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Friendly Open Beginners deck: House Martell The Long Voyage.

Difficulty: Medium

Plots: Generate economy with Late Summer Feast and Loan from the Iron Bank, control locations with Political Disaster. The Maiden is a good opener and gives you a boost of initiative in later rounds. Lastly, Valar Dohaeris is against the Big Guys like Greyjoy-Tyrell and Wildfire Assault against many little ones like Nightwatch-Stark.

Draw: It is mainly done from The Long Voyage agenda. Also, Dorne and River Gate for some extra.

The deck does not rely on one or two characters, but in the theme of Sand Snakes, and although it is 100 cards, their events keep it together. If Red Viper is dies, that is absolutely fine, and we can bring in a 6-cost, or lower, Sand Snake with No Use For Grief. Most of the time, it is better for The Red Viper, Arianne Martell or Harmen Uller to take all the attention of the opponent and let the other characters run free.

Events: Burning on the Sand, Vengeance for Elia, The Hand's Judgment, He Calls It Thinking, Nightmares, Someone Always Tells and His Viper Eyes to control the game.

He Calls It Thinking especially can cancel many things, mainly when the opponent does not have gold like in Plot, Draw and Taxation phase (for example Melisandre (any Melisandre), Risen from the Sea and Bitterbridge Encampment).

On the other side, Someone Always Tells cancels opponent's plots. Another option is to keep 2 gold to use it against scheme from "The Rains of Castamere", The Prince Who Came Too Late or Winter Festival.

The most important events are A Mission in Essos and No Use For Grief.

A Mission in Essos returns one Sand Snake or bastard (kneeled or standing), to our hand! (we can play it again next turn or with Arianne Martell-Obara Sand-Harmen Uller in the same round) and we bring into play another one. There are many choices to pick. Obella Sand, Loreza Sand or Bastard Daughter for Military Claim, Dorea Sand to use her ability, Elia Sand, Nymeria Sand, Sarella Sand and more. But it is not restricted only to them.

One crazy combo is Nymeria's Guard, Areo Hotah and A Mission in Essos. We ambush with Nymeria's Guard and we stand a Sand Snake. We defend or attack with them. Then we use A Mission in Essos on Nymeria's Guard to bring inside Areo Hotah. All in all, we use a sand snake, we stand it with Nymeria's Guard, we use them again. Then we bring inside Areo Hotah with his ability to remove a character from challenge and we have a ready Nymeria's Guard to ambush again!

As for No Use For Grief, it is mainly used to bring Sand Snakes. One combo with them is to play Wildfire Assault. Kill one of ours characters and then we can fetch a Sand Snake into play in any phase we want. Works really nice with Dorea Sand, Obella Sand, Obara Sand and Bastard Daughter to surprise the opponent or to bring stronger characters when The Red Viper is dead.

Locations: Mostly Economy, Brimstone is here for some Attachment removal in our Sand Snakes or to play them again with Harmen Uller-Obara Sand-Arianne Martell. Especially the combo Dorea Sand-Harmen Uller-Brimstone is really powerfull. Ghaston Grey for control and Dorne to draw.

Attachment: Milk of the Poppy and Seized by the Guard since we don't play City plots.

Characters: Areo Hotah for his ability and Arianne Martell as a better Obara Sand. All the other characters except Desert Scavenger are working with the Sand Snake theme.

Some honorable mentions:

To conclude, the deck has the positive-negative fact that each game will be unique, since 100 cards are too many. Each time there will be different combos to achieve.

This deck is made by kantzsot which is a very good thrones player who plays several agenda's at a very high level. kantzsot (JP Profile) is a super deck builder, and is one of very few people who manage to build a highly competitive The Long Voyage deck. Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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