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sking2 27

I've never published a list, but after taking home my 1st Store Championship today, I thought it might be time.

This isn't an original deck idea, but was inspired by the GJ Qohor that Wamma and Co. took to U.K. WAR. After winning a GNK with Bara Qohor 2 weeks prior, and then seeing this beauty with the SPICY Maesters tech, I couldn't resist.

Obviously, post RL the deck was very illegal, and some tough choices had to be made.

Losing WTW! was a tough hit to take because of the recursion of Scouting Vessel plus the the numerous pillage options, so I wanted to make sure that I took another impactful plot. I play tested a handful of different plots but found myself really just wanting to run Expose Duplicity because I was struggling to keep a board versus Shadows because of the loss of Drowned God Fanatic (more on that next). It was a dead plot until the final round but then it was money.

I knew coming into this that to run this many bigs, I needed Great Hall as my restricted, so I had to drop Vince. Black Wind's Crew is an attempt to keep the cost curve the same, but really go all in on the pillage tech. I used them a couple of times, was never mad when I drew them, but obviously were less impactful than Drowned God Fanatic would have been.

This was strictly a situation of "I want to play this card". It fits the theme of putting cards in the discard pile, triggers Corpse Lake, and can really hurt shadows/Targ KotHH. It was surprisingly effective when I drew it.

Yes, I ran 61 cards, sue me.


Round 1

Conor Torris / Baratheon Wolf

This game was a matchup that I wasn't really worried about. I felt if I could get a board early, he wouldn't be able to rush me down, and my deck doesn't care that much about some of the control pieces that he could bring.

I set up Advisor to the Crown, a Big, and Sea Tower He set up Robert Baratheon (LMHR) and a Bara chad lady.

We both opened At the Gates, he went and got The Kingsroad to my Great Hall. I won the flip for initiative, marshaled a Maester Murenmure, Glass Candle and another Maester.

He went, tried to Trigger The Kingsroad, I cancelled it with Maester Murenmure so he put out some weenies and passed. I Qohor Candle into Milk for Robert Baratheon (LMHR). I win some challenges and gain power.

Next plot I Outwit his Heir to the Iron Throne, and gain some more power through challenges while building a solid board of bigs. Plot 3 I Barring the Gates his second Heir to the Iron Throne and close.

To be fair, he didn't see any economy other than two early The Kingsroad which with Maester Murenmure were useless.

Round 2

Daniel Ferrel Greyjoy Prince

I forget a lot of the details of this one, I just know that I Milked his Euron Crow's Eye (Core) early, and got really wide anticipating his reset, which he flipped Valar Morghulis into my Outwit, and I closed next plot on The King in the North when he couldn't use his 3x Great Hall to build a board.

Round 3 Joe Grim Martell Kingdom of Shadows

This was a repeat of top table at the previously mentioned GNK, except last time I was playing Baratheon.

I knew coming into this that I needed to get a board and gain power quickly, and watch my saves because he was running Ser Robert Strong, Varys (DitD), and Duel.

Again, the details slip, but I got out to an early 6 power lead on plot 1 thanks to 2x Scouting Vessel hitting repeatedly on Corpse Lake and King of Salt and Rock. Anticipating Valar Morghulis I flipped Outwit into The First Snow of Winter and groaned audibly. I gain a couple more power and use Asha Greyjoy (Km) and a 3rd Scouting Vessel to fetch out some Risen from the Sea and wait.

To my surprise he flips Duel into my Expose Duplicity. I kill Balon Greyjoy (KotI) and kneel a 4 power Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR), play out some more chuds and pass. He passes challenges, and I go for intrigue, win unopposed and spike Loot to prevent his remaining shadows cards from being useful. Next plot I flip Barring the Gates and close.

I know it's super late in the year, and honestly just a small event with our local boys, but we finally got our SC done. I was happy to win, get some good games with friends and most of all use my favorite agenda with Maester tech.

This deck I think can be a beast in the post RL meta, especially if shadows remains prevalent as other factions take a step back.

Anyways, I'm curious what people think of my changes to a solid build, and what changes people would make as well.


badass_bard 10

Our lists are quite similiar.

I added Return to the Fields instead of Expose Duplicity because in my meta no one plays Shadows anymore out of fear of ED.

Furthermore I added 1 Old Bill Bone, 1 Wex Pyke and 1 Maester Wendamyr instead of the 3 Black Wind's Crew like you did.

Regarding the 2nd Wendamyr, I always felt that 6 maesters were a bit low for the Outwit and Candles. 7 is imho the sweetspot.

And yeah, I didn't add Loot. ;-)

Glad you found success with it, mate. The deck does seem quite promising.

sking2 27

I really, strongly considered going for Return to the Fields instead of ED, and probably will moving forward as a general meta call, but I knew I had about a 33% chance of running into Shadows so I kinda went all in on winning what I considered my toughest matchup.

I found that I was never short on Maesters actually. The Candles were more or less used to seed discard piles and then Qohor into a more impactful attachment. I didn’t use the Insight trigger more than twice all day.

I may still go up to 2x Maester Wendamyr when it’s all said and done, instead of 3x BWC but who knows. Definitely still have some tinkering to do.

lootmeta, nobody sees it coming.

jcwamma 2665

Congratulations on the victory! Pleased to see someone who's updated this post-RL keep the 'canon' restricted card myself and the other Team GJ players agree should be kept ;) .

sking2 27

@jcwamma Thanks! I knew I had to keep Great Hall, simply because of how crucial it is to the entire economic base of this build, but man, I missed those DGF!

Your team built a monster, I'm just glad I didn't mess it up! lol