Lannister KoT Control - Batalla por el Mero - Finalist

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==== INTRODUCTION ============================================

Hello everybody!

I am a new player, I started seriously a little over a month ago. I recently played my first (formal) GoT tournament (Batalla por el Mero) that was held in Malaga (Spain) on September 7 and 8, in which I was a finalist, losing only vs two Stark (one of them anti-shadows) and one GreyJoy (the final). However, indicate that I was able to beat two other Starks and two GreyJoy (The Prince that was Promised and The Lord of the Crossing I think remember.

First of all, thank my teammates for teaching me how to play, for every day of testing, and for lending me the cards I needed to assemble the deck. Of course, to thank the organizers of the tournament for all their dedication and for carrying out a special day in which we all enjoy a lot.

Here some videos of the tournament:

==== WHY LANNISTER SHADOWS ===================================

I liked the mechanics of shadows from the first day I started playing. It reminds me of other card games that I have played, and it also fits in with my control-based gameplay, in surprising the opponent and always having a response to his actions. For this reason, I decided to try to design a deck based purely on that mechanic, and I began to analyze all the possibilities.

Kingdom of Shadows allows me to gather in a single deck the full potential of different cards that, separately, would not have the synergy offered by this deck, which I consider quite competitive and with many possibilities for the future (despite the anti-shadow plot). The possibility of making different combos in each and every phase of the game makes a difference to other more conventional decks. Also, I can assure that you and your opponents will go crazy after several games;)

Aspirins for everyone!!

On the other hand, although it is true that I tested several houses, the most satisfactory was Lannister, after Tyrell. The why is evident; Lannister has everything the deck needs: hand control, field control, loops, gold generation, card theft, shadow recycling, characters with good numbers, etc ... So, everything a combo-control deck needs in any card game. We are talking about Cersei Lannister (DitD) (absurd), Tyrion Lannister (TB), Underhanded Methods (broken), Bowels of Casterly Rock, Tunnels of the Red Keep, Clever Feint, Hear Me Roar!, etc.

==== THE SELECTIONS ==========================================

I am not going to explain how the deck works or what it is based on, because I think it is evident: a lot of economy, suffering the first turns, and controlling and go back at the end. However, I will explain why I have included the cards I have included and not others. It is important to indicate that if at any time you do not need a card, you just have to discard it with Gold Mine.

-- Plots:

  • At the Gates: Staple. Gold for everyone!

  • Forgotten Plans: Usually for turn 2-3, or when you need make combos. To include this plot was the best decision I have taken. In the tournament I was able to counter reading to the opponent a lot of The King in the North and Barring the Gates. The turn that the opponent loses due to this counter is essential to win the game. Even if you are not sure that the opponent is going to use any of these plots, if you need to come back select it without a doubt. This plot is your only counter to the mentioned plots, so do not waste the turn you use it.

  • Retaliation: Yes, according to other players, it is a return to 2016. After testing a lot, I determined that a plot with claim 2 is essential to go back. If the games were infinite it would not be necessary, but it is not the case. This plot does not have any negative aspect, and I prefer it to You Win Or You Die because you will use it when you have control of the field to win or go back, the two cards draw is not necessary, and I prefer to keep my hand in case of need. Thanks Tito_robert haha!

  • The First Snow of Winter: Staple vs fast and aggro decks, and to isolate big characters.

  • Trade Routes: For make combos in all the phases and drive your opponent crazy. Brutal card, besides being my restricted selection (logically).

  • Valar Morghulis: Great reset (although Risen from the Sea hurts), with many alternatives so that it doesn't affect you (using for example Clever Feint.

-- Characters:

  • Cersei Lannister (DitD), Nighttime Marauders (anti-No Surprises and anti-Risen from the Sea card), Ser Mandon Moore, Ser Robert Strong and Tyrion Lannister (TB) must be staple.

  • Bolton Flayer: The killer of Aryas, the "cannot be saved" is op. Allows clean the cheap guys, to focus on the big ones. Also, good numbers, and it is free!!

  • Castle Guard: One is enough. I usually reserve it for some combo during the Trade Routes turns.

  • Hired Assassin: Bad numbers, but it is free the first time, cheap, and a good counter vs Shadow. You can use it multiple times with Tyrion Lannister (TB) or other cards, as you can see in one of the vieos. Two copies is enough.

  • Shadow Priestess: Very useful card, that allows you to kneel multiple characters if necessary. Maybe two copies it was enough, because of the omnipresent Risen from the Sea.

  • Starfall Spy: It is a "must have". Amazing what this card has allowed me to do during the tournament. Very good synergy with Underhanded Methods and Cersei Lannister (DitD). She can control the game alone if you have Tunnels of the Red Keep and multiple copies of it and other big character like The Knight of Flowers (AtG). Also allows free Varys (DitD) if necessary.

  • The Knight of Flowers (AtG): At first I thought it would not be necessary, since by itself it does not make combos; and it is true, if the games had a duration of 23428 hours. The reality is that the round time is a determining factor in this deck, and you have to keep in mind that you are going to start with a very large disadvantage in power (10-0 in one of my games). Do renown three or four times in one turn allows you to go back very quickly, or win in one turn. Also it is a good start vs fast and agro decks. Use it during Retaliationturn is awensome. Two copies was enough, due to the high draw power of the deck.

  • The Regent's Guard: Allows to recycle shadows, to protect characters, to draw for free or generate gold in taxation, surprise the opponent, etc. Very good card for use two copies.

  • Varys (DitD): In first game very cool. Second game ok. In the third game the opponent no longer made Renown. Therefore, the existence of this card becomes a deterrent, so one copy is more than enough. The fear of losing the big character is the determining factor in this case.

-- Attachments and locations:

The attachments and locations are staples for to generate economy and draw. About Tunnels of the Red Keep and Bowels of Casterly Rock, they allow multiple combos and synergies that I will explain later. I only play two The Roseroad because I have a lot of limited cards.

-- Events:

==== NOT SELECTED ============================================

There are many possibilities and alternatives. If you have alternatives, or doubts why I have not added a card, do not hesitate to comment!!

==== MAKE COMBOS =============================================

What I like most about this deck are its multiple possibilities and the response to all kinds of situations. I will briefly indicate some of the combos that can be done during a Trade Routes turn.


Well, this is all. Any questions or suggestions are welcome! I hope you liked the deck and you are encouraged to use it!!


Tito_robert 1

Muy buen mazo y mejor el piloto, como maneja este mazo a la perfección. Enhorabuena

jvaldes2 13

Great tournament Angel