The Wolf-Faced Cat - Winner King at the Wall V

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Diomedes 3337

It's been a while since I published a tournament report, but this is a really cool deck by eusebio66 that deserves to be shared.

I really liked that the deck plays very differently from game to game. The agenda plays a big part in that. The deck has a Direwolf theme and the agenda supports that theme by handing out icons to the monocon wolves. But let's be honest, it's usually the other way around: the wolf on top of your dead pile and the agenda turning some human (or cat) into a wolf. The wolves' No attachments keyword clears milks and positive attachments, several wolves have intimidate, and the Direwolf trait itself synergizes with several of your cards like Bran, Farlen, and Taste For Flesh.

Besides the wolves, the deck has a the classic goodstuff package: Alysane Mormont, Catelyn, Robb, Wyman as well as 1x Greatjon and 1x Arya.

Some games you will clear the opponent's board with your 8 kill events and Grey Wind, some games you will rush power with 2 Winter Festivals and renown on your unique wolves. Catelyn and Wyman are especially good agenda targets turning them into tricons with intimidate, then stand them with Northern Armory, Bran, or Robb.

King at the Wall V

Game 1 vs A Mummer's Farce: The deck can struggle for economy, since you can't play Kingdom plots and Summer Harvest isn't as effective with At the Gates back in the card pool. I mulliganed from a 3 limited into a 0 limited hand, and Zuz discarded a limited I drew off her Ghost of High Heart action for claim, so she could develop her board of fools without much pressure. I provided the intimidate keyword for her Shagwell, but in the end that didn't matter much. Her clever Former Champion At the Palace of Sorrows combo gave her a board full of renown stealth weenies as strong as everybody else, and I lost without putting up much of a fight.

Game 2 vs Banner of the Dragon: This time, my opponent started without economy, so a Robb-supported Grey Wind could decimate his board. He had Margaery in setup, but no little lord to make her a widow. To make matters worse for him, The Many-Faced God immediately cleared Queensguard round 1 (Grey Wind ate a Direwolf Pup before having Scheming Septons and Missandei for dessert)

Game 3 vs Aloof and Apart: Kristin had a great setup with double-duped Alysane Mormont, but I started strong as well with a limited and 2 Northern Armory. Wolf King Fast Ned with The Crag was quite scary, but the agenda and Frozen Solid could neutralize that threat before her A Storm of Swords Relentless Assault round 2. In fact, Grey Wind and 2 Taste For Flesh could (quite literally) eat through her dupes.

Game 4 vs Knights of the Hollow Hill: Venomous Blade killed Alysane Mormont turn 1, but a puppie claimed for made this the third game in a row in which the agenda discarded an attachment round 1. The agenda also helped a lot against icon control, but the decisive card was my Mini-Dorne. You might have wondered about that card, but just Wyman and A Time For Summer isn't enough draw. I even drew more cards than my opponent with Dorne (R) because White Harbor also works on challenges. I also used my claim raise on which helped me keep his options limited.

Game 5 vs A Mummer's Farce: An interesting Lady STR buff deck. I hit Late Summer Feast with Summer Harvest, and could marshal both Robb and Wyman. I declared a challenge for STR 7, stealth on Ser Dontos. Patchface gets +2 STR Water Dancer's Sword, +3 STR Margaery (Core) and then +1 STR for standing and the card under it to be at STR 8, so Wyman has to kill a puppie again and the The Many-Faced God has his fourth round 1 attachment in a row (actually 2 this time, as both the sword and the facedown card got discarded). Werner waits for me to play Winter Is Coming to then stand Margaery with Defiance and bring Patchface back up to STR 8. Luckily, in later rounds I have a Direwolf tricon Cat with intimidate and renown to stop such challenge shenanigans.

Top 8 vs A Mummer's Farce: Direct rematch, after some mind games we opened the same plots: Late Summer Feast and Summer Harvest :-P Catelyn was again a big factor in winning this game.

Top 4 vs The Many-Faced God: Radek started with only 2 characters in setup and then missed with Our Word Is Good as Gold, so Winter Is Coming cleared his board, while I only lost Shaggydog to Dracarys! Round 2, he could counter my pressure with Greatjon Umber on the board by just having Aegon in shadows and then clearing my board with claim won by Daario, The Father, and then Marched to the Wall. He wanted to repeat his Aegon/Daario combo, but I didn't marshal any characters myself this time, ambushing Roaming Wolfpack and killing Daario Naharis with Like Warm Rain. One Northern Armory later, Aegon was dead as well. Next turn I could expand my board, while Radek couldn't, so he conceded.

Final vs Aloof and Apart: Lennart started with a 6-card setup including double-duped Hobb and Maester Aemon (Core), so aggro wasn't an option. I was ahead in power thanks to Winter Festival and my agenda discarding his power-grabbing attachments Longclaw and Lord Commander, but his board was getting bigger and bigger, so I took a risk and had Wyman kill Alysane and Roaming Wolfpack in standing and taxation phase to prepare Valar Dohaeris. I knew he could have Outwit, and Lennart kept his poker face and did outwit me. Marshaling Robb Stark (Core) and Lennart missing icons kept me in the game. STR 7 was enough to win a decisive challenge with Winter Is Coming and renown on Lady against his giant board because Jon Snow, Great Ranging, and Dywen luckily don't have icons.

Thanks to Alex and all participants for the great tournament, I had a blast! See you next year at King at the Wall VI!


siegeszug 327

Thanks for your creativity and the detailed report. Appreciated much!

YuleOoze 234

The captain is back! ;) Congratulations!

Feuerbart 70

Great job, congrats and thanks for sharing!

mak 318

Guess who's back on top :) gg Hanno!

hagarrr 829

Congrats on the win! This looks very much like the deck Chris Meeuwsen played in 8 RoW last year, but with some plot improvements. Really pleased to see it works in the wild :)

dom 458

Genius Deck! Thanks for sharing

Diomedes 3337

Thanks guys! It really is an amazing deck. I'm sure the deckbuilder @eusebio66 regretted a little that he didn't play this deck himself, but some janky big dragon Conclave instead. ;)

eusebio66 291

@Diomedes I was quite confident with my chioce. And as you played with my cards, I could not build two decks of this :) Joking aside it is not only the deck, it is about the driver. Very well played!