Bend the Knee - 1st Place Kingsmoot Tournament

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Bend the Knee! - Best Core Deck? 40 33 9 1.0
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Bend the Knee - Winner 1st Winter Kit 2015 Laval 2 1 4 1.0

Tsarcastic 462

First of all, I want to thank Jakodrako for running the Kngsmoot Tournament, and Uncle’s Games for hosting and providing prize support. I had a great time playing.

This is a pretty standard Baratheon Fealty deck. The only card that’s in this and not on the standard decklist is Seal of the Hand. I put it in because every deck seems to have at least one copy of Filthy Accusations, Baratheon is big right now, and it can help negate the negative effects of my own Stannis Baratheon. It’s responsible for at least one of my wins, so I’m considering removing Bodyguard and putting an extra copy in.

I had skilled opponents throughout the day, and the deck performed admirably, but two matches stand out as particularly difficult.

First was my third round matchup against Hugo, who was playing a Grayjoy/Baratheon deck. I had a weak setup, and he made me fight for every inch, burning my locations, killing my characters, and kneeling my guys out. I forget how I pulled it off, but somehow I managed to catch up during the course of the game. By the end it was one of the closest games I’ve ever played. On the final turn we both had 13 power, he had 2 characters (1 w/ stealth) standing, I had 3, and I think I won it by 1. If he had one more character standing, or his other character had stealth, he would have won.

The other was my final round pairing against Nicholas. He was playing an undefeated Stark/Grayjoy deck that used Sneak Attacks, Winter Is Coming, Grey Wind’s intimidate, and stealth to clear the field. He had me on the ropes the entire game, and I could never get my economy off the ground, but I think the critical moment was when I did an challenge in the midst of a Stannis/Melisandre board lockdown and managed to discard his Robb Stark. If he’d been able to play him it probably would have been the final nail in my coffin.

I had a blast playing in the tournament, and I’m excited to see how the landscape will change as the Chapter Packs are released. I think FFG has a real winner here.

tldr; Kneel Baratheon is ridiculous and no fun to play against.


Azeltir 2

It was great to see you and play some great Thrones! What card do you feel you took out for your Seal of the Hand?

Tsarcastic 462

You too, man! Before I added the Seal I was alternating between using a Bodyguard and Lightbringer. But after a conversation I had with Benji last night, I think the correct replacement would definitely be Lightbringer.

scantrell24 3296

Congrats on the win. Have you tried the deck without Wildfire?

Tsarcastic 462

Thank you. I have not. In the games where I haven’t been able to get Stannis out, Wildfire has given me amazing utility. Based on the selection of plots we currently have available, I feel like it’s worth keeping in for the occasional use.

afishisborn 215

Conrats on the win man. That last game was an incredible slog, haha.

Squashmo 1

Nicely done man,

Tsarcastic 462

@SquashmoThanks, man!

daninrl 17

Hey, congrats on the win!

I took a similar Fealty deck (shuffled a bit around to have 32 characters) to a Tourney yesterday, and wound up going 0 - 4! :(

I feel like I know what I’m doing as far as rules/piloting, but I just never saw enough characters, and always felt like I was pushed against a wall, and oppoents would recover from Wildfire Assault pretty quickly.

Put to the Sword and Dracarys! really hurt - do you think the deck suffers from a lack of similar options, or is kneeling really enough when you get into a R’Hollor Rhythm?

Tsarcastic 462

@daninrlThanks! The only game I had trouble getting characters out was in my 3rd round matchup when I had a really bad setup phase. Are you sure you’re mulliganing/setting up optimally? Between dupes, 13 characters with a cost of 2 or less, and Stannis (the MVP Mannis), you shouldn’t have a problem keeping people on the board against conventional military challenges.

And if you’ve done setup properly, you should have a strong enough character presence/kneeling ability to prevent them from getting 5 up on military challenges to play Put to the Sword (or have dupes on your important characters). Dracarys! is trickier to work around, but you should be able to kneel out Dany and her dragons. And if they aren’t tapped out, avoid using Melisandre in any situations where she can be killed.

Finally, I know intrigue is a weakness of Bara, but it saved my ass more times than I can count during this tournament. In most games I’d prioritize it over military and power challenges. Ideally Stannis Baratheon should be tapping out your opponent’s field, so military challenges lose a lot of their importance (with Wildfire Assault serving as a reset every once and a while). Intrigue should also be prioritized over power. Once you have The Iron Throne and Chamber of the Painted Table out, you’re getting 2 power a turn, so it’s your opponent that’s on the clock. If you can stall them out and chuck their good cards, the game is yours.

daninrl 17

@Tsarcastic I don’t want to blame my record on luck/poor shuffling, but I did have a round where I mulliganed into a hand of almost entirely locations, and I only saw Melisandre once that day (and she was immediately Dracarys!‘d). I tried to aim for a minimum of 3 cards in setup, hopefully playing a few characters and a 0cost location (ideally The Roseroad), mulliganing for Melisandre (but that never worked), or just enough characters/econ for a good starting presence.

One of the main differences between your deck and mine was swapping out Summons for a different plot (Calm Over Westeros), but after a day of never seeing Mel, I undid that change. I think not having the ability tutor hurt more than having the protection/extra gold from Calm.

I think the other problem I ran into was holding back on R’Hollor cards until getting Mel, when I probably should have just played them out.

I’m guessing I just never saw the right cards in the right order, or misjudged safe windows to drop certain characters.

--- 788

@daninrlOne of the weaknesses of Bara Kneel is it’s reliance on getting its kneel engine going

lippa7 1

Instead of Ser Davos Seaworth (Core) maybe Alester Florent would be good?