House Greyjoy Fealty - For FO, by Grześ Szczepański

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Friendly Open Beginners deck: House Greyjoy Fealty.

Difficulty: Easy

General overview: Greyjoy is a quite easy-to-play faction, with a huge offensive power and rather easy gameplan. They are widely known to have the best big characters in the game (also with a lot of different versions) and easy ways to save them or even bring back from the dead pile. Besides amazing bombs, they rely strongly on locations (Warships in that case) that boost their "win unopposed" theme and have the best location control in the game. Their biggest weaknessess (but not too big) are mediocre draw and lack of tricks - they are quite predictable, don't have amazing shadows or ambushes; their raw power is most often enough to win. This deck is "goodstuff" type of deck with most of best cards; it doesn't need very specific combos to work and adapts quite well to the game (keep in mind though, that with Greyjoy playstyle most often the opponents have to adapt to them, not other way). In most cases you should go first (thanks to initiative and now with The Maiden) and make a lot of challenges to collect power as soon as possible.

Agenda: Greyjoys don't have too many economy cheats and their 2-for-2 limited location is mediocre at best; therefore most popular Greyjoy agenda is currently Aloof and Apart, which allows to play their bombs even faster. I chose Fealty though because it is less dependent on drawing big characters, very reliable with all loyal cards and it won't backfire when your opponent triggers reset. This deck may be also very easily switched to The Lord of the Crossing (probably adding more icons or copies of Theon Greyjoy (TFoA) who really shines during first The Lord of the Crossing challenge), but it's less recommended if you are counting all coppers and are afraid of burn decks. Last option would be Kings of Winter, but tbh I'm not a huge fan of that agenda since it doesn't work well against summer plots - though if you change your plots for more winter, Botley Crew combined with agenda may punish your opponent. All these agenda's though doesn't interfere too much with the main deck.

Plots: I would say that there are 3 core plots, which can't be skipped: Bran the Builder (in which locations can be used with Silence (KotI) and/or Alannys Greyjoy (CoS)), Valar Morghulis since with Risen from the Sea and a lot of dupes they are well protected before dying and We Take Westeros! (R) because of it's amazing stats (9 initative!) and useful ability as well. You can play Bran the Builder or Barring the Gates both for their gold value. Barring the Gates helps a lot against Lannister, Martell or Targaryen jumpers as well as against all shadow decks. Close Call is a safety button if one of your big guys got hit by target kill or is accidentally killed with Valar Morghulis. Nothing Burns Like The Cold is always useful against attachment or location heavy decks since this deck usually may just throw Nightflyer or any other cheap Warship and Counting Coppers is an emergency draw.

Core deck: It's very important to have at least 1 of centerpiece big dudes constantly on board. Both Euron Crow's Eye (R) and Balon Greyjoy (Core) generate a lot of pressure with their attacks. With Asha Greyjoy (KotI), you may put an early multi-Stealth pressure with either Balon Greyjoy (Core) or Euron Crow's Eye (R). Maester Kerwin, Hagen's Daughter and especially Risen from the Sea are your crucial cards when the Valar Morghulis comes - don't use them too early, but remember, that saving even from a military claim may force your opponent to play the reset too early. Maester Murenmure, Nightflyer and We Do Not Sow should deal with locations - if your opponent struggles with economy and Botley Crew appears, targetting economy is a good option. Most of the other cards are supporting the big dudes, though there are 2 cards worth mentioning: Great Kraken (use it to draw while in emergency, but collect power to finish quickly) and Aeron Damphair (Core), who can't be underestimated - if you manage to win the dominance, he can bring back one of your bombs that accidentally died! And last but not least - Drowned God Fanatic (R) is a crazy good, free cancel and should most often be used in that way (unless you REALLY need cheap mil/int icon on board).

Economy: This deck hasn't big money in plots, but with the agenda bonus and Bran the Builder you should be able always to play several cards per round. Unless in very specific circumstances, grab Great Hall (R) in first turn and try to play Refurbished Hulk as soon as possible. Keep in mind, that Euron Crow's Eye (R) fetches Silence (KotI) and it's also kind of eco boost - it allows you to put your fleet onto the board for free.

Core gameplan: Play your biggest dude, attack, repeat. Grab power fast and expect reset if you have already ~8-10 power, because it's not that hard for you to grab 5 power in a single turn. Keep your saves for that moment and finish your opponent.

Problems to deal with: You will rarely have spare gold or cards; try to save your big characters and/or Great Kraken from claim to avoid being stuck. It is a very fast deck, but beware of Tyrell or Stark The Lord of the Crossing decks - they may be even faster sometimes, don't let them go unopposed too easy. Your big dudes are vulnerable to target kneel, so when facing Baratheon, search especially for (Euron Crow's Eye (R) or Qarl the Maid with Asha Greyjoy (KotI)). Also, always be cautious when facing burn - Risen from the Sea may boost STR by 1 to avoid burning to the ground, but it's always a little bit risky to throw all your characters into the flames. Possible changes and adjustments: If you are changing your agenda, probably the cards in draw deck should change a little bit. In The Lord of the Crossing cut Botley Crew for more copies of Theon Greyjoy (TFoA) and some intrigue icons such as Wex Pyke or Priest of the Drowned God (NMG). If you prefer Aloof and Apart, add some other big guys (Dagmer Cleftjaw, maybe Lysa Arryn or Gorold Goodbrother); with Kings of Winter exchange some plots for Winter Reserves and maybe The First Snow of Winter.

All big dudes in this deck are amazing on their own, but there are another viable options. Euron Crow's Eye (Core) is even better in a lot of matchups than Euron Crow's Eye (R) and is definitely worth considering (maybe not in The Lord of the Crossing version): in case of putting him you may though reconsider cutting Silence (KotI) and part of the fleet (though it still works good with core Euron!). Also Balon Greyjoy (Core) may be exchanged for Balon Greyjoy (KotI) - really scary during longer games - but I would recommend it only when changing the agenda for Aloof and Apart or Kings of Winter since he needs the house card just like Fealty.

Tips & tricks:

If you have Silence (KotI), use it after defenders are declared if you have Raiding Longship, Iron Fleet Scout in hand. Also don't marshal Silence (KotI) if you are planning to play Euron Crow's Eye (R) soon!

If you don't have opportunity to use Fealty in marshalling and you don't have any gold left, it's not lost yet. Trigger Fealty during challenge phase even without We Do Not Sow in hand - bluffing may be valuable! Also you may fetch We Do Not Sow with Great Kraken during challenges!

Don't play Aeron Damphair (Core) too soon, unless you don't have other options. In the first rounds he may be blank, but later on he may return really huge characters!

Hagen's Daughter is great as a repeatable military claim; don't be afraid of choosing her to die. Be careful though - she won't survive Wildfire Assault and sometimes your own Barring the Gates (if you play Barring) may stop her! You may though play her normally (she doesn't benefit from jumping out of shadows) or sneak her through shadows especially during The First Snow of Winter.

Theon Greyjoy (TFoA)) should almost always attack alone - remember, that he loses his ability otherwise.

Try to be first most of the time. If your opponent has any locations that may generate problems (Ghaston Grey, Harrenhal (FFH), Winterfell or... Silence (KotI)), keep Maester Murenmure to protect yourself.

This deck is made by Grześ Szczepański, which is one of the most creative and unconventional deckbuilders in AGoT lcg, and is by many considered to be the one inventing the Baratheon Conclave archetype. Grześ (JP profile), is a supporter of underdog decks, and you'll seldom see him play a top tier deck! Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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