Kings of Sea and Storm: 1st Place PDX July Tournament

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The Stag with Kraken Antlers: 1st place The Wicked Goblin Sp 2 1 6 1.0
Kings of Sea and Storm: 2nd Place Glasgow Regionals 7.30.16 8 5 3 2.0

mattastrophic 727

image"Your Grace's royal brother was renowned for turning fallen foes into friends. Make me your man."

This is the deck I used to win a local tournament in the "Road to Storm's End" series held in Portland, Oregon. I was expecting a large amount of Stark Fealty and a fair amount of Martell, and I was already curious about Asha Greyjoy in Baratheon, so I put this deck together and discovered that it worked really well.

The Iron Mines were for targeted kill protection, in order to back up Ser Barristan Selmy, while the Lordsport Shipwrights were included to deal with Ghaston Grey. Maester Wendamyr synergizes well with Baratheon's power-centric approach. Theon Greyjoy provided a character immune to The First Snow of Winter alongside Ser Davos Seaworth, and the single Raiding Longship rounded out the curve with a location that could stick around after First Snow or Wildfire Assault.

Asha Greyjoy along with Melisandre were the stars of the show, with Melisandre's kneeling ability opening up routes for Asha to win unopposed challenges. Robert Baratheon also pairs very well with her, as Robert can Intimidate a potential defender of Asha's second challenge.

Noteworthy is the lack of Stannis Baratheon. This choice was made because of the matches I was expecting. Stark has ways to stand up their characters with Robb Stark and Jon Snow, and Stannis is very susceptible to targeted kill like Tears of Lys. I knew going in that I was going to win matches with power challenges and with targeted kill protection, and Stannis did not fit with that strategy.

If you are looking for something different out of Baratheon, give the Kraken a try!



this deck seems nice! I will try it out and maybe use at Gencon. Any changes you would suggest? I like the use of consfiscation here - with Ilyn Payne out there, Cressen is less reliable, and it help to answer Ward on Theon or Davos. The 1x support of the people - would you keep it? I would worry about Hands judgement on it, since you have no HJ of your own. But 1 maybe doesn't hurt - would you consider just making a second longship?

mattastrophic 727

I really like Support of the People as my fourth copy of The Red Keep, if nothing else. I've played a lot of Baratheon, and I have settled into 1x Support all the time. It was also very important against Martell/Lion, as it let me grab an Iron Mines on a turn when I knew Ser Barristan was going to get poisoned by Tyene Sand.

I didn't include Hand's Judgment because it doesn't help against Ice, Tyene Sand, Mirri Maz Duur, or Ser Gregor Clegane, and it doesn't work on the Winterfell challenge. Stark Fealty also has Bran to back up their events. I also noticed that a lot of winning Baratheon Fealty decks on this site have eschewed Hand's Judgment, so I figured I'd try it for myself. I didn't miss it.

mattastrophic 727

If I was expecting more Lannister or Targaryen, though, I would have included two copies of Hand's Judgment.

mpkutz 357

I played this deck at a casual joust night tonight, only against Targ, and was dying for HJs. Setup tripped Mel/Selyse/reducer location off a mulligan, yay! Crown of Gold, boo.

mplain 204

@mpkutzwell HJ wouldn't help you there :)

mpkutz 357

@mplainRight, the CoG reference was an also. Asha was toast all day.

mattastrophic 727

If you are expecting Targaryen, 2x Hand's Judgment is a good call. You also have Seen in Flames to get rid of Dracarys. Close Call also really helps you recover. As for Crown of Gold, well, the only thing you can do if you suspect it coming is to go first on the Crown of Gold turn, play a R'hllor card to kneel someone, then take it on the chin.

mattastrophic 727

Holding back a duplicate of Asha or Melisandre is also not a bad idea against Targaryen. That way you can flip Close Call and immediately replay your lost character.

mattastrophic 727

Jamming A Song of Summer into the plot deck also could help against Targaryen. It protects Melisandre and Asha from Dracarys for a turn, giving you a window draw into a Seen in Flames.

mattastrophic 727

Sorry for the flurry of posts. I've been having a flurry of thoughts about this matchup.

This has happened to me more than once: Turn 1, I play Summons to find Melisandre, opponent plays Trading With the Pentoshi or A Noble Cause and wins initiative with a Kingsroad out. Point being that it's a high-money turn for my Targaryen opponent, and I am made first player.

I play the Melisandre I Summoned for. Opponent plays Crown of Gold and another character. This is bad.

Instead, I could have held back the Melisandre, play other characters, then try to go second on Turn 2 and then play Melisandre.

MythoS 79

You're a natural counter against Targaryen on the current state of the game. As you pointed out, you don't have to lose Mel by falling for the crown. All you need to do is stall until you can see their hand, after that you have all the necessary tools to control their key characters and win the game.

Skriker 1

Deck looks fun and very effective! I've been playing Bara Fealty for some time now and had a couple questions based on your experiences playing the deck.

For your claim soak slots why bastard in hiding over vanguard lancer? If you were playing Gendry I get it, but is the 1 strength better than lancer's effect.

Also Syrio seems like a natural fit for the deck. Is the list just so tight you can't find another spot for him?

And I'm sure Ilyn Payne throws a wrench in this, but if you could squeeze in a rattleshirt's would you switch a confiscate for another filthy?


mattastrophic 727

Good questions!

The Bastard v Lancer question is a personal preference. I could even see slotting in a Royal Entourage, depending on what you think you'll be up against.

Syrio does sound pretty good. He could be worth trying over Littlefinger.

Confiscation is pretty important to deal with Ice. The goal is to kneel the Ice-wielder on the turn they play it, then Confiscate it on the next plot. If I could fit in two Rattleshirt's Raiders along with two Maester Cressen, I could probably swap out Confiscation for another plot. I would like to try Forgotten Plans.

Dydra 1476

congratz ... Happy to see original decks winning stuff :) Generally have no remarks about the build whatsoever ... would probably consider some Consolidation of Power x 2 replacing Even-Handed Justice as a 3x seems quite a lot for a 2 coster event of this power :) it also hits Grey Wind and Tyene Sand and Nymeria Sand .... good stuff

Also Trading with the Pentoshi is giving me some bad experience with my decks .... that +3 gold just seems too much if u give them early game and if u need gold late game Calling the Banners is probably the better option.

mattastrophic 727

Trading with the Pentoshi is there solely because of Barristan. It lets you play him and a R'hllor card.

Keekohmygod 31

Played this at a local spring kit tourney this weekend and got 2nd! really fun deck!

mattastrophic 727

That's great news Keeko! I'm glad it's fun to play!