Burning the Great Hall - TOP 4 w/ Report

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Yes. Burn.

An awesome classic Great Hall event (Scoreboard) ran by Dan TheBest at a Great Pub in St-Eustache (near Montreal, QC in Canada).

For new players who don't know what a Great Hall event is:

  1. You must build a deck with Greyjoy, Tyrell, Martell or Baratheon as a main faction. By choosing one of those, you cannot use Banner of the Kraken, Rose, Sun or Stag.
  2. If you don't choose option 1, then, you must build a deck with Lannister, Night's Watch, Targaryen or Stark as a main faction. With this option, you must use Banner of the Kraken, Rose, Sun or Stag.

The standard restriction list from October 2018 must also apply to the options above. A rookery was also allowed, which I didn't use properly.

About the deck:

I just love cards and I wanted to try to Burn them all in a Great Hall event.

While trying to "guess" what our meta was going to play, I thought I'd see mostly Greyjoy (since the deluxe is out and insane cards are broken), maybe 2 Tyrell, 2 Martell and 1 Baratheon...

I was looking at the card pool and evaluating what was popular...

From testing, burn / STR reduction is useful :

This deck is not really complicated, but decisions, decisions, decisions... all based on your opponent's game and board state.

In this deck, you have enough saves (Iron Mines, dupes, Fire and Blood, Close Call, Marched to the Wall) + awesome killing effects (Queen Dany, Bid Red Lizard, Khal Drogo, Dracarys!, A Dragon Is No Slave, etc.) to have fun while controlling the opponent.

For blue cards, it's mainly some saves + renown + intimidate + stand / stealth + some little locations control tech. Hold on to your cards, then push thru.

What I would change in this deck :

  • 2 resets: VM + VD. Mainly because of Greyjoy.
  • Nightmares was really great but if you can rookery : More The Hand's Judgment. Mainly on a VM turn because of this.
  • If you plan to play against vicious pillage Greyjoy tech, think about this chud or this option?.

Round 1 vs. Charles ( Crossing)

Charles is a new player in our meta and he played great Sand Snake shenanigans to bounce The Queen back to hand. He also forced me to pay 7 gold for Vic with this Free Folk plot. I had great econ, so marshalling was tight, but ok. Had a good board presence, intimidate and burn.

I did "force" him to use Ghaston on a Dragon but since I was 1st, I could Burn Obara Sand (SoD) + claim before Drogon flies away.

Further on, Newly-Made Lord had a great conversation with is the guys at the Boneway (which was stacked to 5 tokens).

He probably had made more with some Doran's Game tricks mixed with Crossing but he told me he didn't run it.

W, 1-0

Round 2 vs. Jean-Seb ( Crossing)

Jean-Seb is another new player in our meta and he was playing some classic Greyjoy with Magalie's Asha, King Balon, some Drowned God tech, some Broken Boats (we call it the "Sacrament de Vidange", means "freaking garbage") and some other boats I rarely see. His Drowned God tech was great to feed my Port.

Declaring Asha on your first challenge of Crossing is always pretty interesting from my side of the table. She couldn't survive the burn.

Going further turns, we did get to 6 each or he was slightly ahead by 1 or 2 . I think he won Dominance and bring back Asha or Euron. He had no cards in hand (therefore, no Raisins) and no Iron Mines. He had a pretty good board, so, I had no other choice to Valar. I think I only had a duped Viserion left after VM.

From that point, he drew no characters and had no board. I've used a Fire and Blood to bring back Rhaegal and Flea Bottom bringing "how to do your Khal" to get some unopposed .

Furthermore, my Ports were golden and I could run to the finish line with unopposed, renown and claim.

W, 2-0

Round 3 vs. Guillaume C. ( Crossing)

Another matchup!

This time it's against Guillaume, a player who has multiple reps with Greyjoy and finished 3rd in the last 2018 Regional.

This is the greatest game of the day where we were fighting constantly and applying pressure constantly on each other.

He sets up Tris and the enabler of the powder and some locations. I setup Rhaegal and Viserion with a Port and Flea Bottom.

I redraw into some econ, some unknown Targ card, "A Crown fo' King!" and something else. I already have a big lizard also in hand, so I flip money.

I know from reps before that Tris can really drag my plans down to a point that he will become the obsession to kill / remove. The question here is: do I keep my Crown for some other big character? What if he has a dupe of Tris (my single Valar won't hit him)? Maybe I'll loose it from claim? Hmmm... Should I wait? Would you have waited if you were in my situation? Oh well! Let's see where this goes. F**k Tris! Fire bucket challenge on your head.

I marshal Drogon, so 3 dragons on the board with 1 dupe on Viserion. He marshals Big Vic (or Asha) with a chud... It's probably Asha because he kept 2-3 gold for the challenge phase.

Going into the challenge phase, I have no pre-challenge actions, but he plays Pay The Iron Price to use the previous bucket challenge. Of course either Dragons are eligible characters for that :)

So Drogon does is thing reducing the board to 1 character on his side and I still have my 3 dragons, but with no dupes. I'm thinking: "let's Marched". He chooses to Valar. So, I marched Drogon and kill the other 2 dragons. No one has a board at that point and I don't have enough gold to fully rebuild so I'm putting out econ locations and kept a gold for Flea Bottom. No marshalling on is side but keeping 2 gold. Doreah comes into play, he pays The Iron Price + Crown of Gold on her.

I think he Trade Routes after that to rebuild his board. He had a lot of locations, but few cards in hand. I pull out some characters to defend or burn his challenge to keep my hand.

I Valar back at him the next round to kill Euron and other good characters. He flipped Exchange in which I gave him a chud and realize that, wait!... take this dead Tris instead...

Further on, I've ran to the finish line with unopposed, renown (Khal + Vic) and claim.

Awesome game overall and high tension all along!

W, 3-0

Round 4 vs. Francis C. ( Wars)

I just got beat up.

Greyjoy Wars is probably the worst thing to face up at this point. And also to mention, Francis was trained by this guy so, I know he's an excellent player.

Don't remember really if I had any advantages after plot 1. He broke my deck in pieces and rushed me out with renown bodies and a little walk by the lake. Also, I think Euron took my Plaza... and... that's game.

He did forget 3 triggers down there... so he would have finished me earlier anyways :P

ggwp ;)

L, 3-1

Semifinals vs. Francis C. ( Wars)

I just got beat up. Again.

I could just copy-paste Round 4 in here :P, but I couldn't manage his board.

I couldn't Valar really because I didn't have my pieces to rebuild. I also couldn't hit back to win some unopposed.

Francis played another great matchup against me. Economy plots + good reserve + always having a good amount of cards in hand. The Vessel and Asha have also done great work.

In Round 4 and in this Semifinals, Francis didn't play any resets. But he did Pinch me once in the Semifinals. Balon made an outstanding appearance stealing my Victarion for a greater number of renown and... game.

Lost that Semifinals

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