As hard as shadows

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Corbec 52

Latest version of my deck to participate in the Meta's great tournament of Spain, this is an improved vesion of the deck based in my experience playing against top tier decks. I started trying to find a way to make Meera playable again, I think the way is The Tower of the Hand (BtRK) to stand characters when our restricted card comes and recomes out of shadows. To make it posible, this strategy requires Winter plots and have many sinergies with Winter, I tried to put them toghether and make it competitive.

The original decks was the "I don't care renowns" version (continue reading) with 3xArya Stark (LMHR) and 2xSmallfolk Mob and using Barring the Gates instead Rationing.



Option 1 "Fat Cat"

-2 Eddard Stark (PoS) -1 Catelyn Stark (Core) +3 Catelyn Stark (WotN) Then maybe you should -1 Malleon's Tome for another Shadow, Direwolf attachment or As Hard as Winter

Option 2 "I don't care renowns"

-1 Karhold +1 Last Hearth

Option 3 "KoSh bother me"

-1 Wraiths in Their Midst +1 Barring the Gates

Option 4 "KoSh fucks me"

-1 Rationing -1 Wraiths in Their Midst +2 Barring the Gates

Option 5 "Not the coin plz"

-2 Godswood +2 Gates of Winterfell

You can always add Robbs to stand people for Neds or I Am No Ones



Randyland 25

Meera Reed is on the restricted joust list, how does your deck meet legal requirements.. only one restricted card?

footlong 140

@Randylandcorrect - you can have one restricted card per deck and still be legal.