Northern Rain - Canadian Nationals '21

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This is what I played this last weekend in our Canadian Nationals 2021.

Inspired by Stark good stuff
Get renown fast and control your matchup. The original list I was testing had 2x Sup Claim and 3x Wyman. For more control and with the new release of For the Realm, I went Nightmares + Blackfish, which were both really useful.

Key cards
-Septa Mordane + Arya
- icons on renown characters (Robb and Eddard ideally)
-Compelled keeps you in the game
-Bear Island Scout (R) for dupes

Round 1 - The Wars To Come (R) (Churchy, UK)
MVP: The Pointy End on duped Robb timed perfectly against my Valar.

Lost, 8 to 17, 0-1

Round 2 - Banner of the Lion (movac, CAD)
MVP: Oldtown, Tyrion and an amazing player from our Montreal meta. Cheers Mike!

Lost, 12 to 15, 0-2

Round 3 - The Prince that was Promised (porkyorhino, CAD)
MVP: Glass of Milk on Nymeria, Catelyn, Valar, renowns.

Win, 1-2

Round 4 - Banner of the Kraken (eusebio, GER)
MVP: Rains into 4 cards, Skagos + Robb, Northern Armory to prevent Ser Robert Strong, renowns.

Win, 2-2

Round 5 - Kings of Winter (Arutho, FR)
MVP: Glass of Milk on Asha, Nightmares on Fishwhiskers, Summer plots to stop Fishwhiskers, Skagos + Robb, renowns.

Win, 3-2

Thanks to every player who joined the Banners in the North !

"Tell them the North remembers," she said, "Tell them winter came for House Frey."

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