Lannister White Book - For Friendly Open, by Ilja Muromez

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Friendly Open Beginners deck: The White Book.

Difficulty: Easy to medium.

Lannister The White Book is interesting to play, has a lot of option and answers, plus chances against most of the decks.


The White Book is the tome that records the deeds of every member who has ever served in the Kingsguard. Their duties are clear: protect their king and the royal family. So: You have to bring them together – King/Queen with Kingsguards and let them win in defending or attacking to trigger your agenda, The White Book!


Try to include this in your starting hand: A King Tommen Baratheon or an Queen Cersei Lannister Ser Addam Marbrand One event or attachment (Milk of the Poppy)

As for any deck, a starting hand with an economy card (limited locations, Gold Mine) is good.


Open with Time of Plenty to draw more cards and prepare your hand for the next turn with your unique big characters. Then you have to decide: some gold with The Roseroad or a The Kingsroad for an explosive start.

Followed by The White Swords, if you have a big Kingsguard character in your discard pile or in your hand. If you don’t have them, use Late Summer Feast, but ensure that you got enough characters or good locations (like Alchemists' Guildhall) to play.

If you can anticipate a reset like Valar Morghulis or Valar Dohaeris, play Return to the Fields which is a very good counter.

Beyond Reproach is good against negative attachments (Craven, Milk of the Poppy or cruel Martell stuff) when only one Lay Waste is not enough.

Key cards/combos:

Ser Addam Marbrand: Is your MVP card to ensure the draw. With Burning Bright, you can recycle some Knights and take them back to hand with Addam. Unbridled Generosity also help you fuel Addam, Ser Osmund Kettleblack, Ser Emmon Cuy and Bronn (HMW), if needed. The same with Ser Osmund Kettleblack and Gold Mine.

The Knight of Flowers with the shadow cards like Alchemists' Guildhall or Ser Robert Strong. Ser Barristan Selmy can stand every time a Lord or Lady is chosen for claim.

Having a gold in hand or on Ser Addam Marbrand: It's often important to keep one (or more), gold in hand for Treachery (Alchemists' Guildhall or The Hand's Judgment to cancel and ruin the opponents plans. If you loose an intrigue challenge the and need to discard a card, it's also really great to have one gold on Ser Addam Marbrand, to use his ability to get that card straight back in hand (it's an incredible ability).

White Cloak is useful for creating more Kingsguards like Ser Jaime Lannister (actually Lord Commander of the Kingsguard), or Ser Lancel Lannister, who is sometimes without strength, or even Ser Addam Marbrand. The Boy King to ensure a King, and of course very useful when low-costers die.

Milk of the Poppy!

Changes I am not sure about The First Snow of Winter. It could help against f.e. builders or other character-overflooding decks. Maybe you have to change it into Retaliation (claim two and winning defending Kingsguard will stand for attacking in your turn).

This deck is made by Ilja Muromez who is one of the real legends of the Friendly Open. Ilja (JP Profile) has been competing in 14/14 of the FO's and are always welcoming and nice to everyone in the FO community. The Friendly Open's host has been an admirer of Ilja's The White Book deck for a long time, and are super happy to finally have it published in the Beginners list collection! Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord, where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, so leave a comment if it had, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel.

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