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Neoptolemos 794

Hi there! After 8 deluxes, 6 cycles and 5 fan-made expansions I've managed to build a deck that finally represents (for me) everything, that is connected to Lanni: sleeping on gold, jumping madness and cancel cancer.

It is by no means highly competitive deck, but I'm wondering, why there are so few decks utilizing these amazing new cards: Ser Jacelyn Bywater and Fair Isle. These two, combined with my favourite Ser Addam Marbrand FINALLY gave an opportunity to have consistent card advantage against most opponents and utilize it. There is only one deck having all these 3 cards on thronesdb - Kennon's shadow deck from US Nationals - and while both decks have a lot in common, I have purposedly chosen to avoid the shadow package (I didn't check Kennon's build before). Also - Kennon write down that ser Addam underperformed and while it was true for his run, I really love the Bounce Bros' Addam & Jacelyn duo.

Lannisport Treasury

Ok, pun intended, the card mentioned above is the symbol of dev team's failure in making Lannisters really rich faction. I highly doubt that it will ever escape the card album, since even with all new combos and synergies, it's basically useless... but the real treasury is Casterly Rock (BtB). This card not only gives a good gold advantage (especially with self-feeding Ser Addam Marbrand), but also helps to fuel bestow cards without having to play Free Companies - which is fine agenda, but not that useful as The Many-Faced God (which I will focus later on). Between Casterly Rock, The Red Keep (R), Fair Isle, Gold Mines and Tyrion Lannister (Core) we have 14 non-limited cards that provide us additional gold. Of course I don't have really high-gold plots, but well, characters are quite cheap and the agenda discount helps as well. Don't misunderstood me - this deck very rarely has a gold to spare, but at least it is able to play its tricks most of the time.

Go ahead and jump

This is the main idea behind this deck. Ser Jacelyn Bywater encourages to play as many non-unique ambushes as possible, since without reliable draw we have to play cards from our discard. Gold Cloaks love both Bounce Bros - Ser Jacelyn and Ser Addam and their drawback is now fully mitigated. Red Keep Spies and Queen's Assassins were always quite tricky to use, but with Fair Isle and playing them out of discard they are quite consistent. Ambush package is filled with always reliable The Hound (TtB) and Painted Dogs, who pair up well with Tyrion Lannister (Core). With 13 ambushable cards and Jacelyn, The Many-Faced God is very reasonable agenda - and beside the eco cheat, giving additional icons (and occasionally keywords) is very useful in most matchups.

You shall not trigger

The Red Keep (R) was nerfed (and it was absolutely good decision), but Casterly Rock (BtB) makes even the redesigned version terrific. You need just to put a gold on any card and then you are able to trigger the Keep (or Treachery!) even in plot phase. Moving cash also gives an opportunity to play more effectively Begging Brothers, who are expensive, but give even more options and also pair up well with Cersei's Informers. With the addition of Alchemists' Guildhall we have 8 cancel cards here, which is reasonable amount. Third Treachery would be nice, but there are too few unique Lannisters and Begging Brothers may be not affordable without Casterly Rock. If anything, I would be happy to add The Hand's Judgment as well.

Time of building

Agenda restricts many useful plots, but there are still plenty good options to choose. Valar Dohaeris, Duel, Marched to the Wall and The First Snow of Winter (+1 cheeky copy of Ashemark in the main deck) help our spies to control the board. Time of Plenty is an opener most of the times and Bran the Builder is an amazing addition - chance to draw 2 additional cards (and with 24 locations in deck it's really hard to NOT find anything) + 5 gold and acceptable initiative/reserve is definitely above the average.

What am I missing?

Well, probably single copy of Ser Mandon Moore would be amazing here. I've removed several utility cards such as Balerion to keep the 60 cards limit, but there are some spaces to rework it. I'm using Cersei Lannister (Core) because I love this card, though with more shadows probably she could have been swapped for the better version. Ser Kevan Lannister is maybe a valid target for Duel, but he is just a 1-of to grab back Ashemark or cheat The Red Keep (R)/Casterly Rock (BtB) into play (and also sometimes I'm ok with having him killed, if it means crucial kneel on the opposing side). It is also worth noting, that this idea of deck would probably pair up well with Banner of the Rose to have Longtable, Behold our Bounty and additional spies, but then we would have to cut some other cards and it's already hard.

Jank power

This deck has it's obvious problems. Medium cost curve and being dependent on locations means it's vulnerable to The Mad King's Command and Political Disaster, though playing carefully should mitigate this weakness. It lacks draw (mainly because it depends heavily on returning cards from discard) and is quite slow. It may be outrushed. Barring the Gates hurts it a lot. Apart from it, though, the deck is really fun to play and fresh enough. As a fan of non-shadow decks, I would say that between this type of build, classic Rains on big Cersei, mill, Clansmen and pillaging Cleganes, Lannisters have a lot of different options to play now.

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