THE GOAT R'HLLOR (8 Regents)

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Marco Martell 70

As there was no Baratheon Qohor deck published this year, and no Bara Qohor deck with a proper name published in 2021 either, I publish my version that I used in the 6th round against an opponent of House Greyjoy in The 8 Regents of Westeros (and I played a similar deck against Night's Watch player in the 2nd round).

I played it twice because it was a Baratheon deck I had played the most in my life. Until the 2nd round I had no time to learn and train new decks, and in the 6th round I was supposed to take a strong deck I was comfortable with, as we needed more victories (this time it failed due to very bad match-up).

Plot deck explanation:

Characters are common to all Bara Qohor decks and don't require special comments.

Attachments are supporting your characters and weakening your opponents, and 17 proved to be the right number.

Locations are supposed to provide gold, and later occasionally some draw.

Events are basically to stop rival's events.

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Marco Martell 70

Here are the changes I made in my deck before the 6th round:

−1 Acolyte of the Flame −1 Red God's Blessing −1 Seal of the Hand −1 Support from the Iron Bank

+1 Melisandre (Core) +1 Hunting Accident +1 Milk of the Poppy +1 The Hand's Judgment

It was related to the higher impact and bigger number of targets for kneel and negative attachments mostly. I have also replaced Supporting the Faith and Wildfire Assault with The King in the North and The Smith.