The Green Mill - Thrones WAR UK (4-3)

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Diomedes 3079

First of all a huge thank you to Dan and Calvin for organising Thrones WAR UK. It was an awesome event! I hope you'll do it again next year. :)

Torn between "comboing" people and passive power Sparrows I decided to play something entirely else: Tyrell Mill! Inspired by Neo's deck at Euros and the upcoming Queen's Retinue (which will make Mill a real force!), I did what you're not supposed to do... swapping your deck at the last minute. Tyrell offers some mill cards in A Gift of Arbor Red and The Shield Islands. It has Highgarden to stall, and Emissary of the Hightower to play the restricted card The Dragon's Tail up to 6 times.

I thought this deck would have some good matchups in the WAR format, since there are more slow control and attrition decks than in normal tournaments. The weakness would be rush decks, to an extent aggro and of course 75-card Alliance decks! :)

My game plan was to stall with Naval Superiority round 1 and have the opponent over reserve, especially if I have The Dragon's Tail in my starting hand. In this format information is less likely to spread, and people would probably rather talk about mill than Naval anyway. :P I hit 6 At the Gates and 1 Vanquish the Unbelievers, so it was ok. The rounds after that I play 1 or 2 Late Summer Feast to get a decent board to oppose challenges and get some pillage off. I gladly remind my opponents to draw cards from LSF. ;) I chose to play 3 further stall plots and no reset, because no reset really fits. Wildfire Assault doesn't do enough, they probably draw into a lot of dupes which makes Valar M ineffective, and Valar D puts more cards into the draw deck.

Round 1 vs. SoB

My Naval hit Vanquish the Unbelievers, so I had a good start. Highgarden was really good to stop the SoB trigger. I had a decent board although First Snow hit me hard. Tris Botley removing Khal Drogo was pretty important. 2 Meereenese Markets hurt my game plan, but eventually I could Nightflyer one. Mill round 7 with him being on 5 power. Fun fact: The Dothraki Honor Guard he had since setup was at STR 1 or 2 most of the time. :)

Round 2 vs. SoB

He had the Summer attachment round 2, so I couldn't stop the SoB trigger which meant Highgarden was put to the torch. :/ I thought I had him with Baelor Blacktyde, but he conveniently drew an Isle of Ravens that phase. Nightflyer came too late. Otherwise Ghost of High Heart, Tris Botley, Nighttime Marauders and Baelor had it all under control. For example, I tris'ed King Robb and Wolf King, so he couldn't use his King plot effectively. I didn't see a milk all game, which would have been necessary to stop Arya's stealth. I had really few econ, so when Andrik with 3 Candles was put to the sword, I only could pay for 1 Candle, and the other 2 got discarded for claim over the next 2 rounds. That would have been enough because I lost plot 7 with 5 cards in his deck.

Round 3 vs. Alliance

I hoped to get a Builders deck, and what did I get? Alliance, played by the champion Kostas to boot... :D He had King Jon round 1, Lord Commander with 2 stands for Jon round 2, so even with my stall plots he was gaining lots of power quickly. Not a chance here.

Round 4 vs. Rains

I hoped I could naval Late Summer Feast, but he played it round 2... Round 1 he already had 6 ships in play, 2 of them Raiding Longships. And I had no Shipwright or Nightflyer to stop them, so with 3 big guys he walked over me. Fun fact: Tris could remove Silence from the game with Euron in his hand. :D

Round 5 vs. KoHH

Yay, a slow Bara deck! Eventually his Table didn't have any more power to steal, so I won on plot 8 with 0-11 power :) Fun fact: This game took less than 30 minutes.

Round 6 vs. Prince Quentyn

Yeah, Richard didn't feel comfortable about playing Martell. :P He played both Valar and Wildfire, which was really nice for me, even though I had a really bad start. 3 Venomous Blades were annoying. Mill on plot 8 with 0 power.

Round 7 vs. Crossing

Ugh, crossing. I wanted shadows... but boy, this game went perfectly. The Shield Islands in setup, Naval stopped him from marshaling a character. My Dragon's Tail drew into another Dragon's Tail, and A Gift of Arbor Red found the 3rd one. So round 1 he had to discard like 8 cards. Round 2 Baelor stopped most of his events. Cersei immediately got a milk when she was marshalled round 2. I could pillage a lot in this game. His 2nd Heads on Spikes didn't gain him power because of Uneasy Truce. Forced March round 4 stopped his You Win Or You Die claim 2 from doing any real damage. At the end of round 4(!), he was down to 2 cards in his draw deck, so he conceded. Mill at its best and a great finish to an amazing tournament! :)


ChannelDelibird 998

Just beautiful. I've been shouting about the Shield Islands for ages and nobody's been listening, glad to see it 3x in a good mill list!

Great stuff, fantastic results. I'm sorry I didn't get a moment to come say hi and thanks for your work on such exciting decks, because I definitely meant to!

Diomedes 3079

Thank you George! We will catch up on it at Stahleck! :)

Neoptolemos 624

Congratulations for your performance :) I'm happy that I was able to help to develop somehow this list :) Mill in 5th plot, that's awesome!

Eggzavier 26

Can't wait for retinue!

Feanor 49

I just love this, it's perfect to me!

Kakita_Shiro 778

What would you swap for the Retinue?

Diomedes 3079

These are my changes:

+1 Duel −1 Forced March

+3 The Queen's Retinue +1 The Iron Throne (LMHR) +1 The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due +1 Lordsport Shipwright

−1 Nighttime Marauders −1 Redwyne Straits −1 Old Bill Bone −1 Gorold Goodbrother −1 Maester Kerwin −1 Emissary of the Hightower

But it probably makes sense to switch to Lannister/Lion for Clever Feint and Alchemists' Guildhall. I'm a bit wary of relying on Unexpected Guile because of Expose Duplicity.