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hagarrr 829

Hello all. This is the deck I played in the 8 Regents of Westeros tournament against . I was given 6 agendas to use and I was able to decide for myself how to use them. So against Lannister I opted for The House With the Red Door Winterfell Castle (TRtW).

The reason for this choice is that I knew Lannister were comparatively weak to Stark in the challenge, so why not exacerbate that with super STR in power challenges? If I needed two or more unique characters in a challenge to make the location work, then I may as well play Eddard Stark (WotN) and go in heavy on the renown too.


Regarding deck construction, there's no real surprises here. The plots are reasonably self-explanatory. Late Summer Feast as an opener to get uniques onto the board. Heir to the Iron Throne and Time of Plenty for economy and cards. Valar Morghulis as reset given the number of duplicates and Bodyguard available for characters. Close Call in case an important one dies and I want them revived. Finally Winter Festival and A Clash of Kings for power gain.


Most of the draw deck explains itself. I'll mention a few choices in light of the match up.

Alysane Mormont is good with Winterfell Castle if the board becomes short so that was my restricted card of choice over Skagos (R) which requires more board presence. I didn't think I could guarantee such presence vs some deck styles so I went with Alysane.

Maester Luwin x3. Dupeable unique character with the green eye. Gives Robb insight and makes Bran immune to opponent plots which is nice. I threw in a copy of Jon Snow as he is fine with Luwin and is further redundancy for triggering Robb.

Maege Mormont 3x is mainly for the renown and a little bit for the draw. The draw isn't reliable given the number of neutral cards, but to have the option is good.

Only 2x Meera Reed because you should always run at least 1x because she has stealth with the rarest icon combination in and an excellent ability, but not worth 3x I feel with only the one Winter traited plot. Good Heir target too.

With 3x Sansa and 3x Arya, 2x Septa Mordane seems pretty good to shore up the intrigue deficiency.

Only 1x Wyman because my plan isn't draw a lot or trigger Robb a lot by shortening my board. With plenty of unique characters to make the location work, I didn't feel like killing off my characters was worth it.

Bodyguard helps to run Valar Morghulis aggressively and are good for HrD setups. Lannister can lack draw and so often run Counting Coppers to refuel. If you can catch them cold when they are short of cards or on a low gold plot, then you can come out ahead.

As for the game itself, the game plan worked and I won without significant issues.

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