Stahleck Melee Top 16 + King of Swiss. Martell-Arryn Allianc

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Bookerman 64

Arryn theme deck with nasty Martell tricks and Brotherhood agenda.

This is the deck that won me in Melee King of Swiss and Overall World Champion in Stahleck.

How the deck works:

Cards that should be added after experiencing the games in Stahleck:


ErgMachaon 41

Love your deck Bookerman !!! Very nice I'm sad we don't play each other ! I would have liked to see that.

BlueHill 30

I got to play against this on the second round. Awesome deck and good pilot. Sneaky deck and I got to say I underestimated the Arryn stuff big time.

Johannes 425

Great deck and congrats for the overall win and excellent performance in both big events. It was very nice to share a very close table with you.

Bookerman 64

Thanks @ErgMachaon , @BlueHill and @Johannes !

@ErgMachaon I am sure that it would have been an amazing match!

@BlueHill @Johannes both of the games were really close and everyone could have won. It was my pleasure playing against you.

@Johannes let's keep the tradition and play again in 2024 Melee Swiss as this year and the previous one!