LANNISTER (ROC) - Characters & Locations Be Gone!

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SonnyCA 27

This deck was created with the goal of eliminating a player's characters and lands.


  • A Noble Cause - A no brainer with the amount of Lords in the deck.
  • Close Call - This is an insurance policy should anything happen to characters such as Tywin Lannister (Core) and Tyrion Lannister (Core). It was a tough call between this one and Famine (to use right after First Snow of Winter).
  • Confiscation - Lots of attachments nowadays; almost a must.
  • Counting Coppers - Draw = Win. Especially with all the cards released to date.
  • The First Snow of Winter - With the amount of Ambush characters, I felt this was a must. If Cersei Lannister (Core)is on the board, that's added value.
  • Political Disaster - Let me explain here. Lands are slowly becoming what wins games (in my opinion). Many houses are getting lands which give crazy bonuses (such as builder decks). With the amount of lands I'm running and Kevin Lannister, I felt I could afford to run this.
  • Time of Plenty - Gold + Draw = Why the hell not.


  • Alayaya and Brothel Madame will help take gold from the opponent to finance ambush. I went with one a piece since deck space is tough.
  • Cersei Lannister (Core) - This was one tough. I went with core because I want to obliterate the opponents hands and have them top deck. When they top deck, its usually a recipe for victory (when they draw nothing).
  • Varys- Stealth Intrigue which is nice for ROC. An insurance policy in case the opponent's board gets too strong. Combining this with Political Disaster I felt to be a good choke strategy.



  • My usual events with the Lannisters.

Thoughts Anyone?


SonnyCA 27


-1 Close Call, +1 Famine

-1 Milk of the Poppy -1 Tears of Lys , +2 The Things I Do For Love .

This would fit more the overall strategy.

Dembers 1

Your plot deck must be 12 cards, including exactly 5 different Scheme cards.

SonnyCA 27

Filthy Accusations -1, Sneak Attack +1. Didn't return an error at the time. Thanks!

2deep99me 72

I'm not a huge fan of Sneak Attach in Rains. I'd suggest Forgotten Plans as a viable substitute. That being said, I've been making a similar-ish deck with 3 2 claim plots, so maybe I'm understating the value of having spot 2 claim.