The first drops over Castamere (1st place; 32 players; 7-1;

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Gerion Lannister 241

"And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low?"

I was afraid that without testing it will be very hard to play this agenda and deck competently but it was much harder for my opponents. In my opinion, Castamere is the best agenda in the game for pure Lannisters nowadays. I lost only one game against Targaryen Summer due to bad setup and huge mistake of mine to a better player. Targaryens, Martells and maybe Bara are also the hardest matchups for this deck. Against Stark, Greyjoy and Tyrell it should be easy to fulfill agenda condition.

  • 1) Targaryen Sun (Lord Salix) - win
  • 2) Lannister Crossing (Chroust) - win
  • 3) Stark Featly (Grujbi) - win
  • 4) Stark Fealty (Tomáš Vlček) - win
  • 5) Targaryen Summer (Andre) - loss
  • TOP8 Greyjoy Summer (Bantyszobrieissa) - win
  • TOP4 Stark Fealty (Tomáš Vlček) - win
  • Finals Targaryen Summer (Raius) - win

I would change a few cards after the tournament experience. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts was useless and I'm going to add one Trial by Combat, Janos Slynt or Put to the Sword instead. Also old Cersei Lannister (Core) is probably better for this deck than Cersei Lannister (LoCR).

I will be glad for every comment and suggestion. I could also write a more detailed report, if you're interested.


Amoon 1

Very nice attempt at the new agenda and obviously successful. Well done on claiming the tournament.

I would be very much interested in a more detailed report about the deck performance overall and your match-ups. Many thanks :)

Kakita_Shiro 743

I would imagine Stark loves this, since Catelyn Stark (Core) or Winterfell shuts most of the deck down.

Gerion Lannister 241

@AmoonThx :). I will write a more detailed report in one of next days.

@Kakita_ShiroAgenda is not in play and I think it is not possible to stop trigers, which are not in play. Even if it would be, the deck still has treachery and two INT from Casterly Rock. :)

Gerion Lannister 241

@Kakita_ShiroAnd there are also two winter plots. :)

Kakita_Shiro 743

@Gerion Lannister: Catelyn doesn't care about where the trigger is from: Plots, Agendas, Events- you get none of it while she's participating. Winter plots are okay for stopping Winterfell, though.

Gerion Lannister 241

@Kakita_Shiro: From the rules reference: Card abilities only interact with, and can only target, cards that are in play, unless the ability text specifically refers to an out of play area or element. Card abilities on characters, locations, and attachments can only be initiated or affect the game from an in play area unless they specifically refer to being used from an out of play area, or require that the card be out of play for the ability to resolve. Event cards and agenda cards implicitly interact with the game from an out of play area, as established by the rules of their cardtypes.

AegonTargaryen 7

Catelyn Stark and Winterfell can prevent you from triggering Rains of Castamere. It doesn't matter it's not in play.


[Winterfell and] Catelyn doesn't stop abilities from triggering. She stops players from triggering card abilities. The fact that the Agenda isn't in play doesn't matter because Catelyn isn't interacting directly with it.

Essentially, she can stop an opponent from triggering Rains of Castamere just like she can stop an opponent from triggering events (which are never in-play, either).

Gerion Lannister 241

@AegonTargaryenOk, you're right. That was also my question to which ktom answered. :)

psuczyns 67

what was your thought process behind player both old and new cersei? and how did that work out for you? i saw you said you think the core cersei is probably better overall but i'm just curious

Dakki6 1

Do you have any particular combo with Scheme plots? good job mate :)

Kakita_Shiro 743

I'm sure everyone is already aware of Core Cersei + Trial by Combat + Wildfire Assault.

Gerion Lannister 241

@psuczynsI just wanted to try Cersei Lannister (LoCR) because i already had Casterly Rock and Lannisport. But she is too expensive and slow for this deck. With Cersei Lannister (Core) it is much easier to cleam an opponents hand or board with Trial by Combat.

@Dakki6There are many of them. You can higher you reserve after playing The Long Winter, you can kneel Mirri Maz Duur or Tyene Sand before they could harm you, you can very often copy things like Counting Coppers, Summons, Calm Over Westeros or even Marched to the Wall. You can play Trial by Combat, The Hand's Judgment and Put to the Sword with no gold in your pool. And if you have Lannisport do not forget to trigger it before "The Rains of Castamere". It could help you with the plot choice.

@Kakita_ShiroI thought that it will be the most important combo but it wasn't. It was needed only in the lost game and there I was simply not able to trigger "The Rains of Castamere". The First Snow of Winter as the second or third plot was the disaster for all the Starks, Greyjoy and the first and the final Targ. I even used Marched to the Wall as my first plot if they were able to put two 4 cost characters into play. But you're right that in the match-up with 50 characters Stark it could be very useful and with Targ Summer too. The ability to reduce them to 3 and then kill one with Trial by Combat and the second with military claim is crazy. :)

Lannister 377

Didn't you miss having the Mountain in this deck? Thanks!

Gerion Lannister 241

@LannisterGregor is not very good in the deck which is focusing on INT challenges mainly. The only exception would be, if I would run some INT attachments. And I don't like him very much because he is very easy to control in Martell match-ups. Only one Imprisoned and he is only for dominance. He is good target for Tears. I play him only in Lannister jumper decks. There he can be perfect (with 3x Put to the sword). :)

theon greyjoy 1

hallo @Gerion Lannisteri have a guestion about bronn how are you capable of control him?isnt he a problem when your opponent take him?