Adventures of Robert and Ned

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Marco Martell 70

As there is no legal Baratheon Qohor Wolf deck published on this wonderful website, I decided to publish my version that I used in the 1st round against an opponent of House Tyrell in The 8 Regents of Westeros.

I played it in the 1st round because I didn't have much time to train a totally new deck to me. The version of this deck was shared on our public account, so I took it and modified a little, as it seemed like a Bara Qohor deck, with some Stark cards that are common to me as well. I played this deck when our match had already been won by my teammates, therefore I decided to spare Trading With Qohor agenda. The unrecorded game against Knights of the Hollow Hill was really fast and easy. I think I won it in the 3rd round, as I had Ned Azor and some more great cards. Tyrell deck couldn't stop me in such a short game.

Plot deck explanation:

  • Barring the Gates is great against many strong House Tyrell decks, and I have no jumpers myself.
  • Counting Coppers is a plot supplying my hand with cards when I was left without them.
  • Heir to the Iron Throne is an economical cheat card that allows you to replace Ned's and Stannis's children (Arya, Bran, Rickon, Sansa & Shireen), Shyra or Alester with one of two Kings, Ned or one of two R'hllor Ladies (Melisandre and Selyse)
  • Loan from the Iron Bank provides the gold I may need in case of bad economy and impactful reset in the previous round, it can also be a finisher if you expect reset at some 10 power. I had no restricted card, so I picked this one.
  • Supporting the Faith is an obvious anti-events, anti-shadow, anti-ambush counter which helps a lot against the strongest decks. And the weaker should be beaten anyway. ;)
  • The Maiden is a classic opener that helps to win the initiative and go first, which tends to be important for any Qohor deck, including Qohor Alliances. Priests also like to come to work before anyone else.
  • The Smith is a plot that makes another use of the many attachments I play anyway, I could kneel old Highgarden, its new version or some other Reach locations. Not that great vs. most decks, but I just didn't have reasons to replace it from the original version of the deck.

Characters are common to all Bara Qohor decks, and most fast Stark decks, and don't require special comments.

Attachments are supporting your characters and weakening your opponents, and 20 of 75 seemed to be ok to me. The only surprising one is surely Ward, but I was too tempted to not take 1 copy of it, especially as it can be traded with Qohor to Azor.

Locations are supposed to provide gold, and later occasionally some draw. Stormlands Fiefdom can also save the power on characters before the resets, especially on little ones who get it from Ned.

Events are basically to stop rival's events.

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Marco Martell 70

It wasn't inspired on this deck but it may be nice to include some cards from it, such as Lysa Arryn, Jeyne Westerling or Wylla Manderly.