Stark Fealty - Ready to fail at SCs!

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theamazingmrg 8

A (hopefully) balanced Stark deck that doesn't focus on the heavy Military that is usually associated with Stark (although it definitely pulls it's weight.)

Low Intrigue count but that is misleading because of the Winterfell Kennel Master and the ability to manipulate the Challenge maths.

The previous version of this deck won me a Winter GNK against Greyjoy Fealty and Targ/Lion decks, but unfortunately has limited testing against other decks. I'll be taking it to Store Champs on Saturday and it will inevitably fail me then! The only changes were 2x Winter Is Coming (that I never saw, so decided I might not need them) were removed to make room for the Ser Rodrik Cassel and Wolf Dreams.


No1Sciguy 1

Maybe +1 on Arya Stark, and Syrio Forel for more opportunities for stealth. Plus, if Arya loses her dupe, you at least have a chance to restore her with another in your deck. Might give you more opportunities to fire off ice as well. Maybe another Little Bird or more intrigue. Maybe lose Rattleshirt's Raiders as you already have Confiscation. I've never found The Wolfswood to be worth the slot. Let us know how your deck runs. Always looking to see what I can squeeze out of a stark deck. :)

theamazingmrg 8

@No1SciguyThanks for your comment.

I might switch out Wolf Dreams for another Arya Stark. No harm in losing an event I've never used (and conflicts with Fealty) for a more reliable Stealth. Maybe run 61 cards and just throw the other Syrio Forel in...

In the games I've played though, The Wolfswood is great for Ambushing Lady and getting two surprise challenge wins (one with the first character and the second when you transfer to Sansa Stark and stand her unexpectedly.

I'll try to write some form of report next week (I'm TOing on saturday so I don't know how good my notes will be!)

theamazingmrg 8

I might switch Confiscation for Marched to the Wall. A risky idea but could help get more value out of Summer...

theamazingmrg 8

Well, the SC is over and it didn't go well! I'll need to test this deck more because I'm not convinced it should have failed as badly as it did! Admittedly, I did swap out Wildfire Assault for Marched to the Wall at the last minute. That was definitely a mistake. I had also replaced Wolf Dreams and 1x [Vanguard of the North(/card/01151) with an additional copy of Arya Stark and Grey Wind. I then upped the deck to 61 cards with another copy of Ice. In my mind these changes should have improved consistency (the negligible decrease in overall consistency should have been offset by the extra copies of three decent cards. Still...

Without further ado - a quick breakdown of the day (only 3 rounds of swiss)

Game 1 Baratheon Banner of the Lion.

This game went alright. Until turn 3 we were pretty evenly matched. at that point he had Robert Baratheon with a [Bodyguard(/card/01033), Ser Jaime Lannister and a Lannisport Merchant. I had a duped Robb Stark with a Milk of the Poppy, Maester Luwin and a duped Arya Stark.

I played Confiscation, he played [Calling the Banners(/card/01007). He made me go first. I decided to get rid of the Bodyguard on Bob as I had Ice in hand and needed to try to kill him. I played Ice on Arya and marshalled a Sansa Stark.

He marshalled Melisandre and immediately kneeled out Arya because of the attached Ice. At that stage I only had Robb stood so he managed to get through his challenges and so I couldn't make any challenges as I needed to try and stop at least one unopposed challenge.

after that the rest of the game went downhill as he was able to keep Arya knelt, played another Bodyguard on Bob and duped Mel and I couldn't marshal enough to push a challenge through (Stark definitely need some Triggered ability cancel!)


Game 2 Targaryen Banner of the Lion

This deck I had previously beaten in the Winter GNK. However, this time round he had Plaza of Punishment in Setup and I didn't see a str 3 or higher character for the entire 4 round game (except for 1 Grey Wind who I had to use to kill a Handmaiden to avoid Daenerys standing and wreaking more havoc). He marshalled Tyrion Lannister turn 1 and Daenerys Targaryen turn 2. I didn't stand a chance. After the game I checked my deck. I had seen 24 cards of my deck by the end. The first character of any str was Robb Stark and he was the 30th card in my deck. Sometimes a deck designed for decent setups just doesn't want to play ball. /sigh


Game 3

Lannister Lord of the Crossing

This game started well. Decent board presence. Like Warm Rain on Tyrion Lannister round 1 and Ice'd Tywin Lannister. then he played the Mountain Ser Gregor Clegane and it all went wrong.

Over three consecutive rounds, the Mountain successfully attacked and killed a character (or dupe) for claim. Then he Pillaged and flipped over a character. That conveniently had the exact gold value of a character of mine in play. He killed a Grey Wind and Arya Stark over two turns. the the third turn he won the Mil challenge and I discarded a dupe off Robb Stark for claim. then his pillage flipped the third dupe of Robb, so he died. at that stage there were only two 6 gold cards left in the deck (one robb and one Ser Rodrik Cassel) and yet he managed to get one out of over 30 cards!

I also triggered Gates of Winterfell three times in that game and saw a single Stark card.



So, yes, the deck didn't preform as well as I'd hoped. The lack of triggered ability cancel really hurts. Frozen Solid will really help against the Plaza-battering I took but as far as I now there's no way for Fealty to deal with Gregor's freakish luck (except Milk of the Poppy) Even the Lannister player was gobsmacked by his luck with the Pillages.

In short, I think the deck CAN deal with most things, but time will tell. There's so many moving parts that luck plays more of a part than I'd like, but I'm not ready to write it off yet. until Blood of the Dragon comes out anyway...

theamazingmrg 8

I should probably follow that up that, even though I placed last (didn't even get the points from a bye!), it wasn't a complete loss. I was running the event so got to take home the TO mat and deckbox. Slim consolation, but I'll take what I can get!