Tyrell Kings of Summer - For FO, by Grześ Szczepański

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Friendly Open Beginners deck: House Tyrell Kings of Summer.

How hard is this to play: Easy.

General overview: Tyrells have a lot of renown characters and strength buffs that allow them to collect power really quickly. One of the most classic and efficient Tyrell archetypes is a knights deck, which focuses on building the board quickly with a lot of cheap and efficient dudes and rush for power very fast, not really concerning about what opponent is doing. This type of deck works really good again most control decks, which in general need 2-3 turns to setup and in this time Tyrell are able to collect more than 10 power or even win the game already. I recommend this type of deck for the players who like making challenges and winning the game fair and square without too many tricks; bear in mind though, that it often needs a lot of counting due to wide boards and a lot of strength buffs.

Agenda: Kings of Summer is very simple and useful agenda, if you are already playing a lot of summer plots. While the reserve bonus doesn't make a big difference here, one gold more in early turns really helps in rushing. Even if you won't spend this spare gold for anything in marshalling, it is constant threat of Growing Strong, Nightmares or Lady Sansa's Rose, that your opponent must consider during challenges. While you should never regret having spare gold, there are another agendas worth considering here.

The most obvious is Knights of the Realm, which in most cases gives you bonus card per turn and this boost is really HUGE. Knights of the Realm are better if you are afraid of playing longer games, where the lack of draw may be an issue. Another option is The Lord of the Crossing - if you think this deck is able to make 3 challenges per round, +1 power is an amazing boost as well. Also both these agendas allow to put some winter plots (Winter Festival or Barring the Gates, which may really help in Stark matchup.

Plot deck: If you want to build a board and then start rushing, usually start with a Summer Harvest, which will most often bring you a lot of gold and initiative - the latter isn't that crucial, however usually it is better to go second in first round and first later on (especially when you are able to finish the game). You may also exchange it for Time of Plenty. In case you have a good start after the setup phase, you may also start already with Name Day Tourney and follow with A Tourney for the King. While your board is bigger than opponent's and especially if you see dupes on other side - Valar Morghulis is expected - save your power with Compelled by the King. Valar Dohaeris should save you against big dude decks such as Greyjoys, although you may also consider Duel instead. Counting Coppers is an emergency draw on demand; if you skip this, you may consider putting Pleasure Barge in your main deck.

Core cards: Green-Apple Knight - the best small dudes in this deck. If you go second, don't block with them unless it's really necessary. Jousting Pavilion - the big advantage of this deck is an ability to win a lot of challenges with a single character. It allows to trigger Name Day Tourney. Lady Sansa's Rose, Knight of the Reach etc. Jousting Pavilions give the necessary boost to all your single knights and it can't be underestimated. The Knight of Flowers - he is the symbol of 1-on-1 duels archetype. While the other versions of this character are amazing cards, here he is a star, collecting power fast as hell, especially with thematically-connected Lady Sansa's Rose. Lady Sansa's Rose - already mentioned several times, it gives you 3 power, nuff said - although you need some ladies in deck to trigger it properly. That's why another obvious card is... Margaery Tyrell - again, all versions of her are crazy good cards, but here the other don't make a huge difference. Core Margaery Tyrell is cheap, helps on triggering Roses and other cards, and ensures winning 1-on-1 duels. Remember - don't trigger her too early, only if it's needed to push the challenge; if she is standing, opponent has to consdier her in each challenge.

Support cards: Ser Bryce Caron and Ser Robar Royce are probably the best unique knights that enhance this deck, so they are also in 3x copies. Other knights are either non-unique or just in 1 copy. If you are afraid of triggering the cards that need a lady character, you may add more copies of Alerie Tyrell or Elinor Tyrell or perhaps single copies of Brienne of Tarth, The The Queen of Thorns and Desmera Redwyne; just remember, that in case you put more ladies, you will probably need to cut some knights. Attachments are the best to put on Green-Apple Knight. Superior Claim will help to close the game fast and other events are good tricks for a nasty opponent.

Economy: With the boost from agenda, 9 economy cards should be fine. Arbor Vineyard, Rose Garden and The Bounty of Highgarden are the best since they all give you gold instantly. If you are afraid of playing longer games, you may consider adding Redwyne Straits or even The Arbor, but speed is the key and both these economies may be a tempo hit. On the other hand The Kingsroad is a valid option.

Problems to deal with: In general this deck fears winter. Winter plots on the other side block a lot of your cards: not only agenda, but also hit Knight of Summer, Ser Robar Royce and Arbor Vineyard. Also Rationing prevents a lot of triggers, but the biggest pain is probably The The First Snow of Winter, which may wipe out your entire board. In case you are expecting opponent to play The First Snow of Winter, don't go too wide with small characters and ensure that you have some 4+ cost dudes on board. Also remember, that duped Ser Robar Royce or Margaery Tyrell will stay in game. Stark decks in general have the best counters, not only Winterfell - Karhold is definitely the worst card that you may see on the other side of the board. Nightmares may help for 1 round, but against Starks you should either run for power very fast before Karhold arrives or play more defensively, concentrating on just winning challenges.

On the other hand, this deck is quite resilient to other resets. If you rely on your uniques, don't marshall all of them before Valar Morghulis, but with your economy and cost curve you should be able to rebuild the board quite quickly. Valar Dohaeris doesn't hurt you too much. Wildfire Assault is a litttle bit more dangerous, but in general when opponent has to reset the board, it probably means that you are ahead.

There is also another threat in mass burn with Targaryens Blood of the Dragon; most of strength boosts work only during challenges, so if you don't counter it with A Tourney for the King, watch out for burn events. Very few characters from this deck are irreplaceable, so it is your advantage.

Possible changes and adjustments: If you want to focus more on 1-on-1 challenges, maybe the other version of Ser Garlan Tyrell would be a nice addition - but remember, that 6-gold character is quite expensive for a rush deck like this. Also second copy of Name Day Tourney is quite good option. On the other hand, if you just want to put some more goodstuff cards, consider playing Renly Baratheon and Highgarden Courtier. In that case it would be probably better to reduce some 1-on-1 cards, such as Knight of the Reach or Arrogant Contender. You may also try adding other knights, such as Lyn Corbray, Beric Dondarrion or Arbor Knight - it's just a matter of personal taste. As for events, Relentless Assault and Bonds of Chivalry may be worth considering, but they are not that efficient.

In case of plots, Close Call isn't that necessary if you don't let your 3x uniques die. You may consider reducing the amout of Ser Robar Royce and Ser Bryce Caron and possibly add Heads on Spikes or something similar to collect even more power. If the agenda is changed for either Knights of the Realm or The Lord of the Crossing, Winter Festival is a nice addition; but it also needs making some changes in main deck, reducing the amount of cards connected with the summer plots.

This deck is made by Grześ Szczepański, which is one of the most creative and unconventional deckbuilders in AGoT lcg, and is by many considered to be the one inventing the Baratheon Conclave archetype. Grześ (JP profile), is a supporter of underdog decks, and you'll seldom see him play a top tier deck! Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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