Stark Fealty, Battle of BwB Finalist

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Family, Duty, Honour - Top 4 UK Nationals, Best in House Var 18 12 5 1.0

Qtt 189

The Only Challenge that Matters (... is blue)


mplain 204

Good job getting to the finals of a major event with an underdog faction! Congratz!

The deck seems to be low curve, not running Blackfish or a big money opening plot, and preferring short-term economy over long-term. I assume you plan on winning fast, like, turn 4? If so, why no Superior Claim?

Surprised to not see any location control, e.g. Frozen Solid. Didn't Astapor and others give you trouble?

I assume Maester Luwin is the MVP of the deck? :)

Qtt 189


I don't like big money plot then I've always prefered playing low curve deck.

No Superior Claim because Winter Is Coming is definitly better (I've always played it during challenge) assuming that my opponent will have better first three round...

No Frozen Solid because I can easily win vs whitout... has too much locations to keep Frozen Solid efficient and has Cressen... The week before BwB, I tried to play Lay Siege but Milk of the Poppy is better.

The MVP of the deck is definitivly: Sansa Stark (Core), she's amazing.


PS: Liam Hall has got the semi-final video, I hope he gonna put it on his youtube channel.

PSS: Sorry for my rusty english language.

Qtt 189

BTW, The only change I would do is Dacey Mormont for the third Arya Stark (Core)

gramyotron 13

I would like to know how you recover from Valar. My best option is Time for Wolves and Summer. And yet you have 2x Summer with no way of searching him, nor removing him from board to use second copy.

gramyotron 13

Additional question - did you have to handle lot's of Varyses? Rigth now every second deck plays LOG+Varys and you have only Bran fo dealing with Events.

This is additional question, because repopulating board is now more crucial than keeping board alive.

Isian.H 724

@gramyotronghosts of harrenhal if you can predict the valar or the turn after is great for getting the big guys back or a really useful character. Worked great against me and it's the reason I lost when I played this.

Isian.H 724

@QtIs 3x Arya's Gift too much? Some games you won't have any attachments and it will be a dead card, also not great for setups. But I understand against the wall matchup.

gramyotron 13

There is also Jon and North Remebers, but those are kind of drastic measures. MttW works better in my experience, because it bites also you opponent.

Qtt 189

@gramyotron I don't want to play A Time For Wolves so I prefer playing 2x Summer (Core) and remove him with Jon Snow (WotN), The North Remembers. I also choose him as claim and then play Ghosts of Harrenhal...

@gramyotron For "The Last of the Giants" + Varys I have 3x Bran Stark and 3x Nightmares plus a lot of Dupes and Bodyguard...

@gramyotron For Valar Morghulis I have a lot of Dupes and Bodyguard too. In round 2, I always play Summons to find a dupe or Maester Luwin or Septa Mordane for the immunity. And If I don't find solution, I have my Ghosts of Harrenhal insurance.

@Isian.H : Yes, 3x Arya's Gift is a lot but I have to be able to remove milf from Eddard Stark (WotN) / Robb Stark (Core) Catelyn Stark (Core) so I assume that it could be useless...

Qtt 189

Sorry I want remove milK... milF may stay on Ned or Robb ;)

StalkerB 1

@Qt Not sure you can remove milf from core Catelyn... ;)

Dzerards 166

You know what I like about this deck, there is only 3 characters that GH can't be used on!

gramyotron 13

And how are you against NW, or Starks? I see from tourney report you did not encounter any. ATT hate is strong, but Ward can demolish you (Luwin, Cat,etc). Suprisingly you lost to Baratheons. Care to elaborate? Some battle report perhaps?

Qtt 189

Ward is really a great problem but I bet that it's infrequent and I was right ;)

Against NW, you have to be patient and win during your Weapons at the Door round. Sansa is really helpfull too.

The deck is really stable and, the last six weeks, I went to top 16 EC Birmingham, Top 4 Amiens Regional, Top 8 Paris Regional and Final BwB... During all these tournaments, I lost four times against Kraken, each time because the opponent had The Iron Throne + Chamber of the Painted Table on setup. That was so annoying, and I don't play Frozen Solid because it's a condition attachment (Maester Cressen sends his regards).

gramyotron 13

Not on throneteki and among Stark Players ;) You see Stark faction/banner you know you are getting Warded.

Congrats on your result. There is much more than meets the eye in this deck and it is all in the player.

hagarrr 571

I'll back Qt up here - if I did not have The Iron Throne and Chamber of the Painted Table on setup, he would certainly have beaten me at BwB

Benji 716

Nice deck, you finally get a great result !