Targ Burn, Baby! Burn! Top8 Thailand 2017 National Champions

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Tooniga 13

2 W - 3 L

I am a Targ loyalist from the start since core set. My deck does what all Targ decks do, try to burn them all and control the board on the ashes that remain. The deck seems lack of ways to get power, stealth to unoppose, renown or any power gain condition. So every game is a long game. Here is what I remember from the tournament.

1st round - Martell banner of the stag - W

He opens with Starfall Cavalry, #Maeste of Sunspear and Blood Orange Grove while I have Doreah, Unsullied and Illyrio's Estate. The 1st plot He manages to put poison on Doreah with Venomous Blade, leave me only Unsullied. Game seems to go to his way with his Ser Davos Seaworth (Core) on the board. I decide to Dracarys! him, force him to keep playing it again next round. plot 3 is the turning point when I marshal Mirri Maz Duur with Plaza of Punishment and the massacre begins, Mirri+PoP combo is like 2 claims without doing any military at all, with the combo plus Astapor nothing can stop me at this point. I manage to leave his board only duped red viper with bodyguard. After I Marched the beefy Viper on the following plot, My opponent conceded

2nd round - NW banner of the wolf

My opponent start quite strong with duped Benjen Stark, econ location and something I can't remember while I have Daenerys Targaryen, a chud and The Roseroad. He have The Wall since the early plot and pump powers really fast while I have Dany who is milked and cravened. I get to the point where I valar my own dany and try to win from there. Plaza of Punishment is the mvp again in this match. Grey Wind, Astapor and A Dragon Is No Slave also help me a lot, from my 3 powers to his 10 powers to my 12 powers to his 11 powers . Around the 9th plot, I Marched my Marriage Khal Drogo to his Varys's Riddle. My opponent and I don't know about the rule for the Marriage Pact and Marched to the Wall. So He think all his 3 character are wiped and no way to comeback at this point. He conceded in the challenged phase later.

*even He got 1 character alive after the marching trip, I'm not sure there is anything he can do to win it. I got 2 characters one of them is Grey Worm and also have Fire and Blood and Dracarys! in hand ready to be used

3rd round - Greyjoy Rains - L

My opponent start very strong with Euron, Victarion and chud. I manage to Crowned his Victarion on the Blood of the Dragon turn and burn away Euron somehow but before that burned. He stole one of my Slaver's Bay Port which is the only one i have seen in this game. I clean his board away for 3 times if I remember correcly but thanks to his Great Kraken, he can refil his board with at least 3-4 guys every turn. The last plot we get to 12-12 and he manage to refill his board again and close the game.

4th round - Greyjoy Crossong - L

I play against one of my friend from my local meta. His deck is very fast and strong with Victarion Greyjoy, Theon Greyjoy (TFoA), Asha Greyjoy, Silence's Crew and Black Walder. I misjudge the plot by play valar too late and not see any Burn package except one Dracarys!. that cost me the game

Top8 - Targ Fealty - L

this guy got 4 wins, that means he never lose any game in this tournament. that make me nervous a lot. But when I face him, our decks is almost the same. We fight with frighten of each other Dracarys! and all the Burn. I can't find any big guy and the beginning or any Astapor or Plaza of Punishment while my opponent has all of them. His play style is more cautious and thinking in more long term than I. He play the Crown at the moment when I think I can make a comeback and it goes down from that point.

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