Accidental 62 card HOrDOR (Relentless Dragon SC Winner 5-1)

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Winterfell Castle Red Door - SC 2018 Winner 47 33 18 1.0
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lunaticcalm 43

Accidentally 62 cards because I built it as 60, added a 61st card while putting it together, then brought some bubble cards with me to the tournament and added one thinking that would put me at 61, forgetting I had already added one the night before.

Took 1st place (5-1) at a 10 person store champs at the Relentless Dragon in southern NH:

Started with and tweaked it a little bit. I was expecting a lot of Flea Bottom and Martell jumping nonsense so I wanted to try Last Hearth Scouts as a counter. I think they ended up not kneeling a single character. I added 2 Superior Claim thinking it would be an easy way to gain extra power given the massive challenges possible with Winterfell Castle, and they performed all day. Although dubious at first, I was pleasantly surprised with Passing the Black Gate. It yielded 3 gold twice, and was a dead draw only once.

Rnd 1 vs Winston (Martell Rose)

I HorD'd Gates of Winterfell for this one since card draw would probably be more important than power. An unfortunately-timed The First Snow of Winter wiped Winston's board while I was able to preserve mine by dropping dupes on Sansa Stark (WotN) and Arya Stark (Core), closed out pretty quickly after that. 1-0

Rnd 2 vs Jimmy (Stark Fealty)

First turn, my Summons vs his Trading with the Pentoshi combined with Passing the Black Gate allowed me to flood the board even more so than he did. Hit Arya Stark (Core) with Heads on Spikes the turn she got returned by Summer (Core), which put a halt to his engine of repeatedly Flea Bottom-ing her and then sacrificing her to Jon Snow (WotN). 2-0

Rnd 3 vs Tim (Tyrell Rains)

He was able to get much stronger bodies on the table than I was and the lack of resets left me without a way to get back into the game. I did nail Mace Tyrell with Heads on Spikes, but he came back the next turn with Ghosts of Harrenhal. 2-1

Rnd 4 vs Than (Greyjoy HorD)

Milk of the Poppy on Victarion Greyjoy slowed his early game and left him reluctant to Valar Morghulis without the free save. A tough fought battle - the final turn came down to A Clash of Kings vs Rise of the Kraken and the initiative won me the game. 3-1

Cut to top 4

Rnd 5 vs Devin (Tyrell Lion)

Draw issues left his board state lacking. As with many of my games, I found myself not caring to win challenges on attack, though especially in this one due to Margaery Tyrell (AMAF). was by far the most important, followed by intrigue. The ability for Winterfell Castle to let me reliably win power challenges on offense and block the opponent's power challenge every turn is really what makes this deck hum, in my mind. 4-1

Rnd 6 vs Tim (Tyrell Rains) - the sequel

This was a bloodless war. Poor Hodor was the only casualty the entire match as we both lacked resets and both didn't really care about challenges - I due to his numerous dupes and he due to my Robb Stark (Core). Things were looking very bleak, he got nearly the entire suite of Tyrell big bodies on the board, but Winterfell Castle allowed me to keep winning power challenges on both attack and defense, eventually allowing me to grind out this epic game. 5-1

Changes to consider:

Draw was lacking. By turn 3 or 4 I was typically top-decking. Never saw Ser Rodrik Cassel all day which would have helped immensely. Probably increase Rodrik, and more Dacey Mormont to get additional triggers off of Maege Mormont, dropping Last Hearth Scouts as a failed experiment.

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