed the game was after great Night Gathers... for me i had to hold The Wall in my hand for the whole game. Having Robb, Sansa, Dacey on board helped me stall but I had to Valar away on T7. That turn I drew into Yoren and my opponent marshaled Septa Mordane and Greatjon Umber. Greatjon was convinced to help me in my marshaling and I survived that turn as well making few challenges and closing on my opponent. T8 I played Breaking Ties (love you LGB) and my opponent went with You Win Or You Die at 14 for him. I won Initiative and proceed to be first but didn't drew into anything. He dropped Reducers and Wyman Manderly. 1st challenge was and Wyman was intimidated and a dupe went away. For the again with Greatjon power went UO and we tied at 14 - 14. I proceeded with with Yoren and the chud was sacrificed and Wyman declared for defender. I played The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due on Greatjon after defenders giving 5 gold and Sacrificed Yoren to return Septa to hand that gave me win in Dominance. 4 - 1

Round 6 vs TeoOo (Mateo from Italy) Kingdom of Shadows

I knew this is a terrible match up for me. He had the usual set up for his deck with Redwyne Straits and 3 cards in shadow. I opened Ravages of War. This is why the plot was there in the first place, Teo opened At the Gates. This slowed him a bit but not enough for me to get a foothold. A trigger of Nighttime Marauders wiped me of my 1 cost cards mainly 2 Messenger Raven and after that he slowly crippled me down. Lesson learned go First vs Shadows. 4 - 2

Round 7 vs Viktor Nelipovich Knights of the Hollow Hill

Here his deck decided not to work at the start which allowed me to rush him with 2x [Knights of the Sun] (/card/02095) that I managed to get a hold of 1 with Bound for the Wall and one with Night Gathers.... Once he was about to get on board I managed to get to Doran Martell (SoD) and flip into Breaking Ties to solidify my board presence. That allowed me to close before needing to Valar myself. 5 - 2

Round 8 vs Simi Kingdom of Shadows

And here we are once again. 5-2 going into the last round and my dreaded enemy KoS faced me once again. Luckily, the game went my way by some chance. I remember going 1st most of the time to avoid the damn marauders and I lucked into early Wall and Queenscrown that stole all the big characters. Again, the game went to a dominance win in the last round where he marshaled several cards in Shadow and I was worried but it ended up being non-characters. 6 - 2

The goal was reached and I was happy with my 23th position at that time. After that, I heard two more managed to reach the extended cut from team Bulgaria.

With this I went into the elimination round and faced Joe Zimmer Valyrian Steel.

I had a good Start and Joe had a single character set up that was Marched to the Wall. He marshaled Hizdahr zo Loraq(may have been duped) trigger for Missandei card in shadows and few other stuff. My marshaling I played Aged Craftsman that put Eastwatch-by-the-Sea in play. The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due on the Craftsman. I put Forest Patrol and held 2 gold for Bound for the Wall. This is what the deck is designed to do. Card in shadows was Old Bill Bone and Joe did 3 challenges wondering what is in shadows. When my challenges came around the Forest Patrol came out to claim the dupe from Hizdahr zo Loraq and Ser Barristan Selmy joined the watch thanks to Bound. I did Power challenge and won Dominance. T2 I Naval Superiority his Exchange of Information. At this point, I think I lost a bit of focus as I was felling ahead. I made Joe go first and he wasn't able to marshal another character. I played Recruiter for the Watch and stolen Old Bill Bone in my marshaling and thinking 2nd March will seal the deal. Joe outplayed me and there is no shame in admitting that. In his challenges he did Power with both Hizdar and Missandei and my greedy ass left it UO. Joe triggered Hizdar for Freedmen and winning by 5 they came in the game and getting in the way of my Marched plans. But that wasn't the end of my bad playing. Next turn We had Breaking Ties into The King in the North and me being blocked of all plays decided to be greedy once again. Instead of returning Hizdar to hand right away and giving back Old Bill (recruiter was the only loyal on board) I decided to marshal witch allowed a trigger of Hizdar (my brain didn't even register that option). From here on Joe stabilized and went to win one more game after this before he drooped and finished 16th. I my self-ended up at the 33th place and I'm happy with this but I feel I could have done better :)

I learned a lot this time around again and will continue with this lovely game and being part of this community.

This is where I should probably say what I would change in the deck. Find a spot for 2x The Iron Throne (LMHR).

See you all next time.


Toaster 35

Thanks for the great write up,
so what card would you think is the most cut-able to add the The Iron Throne (LMHR)?

uBaH 98

Unfortunately I didn't figure that out before the tournament. If you are willing to go to 61 one maybe Isle of Ravens and add 2x The Iron Throne, but Isle has it's strong sides in the deck as well.

Another card that is controversial is Old Bill Bone, but the deck depends on a strong start and this is why he is 2 in the deck.

Another card is Blackbird but again that won me games on it's own where I wouldn't had the option.