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NiL2 19

Overall strategy

Keep the board small via plot resets, Varys (Core), and some kill/remove options (Jaqen H'ghar, Mag the Mighty, Lysa Arryn), kneel remaining chars using Shadow Priestess, make Power with challenges, Dom, Oldtown, Chamber of the Painted Table, Sparrows, The Starry Sept. Important note: With this deck, it's better to let your chars die in certain situations. You can get them back from the dead pile, whereas they're lost if they land in the discard pile (e.g., through Varys (Core) or Marched to the Wall).


Econ is paramount, so usually look for The Arbor or Redwyne Straits. However, good draw locations with either Gate of the Gods or Gates of the Moon can also be decent. And in some matchups, having "The Last of the Giants" and Varys (Core) in hand at setup can also be crucial. At the Gates provides some baseline econ here. Unless you drew no other econ and really need the two gold from Gates of the Moon or you drew The Starry Sept on setup, go for Gate of the Gods to make sure you always have a target for Sparrows.

Plot sequence

Usually,At the Gates is the first plot. Exceptions: the opponent sets up a lone big character (then: Marched to the Wall) or they set up many chums (then, possibly: The First Snow of Winter). When to start using plot resets, and in which sequence, depends entirely on the board state and your hand.


Sparrows: Crucial for power gain, recyclable thanks to Unexpected Guile (R) and "On a Misty Morn", and especially useful to close out tight games during marshaling. "On a Misty Morn": Allows you to recycle Sparrows, Vanguard Lancer, Shadow Priestess, Hightower Spy, Scheming Septon. The Arbor, Redwyne Straits: Backbone of Tyrell econ advantage Varys (Core): Crucial for keeping the board small. Don't be shy to marshal him if you have the econ, can protect him from claim & A Pinch of Powder, and can be confident the opponent cannot Milk of the Poppy him. Oldtown: Passive power gain and draw all rolled up into on beautiful package.

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Great deck, I like it a lot!