Martell Alliance - For Friendly Open, by kantzsot

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Friendly Open Beginners deck: House Martell Trading With Qohor Alliance Banner of the Rose.

How hard is this to play?: Medium.

Plots: Mostly Summer theme.

Opening -> Time of Plenty. Economy is crucial so dig for economy locations, ideally Gates of the Moon.

Gold -> 2x Time of Plenty, Late Summer Feast and Calm Over Westeros.

Reset -> Valar Dohaeris as a counter against the big guys of Stark, Targaryen, Greyjoy and Tyrell. As for our big guys, we can retrieve them back with Oathkeeper.

Draw -> 2x Time of Plenty + Exchange of Information is the restricted choice since At the Gates is banned.

Save -> Close Call to save one from the big three (The Red Viper, Mellario of Norvos and Doran Martell).

Setup: The most important cards are Doran, Dorne, Oathkeeper and Isle of Ravens. They keep the deck running. Doran and his ability can control the game, Dorne to draw, Oathkeeper to retrieve important characters and Isle of Ravens to recycle the attachments.


1 cost (boost) : Bodyguard - Crown of Golden Roses - Sand Steed - Oathkeeper

1 cost (restriction) : Condemned - Imprisoned - Milk of the Poppy - Seized by the Guard

2 cost: Blessed by the Maiden - Secret Pact - Hotah's Axe

3 cost : Seal of the Hand - The Mountain's Skull - Venomous Blade Depending on the needs, the agenda can bring into play the appropriate attachment. It allows us to adapt to the opponents deck.


  1. Trading With Qohor. It allows us to change our attachments after claim, to bringing into play the answer that we need. For example, we can trade a Bodyguard for a Condemned to let us do a power challenge. After another claim, we can trade Condemned for a Milk of the Poppy, Bodyguard, Seized by the Guard, Sand Steed or Oathkeeper depending on what we need.
  2. Blessed by the Maiden. Use the agenda to bring Blessed by the Maiden in play to discard Milk of the Poppys or other resctricted attachments. (Non-Terminal attachments like Traitor to the Crown are discarded too, they don't return to hand). In another claim, we can trade it, to bring other usefull attachments in play instead.
  3. Left-Right is always an excellent defending combo.
  4. Mellario of Norvos-Doran Martell. Who does not want a bulletproof Doran? The Pointy End, resets, At the Palace of Sorrows, Blood of the Dragon and other plots don't affect him.
  5. Arianne Martell or Obara to bring characters inside. Arianne can always bring into play Obara.
  6. Seal of the Hand - Venomous Blade - Isle of Ravens. Use Seal of the Hand, change it for Venomous Blade to kill a low strength character, recycle Seal of the Hand with Isle of Ravens and bring it back again to use it one more time.
  7. Summer theme plots with Sand Steed and Knight of Summer.
  8. Crown of Golden Roses-The King in the North. We can use Crown of Golden Roses to make Doran Martell the first king in Martell faction! Then his ability will not be restricted because of the The King in the North. Always when Mellario of Norvos isn't next to him.

Against specific Decks:

This deck is made by kantzsot which is a very good thrones player who plays several agenda's at a very high level. kantzsot (JP Profile) is a super deck builder and is one of very few people who manage to build a highly competitive The Long Voyage deck (Found here: Long Voyage by kantzsot), which has placed high in several Friendly Open tournaments. Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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