Six Maids in a Pool with Fenderico - 1st @Tigella day 2018 (

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Fenderico 261

Many many multiple thanks to @Anda, who tested the deck with me since the beginning and helped me to improve it: his observations and findings were fundamental for my gameplay. He was able to reach the top16 too, but unfortunately he had to go to work and couldn’t play it :(

The Tigella Day was an amazing event and I suggest you to put it on your list for the next year!

Brief match report:

1) Win vs. Tyrell Crossing. Closed on second round: I went too fast even for a knights deck.

2) Win vs. Tyrell Wars. 
He slowed me on 2nd round playing The King in the North, but I won on the third under Wildfire Assault, even though it killed 2 of my ladies. Fortunately, 4 ladies are enough to reach 15 powers.

3) Loss vs. Lannister Castamere. First game after the 2 hours lunch break. I left my mind on the grass where we had lunch, so I refused a 3 characters setup (which is very good for this deck) and took a mulligan for a lonely Tanda Stokeworth :D He went too fast with Tywin Lannister (Core), Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and Casterly Rock since round 1 and I made terrible mistakes due to my lack of concentration. He closed on third round, so I had no time to set an appropriate board and try to make something. Congratulations to Roberto!

4) Win vs. Tyrell Bitterbridge.
 In general, this is one of the best matchups since it doesn’t run removals and lets me play characters for free.

5) Win vs. Tyrell Crossing.
 Again a Knights deck, but this time was very very hard: he began the third round with 14 powers and went first, but I managed to win the first 2 challenges as the defending player, gaining 15 powers this way.

6) Win vs. Martell Wolf.
 The only way to win this matchup (which is without any doubt the worst for this deck) is to go fast as Hell. He played Ramsay Snow on first round and Warded my Taena Merryweather on second, but I had already drew the cards I needed, so I managed to win the game on second round.

7) Win vs Targa Crossing.
 He conceded the game before we start because he was too tired after the long day, but the fate decided to pair us on the top16, so we couldn’t escape the fight!

Top16: Win vs Targa Crossing. Although he crowned Myrcella Baratheon (SoD), I Won on second round. I played 5 Growing Strong (thanks to Emissary of the Hightower) to be certain to not be burned.

Top8: Win vs Tyrell Wars. A difficult game against a great player. He played Breaking Ties on second round and Fortified Position on third, but I managed to draw the cards I needed even without Taena’s ability and won on that round.

Top4: Win vs Targa Wars. 
I don’t remember what removals he played, but it was an easy win since he didn’t run Nightmares/The Hand's Judgment/Valar Morghulis

Final: Win vs. Martell Wars. He started with At Prince Doran's Behest + Valar Morghulis to kill Taena Merryweather, so I had to resurrect her with Close Call the next round. He also played Breaking Ties and Marched to the Wall to slow me down, but on the 4th round (it was the first time I went after the 3rd plot!) I managed to marshal 5 ladies and combo out.

General gameplay:

Setup: We can’t pretend too much from it :D generally we will setup only 2 characters. When you chose the setup, also look at the cards you don’t setup! The best thing is to have in hand cards that will let us draw.

First round: the best starting plot is Counting Coppers, but we can flip it only if we have a dupe on a character to save it from the military claim or if we have The Bounty of Highgarden to gain golds and marshal someone else. otherwise, we start with Calm Over Westeros. Try to understand if in the next round the opponent could play Valar Morghulis or Marched to the Wall, and behave consequently. Try to defend the intrigue and to have less powers than the opponent to activate "The Dornishman's Wife" later to gain golds. Play the drawing cards (except for "Six Maids in a Pool" and maybe "Off To Gulltown" if you think you’ll need it later), but keep a look on the handsize!

Second round: If you have Taena Merryweather and think you can draw almost all the deck, go with Littlefinger's Meddling. Otherwise, play the one between Coppers and Calm that you didn’t play before. Always think about a possible Valar M./Marched/First Snow/Breaking Ties, but remember that 3-4 ladies on board can be enough to reach 15 powers, so we don’t need all of them alive. The best thing is to play Taena only when you start the combo thing, because she can be killed/milked/stolen. Maybe we won’t need her ability to draw the cards we need, but it’s always better to have her alive and well.

Meddling round (second or third, usually): draw as many cards as you can because you can’t “try” to win: in the game of thrones you win or you die, there is no middle ground. And Combo becomes weaker from the 4th plot onwards. Discard the dupes or other cards you don’t need using Taena’s ability. During the challenges phase, win every challenge using Growing Strong + Melee at Bitterbridge, then finally play All Men Are Fools. Usually we only need 2 challenges to win the game, especially if one of them is the power. Use Emissary of the Hightower to replay "Six Maids in a Pool" (also in marshal) or an event you need during the challenges phase. It’s important to gain gold with the double The Bounty of Highgarden (thanks Elinor Tyrell) and "The Dornishman's Wife" to play the Emissary and/or a large Melee. For more informations about the gameplay, don’t hesitate to contact me on


valeriomaxtor 1

Anda 45

Is that a comment?

gabi4008 415

Hi Congrats to your win federico! I am not a fan of combo decks.but i have a lot of respect to win a tournament of this size with a deck witch is definitly not easy to play!well done! I watched the final game against marco and was pretty impressed by the way you won the game. Thanks for sharing the deck list.even when i hope to get these kind of decks more restricted;)(sorry) it helps to see hpw decks like this work!and that fact helps,to get a chance to build decks they can also compete against combo! When i saw the final,i thoight this deck is not to beat!but now i am more optimistic;) I hate to play against combo.loking at your oponent searching his hole deck is anoying...but anyway i am sad that i did not face you in the tournament.the challenge is to compete against ervery deck and player.and you where the best in these two days. Sadly i lost against the second best;)congrats marco for a graet performance! Great tournament@all italian guys

alamjoy 27

The game is over.

taijibear 213

So... The only only loss on the day is from your brain attempting to transition from the pleasurable experience of lunch to attempting to once again vomit out the diverse and exciting strategy of this deck, and refusing to have anything to do with it? Sounds like a truly joyous adventure...

movac 1

I don't understand how 3-4 ladies is enough to win. Even if you trigger all men are fools twice, with superior claim, it's still only 8-10 power.

taijibear 213

Melee at Bitterbridge makes a challenge unopposed and gives the ladies Renown, so another 6 or so from that. Additionally once they have dumped out their hand, it’s often possible to have The Dornishman’s Wife gain a power per copy.

Fenderico 261

@gabi4008 thanks a lot for your esteem, since it comes from a gigantic player. I watched some matched of yours, and I remained stunned by your deck building and gameplay: you were amazing for all the tournament, and only a high level player like Marco could beat you! I think your deck has not to change, it's good even against combo, trust me ;) Hope to receive your list after the european, I want to burn all my friends! And I hope you win the european because you deserve it. Anyway, I'm curious to know what moves impressed you during the final match :)

gabi4008 415

There where no special moves that impressed me.i did not see many times combo in action.and when i saw them in action the players where not able to manage their deck correctly.that was different when i watched you playing.

Req 1

More than 80 people wasted their day so you guys could have fun with your toy. Congrats.

Kasztan 1

Gratz Federico. But - if i would go to the tournament and played against this deck i would just quit. like i did on ironthrone playing against you. next thing would be selling my collection because that kind of thing should not exist .

Serans 1

Congrats for your deckbuilding, but combo win, not you. Think about it when you will use it in another tourney.

Matamagos 119

Hi Fenderico. Congrats for the win! Maybe you have seen I've posted another ladies combo that I used in a tournement in Spain that took place in the same weekend. Do you feel Taena is better than Hand's Judgement as restricted?

Fenderico 261

Hi @Matamagos! Yes, I've seen your list. I've tested a decklist similar to yours for a brief period, but then I realized that Lannister Cards are too good to not use them. About the abscence of Hand's judgment, well, suppose that the opponent use his HJ in the best way (that is to counter AMAF): we can reach at least 9 powers with 3x melee, superior claim and power claim; at that point we need to strike only one AMAF (plus maybe 1-2 dornishman's wife) and the only way the opponent has to win is to play 3 HJ... obviously it could happen, but it's very difficult for him to see 3 copies of a card in the first 15/20 cards! Not only I never met this scenario, but often my opponents used their HJ to counter six maids or other drawing events. And the fact is that with Taena you can draw the whole deck if you want to. Even if she get Nightmared in marshal, we have the challenges phase to re-start the super draw, and often we can draw the cards we need even without her.

TrueSokles 47

Mother of Gods, another second turn crap combo deck...

No offence @Fenderico, congrats for building and playing, well done. And thanks You for sharing, good to know ;)

Chord 106

Congratulations on the victory. You had rather undifferentiated opponents though ;) Power rushes, slow controls and two burns. How it performed in tests versus high pressure attrition decks? One that comes to mind instantly is classic Stark opening of 3 claim military Sneak Attack. But in general, how do you respond when an opponents engages heavy killing engine (except burn that you can trick out with Growing Strong)?

kekziii 8

"Use Emissary of the Hightower to replay "Six Maids in a Pool" (also in marshal) "

ambush only in chall phase!

Ambush (X) Ambush is a keyword ability. A player may, as a player action during the challenges phase, pay gold equal to the (X) value of a card with ambush to put that card into play from his or her hand

Thx for sharing the List

Chord 106

@kekziii But Emissary works also if you marshal her normally - it's even 1 gold cheaper.

Fenderico 261

@Chord against an overkill deck I generally open with calm over westEros. The good news is that Statk doesn't play valar M., so I can discard the dupes or even kill Tanda/Myrcella. Then I should close the Game on 2nd round, beacause 3rd could be too late. Anyway I don't fear them because claim 2-3 is more or less like a valar, and it's not a problem to lose 1-2 ladies. Ward + ramsay + double marched is worst:)

UrosK 13

Hey Fenderico, have you played vs High Sparrow? And how do you feel about recent tournament restricted lists which included a lot of these Tyrell cards you are playing?

Fenderico 261

Hi @UrosK. Yes, I've played 3 times against him (placed on the setup/first round tbh) and won only once, when I had already the nightmare in hand. That's the only condition to win against him, because he slows too much the draw of this deck. Obviously the opponent must play him before the 2nd round!

I don't know this restricted lists, I'm only playing respecting the official one :)