Melee: Dothraki Fleet - Across the poison water

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Duckbringer 63

This is a deck, that I cooked together with Reader at 5am before the Stahleck melee tournament and considering also that I am not experienced melee player, I was quite surprised that I managed to win 2 rounds with it.

Basic idea is to get Summerhall out, The Silver Steed and Fleet Captain on some dothraki character and play Every Captain is a King for infinite amount of challenges. Grey Ghost, Lyseni Galley and Fishing Net are there to help the challenges to go through. Plaza of Pride let's you stand a character that was knelt on defense or by intimidate, if you are not the first player, usually, however, you would like to start. "Dance of the Dragons", Gifts for the Widow (R), Support of the People and The Dragon's Tail (R) helps you get the pieces you need. Rest of the event pack are just cancels, helping deal with most things that can shut this down.

When building the deck, I was planning to get characters on board just in time to do the combo, however during the tournament, I learned that in melee, it is much easier to keep your characters in play and changed the strategy accordingly.

The Games

Round 1 - WIN:

I got pretty lucky in first round and got all 5 pieces in the first round - was actually only missing only Every Captain is a King but got that from Exchange of Information. waited for second turn to have economy and set up my board. Went first and picked Crown Regent, as that title has potential to screw me over. Duel was also flipped and I was the one to decide which big guy kneels and which big guy dies. Killing The Viper gave me Fishing Net back on hand and allowed me to marshall that on Obara. My target for the infinite challenges was set. Opponents still almost managed to stop me, as they gave a chud a icon with The Many-Faced God and boosted it with Marge. Luckily Fefe did not realised he had You Murdered Her Children and the game was finished.

Round 2 - 4th place:

I had my combo ready on round two as well, but sadly I saw an opponent pull Offer of a Peach with Wheels Within Wheels (OR) and seeing as I had no cancel on hand, I had to sit the second round out. It actually got discarded, but the next round that opponent played The Annals of Castle Black (R) so again it was no go for me, and we did not get to round 4 :(

Round 3 - 3rd place:

This game I did not see Summerhall except during my first plot Exchange only for it to be shuffled back to deck and me having to settle for Ocean Road. In last round I did not attack an opponent that stood my Jhogo (DotE) up with Defiance, even though he was the only valid target for my 3rd challenge due to Hand of the King title. I wanted to stall the game into the next plot if possible so I let him use his defenses on the player currently in lead, which led to me being third and not second.

Round 4 - WIN:

Most interesting game. We saw Valar killing Danny and Drogo, which took me by a surprise but also helped me a lot, as I had only duped Irri on board. I didnt see Every Captain is a King until last round, but I tried to do some challenges in the meantime. Last round EVERYONE had a chance to win and I was lst player and had to stop 2 players with my cancels. First player got his oldtown cancelled by Privileged Position and second got his Consuming Flames cancelled by that as well. Luckily Highgarden (Core) was already knelt and first player stopped the third one from winning with Doran's Game. I then had clear board to do my power challenge and played my combo just for show - as I did gain enough power in the first challenge.

Additional notes

I realised during the second game, how useful would Maiden's Bane be if I had put it in instead of The Iron Throne (Core). It is another way to get the character to initiate the challenge infinite amount, and the chair was there just to distract opponents from the main goal of this deck and give me some reserves. Other than that, I was very satisfied with how things turned out, and didn't feel any significant lack of characters despite having only 18 of them in the deck.


SonOfBattles1 429

Now this is a weird Bara Deck! I love it! Have you considered Black Market Merchant as an additional attachment tutor?

Duckbringer 63

TBH I was more concerned about getting the Summerhall than the attachments, since Gifts are already there for them. They could perhaps find their way in instead of "Dance of the Dragons". i was however thinking about Wise Master that could, in combination with Wheels Within Wheels, let me get to Gifts or Kings faster.

In earlier builds I even had Building Orders and second Exchange of Information in, but swapped that for The Maiden and Parley at Storm's End - I would probably take those changes back though. Did not play Parley at Storm's End all day and only opened with The Maiden in the second game, which in hinsight might have been mistake as I did not get any extra cards.

Reader 292

There were many considerations for this deck but some sleep was needed before the actual melee tournament, especially as we were both on Judge duties. Merchants were one of then, also Wise Masters. However, we just went with what we thought could grab us the one challenge phase win in the round that mattered. The Dothraki were needed for Steed, the events looked to take care of everything else.

I personally thought that Jan was being a bit too brave with only 18 characters in a 75 card deck in melee... and therefore my version leant more into a spread of characters that also included Saltcliff Sailors, Marya Seaworth and Davos. I do think Jan had it right though, as without a big enough board your opponents seem to go elsewhere for the Red challenge. You just need the Dothraki on board when you go for the Silver Steed bonanza!

I would have also ran A Clash of Kings for the extra lols and ran Maiden's Bane over Plaza.

Jan did finish one spot above me in the melee though. So he wins any argument.

DavidDAVE 2

This interaction really works? The attach is never really sacrifica, so the cost is not fulfilled.

DavidDAVE 2

Forget my comment, it is not a cost

Duckbringer 63

@DavidDAVE That's always the first reaction haha! :) And there is not even "then" that would prevent you from triggering it.

@Reader I think I actually used Plaza a few times in later games - but Clash could also be useful - tough choice that. Maiden's Bane was completely forgotten by me however, and I would deifinetly add that instead of Throne.