King of Swiss @ Dance With Dragons IV, 5th Place Overall

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King of Swiss @ Dance With Dragons IV, 5th Place Overall 4 2 0 2.0

prancingPWNy 104

Hello everyone, this is my first public decklist and I am posting it because I had my first success at a major tournament recently at the Dance of Dragons IV in Philly, PA on June 22nd, crowned the King of Swiss (5-0). I have lots of fun with this deck and I hope you will too!

I was 5th place overall at this tournament, losing only to the other Stark Hollow Hill deck, which placed 4th.

When Knights of the Hollow Hill first came out, I thought it was bad and I passed it over thinking that its handicaps of no setup and no gold modifiers were entirely too debilitating. However, nothing excites me more than to revisit a card I initially thought was bad and finding ways to make it better, if not even good. The drawbacks of Hollow Hill are apparent, but if you can find a way to equalize your boardstate rather quickly, the boons of the agenda quickly allow you to snowball. That's exactly what what this deck does best.

So what is good about Hollow Hill? The +3 gold is an instant econ buff, so theoretically you can run fewer econ cards and run more impactful cards. For every econ card you cut, you are 2x likely to draw an impactful card (sounds right). This deck just runs 7 econ cards. The +2 initiative is amazing since it helps you win ties. Winning initiative is huge! Especially with this deck. The +1 reserve is very handy too. In all, the agenda pays for itself over the course of the game. The first couple rounds can be rocky, but if you play well you can control the game by round 2 or 3 and clinch it by round 4 or 5.

The goal of this deck is to keep your opponent's board empty (or hollow, as it were) by using all of the attrition tools at your disposal, backed up by a stealthy chud swarm to rack up points with unopposed challenges and continually chip away at whatever remains of your opponent's board or hand. Your goal is to jealously erase their setup advantage and overrun them with character removal. When you win with this deck it feels very dirty, but it's still a win :)

This deck includes most of the attrition tools available in Stark: Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton, Roose Bolton, Ward, Harrenhal (FFH), Ice, Skagos (when used on Ramsey), Winter Is Coming, all of which are compounded by the plots Marched to the Wall, Valar Dohaeris, and Political Disaster. After your Boltons do their dirty work, your cheap ladies clean up what remains: core Arya Stark (Core), Alysane Mormont, Meera Reed, Summer (Core) to keep them alive, and any 3-cost chud that you've enchanted with I Am No One will put lots of pressure on whatever is left standing. Your standing army will survive and outlast whatever your opponent hits you back with thanks to your wide board and Summer.


Control the opening:

  • Always look for Harrenhal or Ward in your starting hand, depending on your matchup - Ramsey is always a good 3rd option too.
  • Ward isn't as good vs. NW and Targ (no attachment chars etc.) but it's very good against the other houses. When you have ward in hand, maybe go second.
  • I recommend mulliganing Harrenhal away if you are up against GJ because you don't want to play it too soon/until after they've played We Take Westeros. When you have Harrenhal in hand, maybe go first.
  • Be careful of opening with Ramsey vs. NW for fear of him being stolen by various means. When you have Ramsey in hand, use your judgement as to going first or second.

If you are smart about your opening hand vs what you are up against, you should be able to dictate the tempo of the match. I love watching my opponents squirm as they try to play around t1 Harrenhal, their hopes evaporating after I ward core Catelyn Stark (Core) or Ser Courtnay Penrose, or when I Ramsey + Skagos Ramsey their board on a Marched turn.

Opening plot is often Fallen from Favor if your opponent set up mostly locations and/or one or two lowly chuds. Don't waste your Marched on a lowly chud, UNLESS they set up a chud + a big character. They will think that they are safe, but they are not. As soon as there is a good target for your attrition to run down, apply the pressure. If you March their little away, you WILL win initiative, and you can follow up with Ramsey.

For draw, I like attacking with I Am No One; marshalling Umber Loyalist and being careful to blank them with Meera if I think they might leave play; and I like holding on to Maege Mormont until AFTER they play their reset and/or after I have played mine. She turns into a very safe, very effective draw engine in the later stage of the game where she is safe from reset, and the opponent's milks have been wasted on Alysane or discarded through intrigue claim.

Fun Tricks:

The secret sauce really is in the Mormont engine. She-Bear is extremely cost-effective. Use your noggin to determine when to pull her with your scout, and what to drop with her (I call them bear drops). Dropping Umber Loyalist with her is a very efficient way to draw and go wide with your board; I also like dropping Ice onto Alysane or Arya with her since they are the main warriors of the deck. Just be careful not to put Ice onto a character that you intend to also use I Am No One on - it will fall right off.

If your opponent is also swarming, prioritize winning with Roose to try to mow them down a bit. Meera is Roose's best friend as she can stealth him into a challenge, trigger off his sacrifice, and shadow back into play for another stealth empowered challenge.

Marshalling a low-cost chud like Bear Island Scout, then sacing it with Ramsey, then Skagos Ramsey to clear 2 of their characters at minimal cost.

Keep Summer alive as he is probably your most important character, constantly reviving your ladies for the next turn after they fall in battle.

Fun plays using Skagos and Ward to f*ck around with their characters (bonus points when done in the middle of challenges)

No Surprises and then shredding their shadows cards with Jason Mallister.

Not really a trick, but going first and throwing down Harrenhal. Guaranteed to make your opponent squirm and make you feel smug.

Room for Improvement?

I eventually lost at this tournament to another Stark Hollow Hill deck which was very interesting but did not perform as well as my deck did. This other deck went pure swarm and I opened with Harrenhal, waiting for his Wyman Manderly or Robb Stark (Core) that never came, meanwhile his board went extremely wide and I was eventually overrun. An idea from his deck that I liked a lot was the inclusion of Sansa's Maid to buff his warrior ladies. She would be a good addition to this deck if I wasn't running 3x Bolton Flayers. On average, there aren't many other 2g characters that would be let standing when Bolton Flayer triggers.

Alternative to Lady Sansa's Maid is Winterfell Castle. I don't want to go too heavy on locations since I am running Political Disaster, so I would swap Isle of Ravens out for Citadel Archivist, and put Winterfell Castle into this location slot.

I am also not sure if Robb Stark (Core) is the best inclusion in this deck. Since my fighters are way more impactful on attack than they are on defense (due to stealth, not kneeling on attack re: Alysane and I Am No One), I don't think standing them is as high a priority. I would test swapping out 3x Robb for perhaps another Maege or Roose, or another She-Bear or perhaps something lower cost. I had many a game where Robb hung out in my hand all game because there were better options for me to spend my resources all game.

I hope you enjoyed my writeup and that none of my wisdom shared is considered too blasphemous (i.e. who the f*ck plays Harrenhal?!)



Toaster 35

Cool deck thanks a lot for sharing.

SergSel 48

Congrats! Was Malleon's Tome helpful? You hav eno Eddard or maester here...

Patrick 1

Great job, Alex! Really clever and original deck. Way to represent for the DC meta, mah dood!! Brotherhood of the Beltway wut wut!

prancingPWNy 104


@SergSelThank you too! I included Malleon's tome in order to get a tricon I Am No One attack with the added bonus of seeing my opponent's hand. Since it is 1x I didn't see it often and was a last minute include. Could probably swap out for something better.

Redrio 1

Stark could make any agenda work. Nice deck

hagarrr 579

Congrats on your performance, and thanks for the write up!

r480 146

Congrats on the run with this lovely deck. I was building an attrition deck similar to this one. Have you considered the Cripts?

prancingPWNy 104

@r480 I sure did! They were 2x in the first couple drafts of this deck. I liked to use it with smalljon because he is kind of cheap for his printed strength. felt great to skagos smalljon to trigger crypts - free character removal. Take care to do it after you've applied military claim. I ultimately removed it because most of my characters are weaklings, so I wasn't triggering it as much as I wanted.

uBaH 89

Why No Marriage Pact? Seems like a fun Sinergistic Combat trick you can pull with it. Laso free with She-Bear.

taijibear 213

So big question is: does Eddard Stark (PoS) go in this deck once he is out? Perhaps as a replacement for Robb?

bilginayb 1

I wanted to play a Stark deck for some time, yet I didn't want to play the nobrainer, antifun Fealty or Crossing decks with Wyman and other shenanigans. So, I found the solution here: Very nice, non-mainstream Stark deck. Great, detailed writeup and explanation for amateurs like me. Good job! Keep up the good work.

urchin 20

Thanks for the deck, I messed with it for a while but in the end it was the same plus an extra passing the black gate which took me to king of Swiss at Blackwater Bay a 50 person tournament in the UK. I’m pretty certain that drawing both of these kept me in two of my games vs a couple of choke builds.

prancingPWNy 104

@uBaHI like that idea! It's worth testing. @taijibearI also like the idea of replacing robb with Nu Ned, especially since Malleon's tome proved to be useful already. @bilginaybI'm glad you found this deck fun and that the writeup made it accessible to you. That is why I shared my deck =) @urchinRock on brother!

prancingPWNy 104

@taijibearI would actually say Ned is not good in this deck. In order to maximize his use, you would need lots of stand effects outside of malleon's tome - you don't want to rely on maleon's tome alone to stand him after using him in challenges to get use out of his dom action. So without any other stand fx, new ned is no bueno in this deck.

Gandhi34 1

@prancingPWNyWhat do you think of including 1 barring the gates for 1 marched to improve the match-up against shadows? I feel like the match-up should be favorable although well-timed marauders can counter no surprises hard, so barring the gates turn 2-3 can help secure the win. On the other hand it’s worse than the second marched against everything else and can even be a liability with Meera or the flayers...