Freezing to Death

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Wrecko 211

This is the deck I should have played in the last two tournaments I was in. I didn't think it was ready, but I was wrong.

This deck wants to slow the game down to crawling in the frozen mud and then win with better mud wrestlers. Cheap stealth keeps the challenges getting through. Big claim and economy freeze keeps the board small and restricts your opponent's tricks. Once this deck is on top, it stays on top. It has enough freezing power to deal with the Tywin Lannister (Core) power set-up, though that is the worst case scenario.

There are a number of key cards that make this work. This was originally a pure Ranger deck, but the Wildling characters lower the cost curve and add a lot to the deck. I think the ratio of Rangers to Wildlings is good, but could use further testing.

Plots: - Marched to the Wall is two copies but I could easily see going down to none. The plots aren't quite settled.

Famine: Usually the second or third plot in the game. Compliments both aspects of the freeze this deck is trying to accomplish. Was a 2x but the gold just isn't high enough and the economy is really tight in this deck.

Marched to the Wall: For dealing with the Biggie with body guards and dupes. The second Marched to the Wall is a flex plot. It has been Duel, Early Frost, The Winds of Winter, and I'd like to try Summons, Political Disaster and Heads on Spikes as well.

Naval Superiority - The cost curve of this deck can handle a two gold plot. I added it to deal with the decks that spam 2 copies of Late Summer Feast and Trading with the Pentoshi. If you can counter one of those plots, you've probably won the game. It's been so successful, I've added this to my other decks as well. Naval wins games all by itself. Good for opening and after Valar Morghulis.

The Long Winter - Slows the game down, big money (for this deck) and 2 claim? I wish I could have 2.

Wildfire Assault - The reset that you sometimes need. Even when you don't need it, 4 gold and 7 initiative is excellent.

Wraiths in Their Midst - Common opener but I might switch to Naval Superiority if I think they are going to drop a bomb money plot. Choking your opponent's hand early is like winning free intrigue challenges right when they are most important. Fantastic plot.


Crow Killers - This card is amazing in winter decks. Does not tap is probably the strongest ability in the game and this is the only card in the game to have this ability for multiple challenge types. It's better than Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and Ser Jaime Lannister (Core). All you have to do is play high claim plot.

Ghost (Core) - 4 cost helps against The First Snow of Winter and super stealth helps in every other way.

Lost Ranger - Great value (very easily a STR 4 Bicon for 2) and downside is mitigated through deck design.

Maester Aemon (WotW) - Probably the key card in the deck. The proposed Summons is for him or his dupe. Smacking your opponent with an extra 2 claim challenge every turn rapidly becomes oppressive.

Messenger Raven - Cheap and enables draw. The reserve is super low in this deck, so doesn't have the best utility. Could add reserve boosters but then that would make Crow Killers less effective.

Old Forest Hunter - Makes the Messenger Raven shine when they are both out. The deck is really low on gold so every little bit helps.

Pyp - Was added for extra draw. Has never triggered. Not sure what to replace with as cheap Ranger trait has value.

Qhorin Halfhand - Total luxury card. Can be difficult to get out since this deck is so lean on economy, but once he is out, he'll often power you to victory, killing chuds and gaining renown. I could remove him but as a 1x he seems to work. Also punishes weak military challenges, which I really like. He makes Duel a tricky plot to include though.

Ranging Party - NW staple. Good against The First Snow of Winter.

Ser Jaremy Rykker - Great in this deck to fill out the icon curve. Another 4 cost character.

Ser Waymar Royce - Cheap Ranger bi-con that has a built in discard. Too bad he only has one life to give.

Steward at the Wall - Desperately needed economy and intrigue icons.

Ygritte - Not sure about her. Was included for Baratheon match-up. Stealth can really help. 4 cost is a bonus too.

Young Spearwife - More cheap (conditional) stealth. May be replaced with cheaper wildings such as Northern Refugee or Wildling Scout. Does the job for now.

Attachments: NW control really helps tilt the table in a tight economy deck.

Craven - In addition to the usual amazingness, helps activate Maester Aemon (WotW) and Bridge of Skulls.

King Beyond the Wall - This card is almost win-more but is definitely back breaking. Placed on Crow Killers and you can get 3 claim military and intrigue challenges. On the same turn. With one character. Once again, Crow Killers are amazing in winter decks.

Milk of the Poppy Yup!


Bridge of Skulls - Tilt your opponent into foolhardy military challenges. Complements Maester Aemon (WotW) and Wraiths in Their Midst.

The Kingsroad - Typically saved for Maester Aemon (WotW) or Qhorin Halfhand, but often used to get another 3 cost character out of hand to meet reserve.

The Roseroad - Economy.

White Tree - I typically mulligan for it. Having it out in set-up can really mess with your opponent's opener.


A Meager Contribution - Always happy to draw it.

Put to the Torch - Was Scaling the Wall (which never fired) but I think this will work better. May be changed to Relentless Assault, which doesn't cost gold and complements the play style.

The Watcher on the Walls - If they initiate a military challenge, they get this beauty. If they don't, they get Maester Aemon (WotW) and Bridge of Skulls. Win-win's are fun.

I think this deck can still be improved but is good enough to be published. I think it matches up well with most decks and should crush the masturbation Martell deck that has been floating around.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Desdenova 9

Interesting! Have you further tested this list? What do you think about changing a Qhorin for a Benjen?

Wrecko 211

I like Qhorin in the deck because he helps keep the board small. Benjen is more for defense and power rush, which this deck doesn't really need. The goal is to get on top of them on the board and not let them back up.

I think the both the NW cards in the next pack will be going in, though.