Flo Ridas - Portland Spring Tournament Winner (26 people)

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Lady Arianne's Desert Rose - First British Regional Winner, 23 16 4 1.0
Martell/Rose aggro 4 2 7 1.0

teamjimby 1838

I brought this deck to the Spring Tournament in Portland and managed to win against a field of 26. A big thanks to Matt for organizing and providing top notch judging! Also, thanks to Zack for helping me come up with and fine tune the deck!

This started as an experiment with House Florent Knight. I wanted to see if they could be good, and the experiment proved to be a success. A great and simple combo with the HFK is Arianne Martell, because you can jump them into play at the optimal time to maximize their enters play effect. I also wanted to experiment with Vengeance for Elia, so I decided to make Martell the main house.

Ultimately, this is an aggro deck that doesn't rely on military to wipe the board. Between HFK, Tears of Lys, Quentyn Martell, Ghaston Grey, and Vengeance for Elia, there are 13 cards in the deck that can remove characters from the board without ever winning a military challenge. But you also apply the military pressure with the good spread of military icons, headed by The Knight of Flowers. I'll give the tournament report, then reflect on how key cards performed.

  • Round 1 vs Matt's Bara/Sun - My scheduled opponent got called into work, so the organizer Matt filled in to play against me. I was able to take out Selyse with a HFK and bounced Stannis to hand with Ghaston. Those two extra removals allowed me to keep military pressure and control the board for a quick win. 5 points.

  • Round 2 vs Jeff's Bara/Fealty - He played The First Snow of Winter on round 1, leaving a double duped Robert Baratheon and Gendry against my Nymeria Sand and enough gold to ambush Areo Hotah. I held him off for that turn, then dropped in Varys followed by Marched to the Wall to take out Bob. I put down a Caretaker, Left, and Right on the marched turn and controlled the tempo for the rest of the game. I made a few mistakes, but otherwise should have been able to win a lot quicker. 10 points.

  • Round 3 vs Kyle's Bara/Sun - I was able to take out Bob and Nymeria fairly early with Tears, but he still had Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre, The Red Keep, and The Iron Throne. I ended up killing my The Knight of Flowers to Wildfire because I wanted to keep Left, Right, and Nymeria. HFK's took out 2 Fiery Followers, but without Knight of Flowers I couldn't push through any power challenges. He couldn't make many challenges because of Left, Right, and Ghaston, but he won dom every turn and eventually we ran out of time and he won. The score was something like 10-7 after ~10 turns. 11 points.

  • Round 4 vs Brendan's Bara/Fealty - He setup a King's Hunting Party, Ser Davos Seaworth, and a limited. My lowest strength character was 2, so I opened with A Song of Summer, went first, and played a HFK to discard his Davos. Then I hit Bob with Tears, bounced the hunting party with Ghaston, and controlled the rest of the game. 16 points.

  • Round 5 vs Robert's Lanni/Crossing - We were at the top table and decided to intentional draw. I was tempted to play anyway because it would have been my first game against non-Bara, but figured I might see him in the cut and wanted to keep things fresh. 18 points, enough for the 5 seed in a cut to top 8.

Dinner break!

  • Top 8 vs Kyle's Bara/Sun - My rematch against Kyle played very similarly to the first game. He got Stannis, Mel, Nymeria, and Red Keep to create an oppressive power defense. My draws were fortunate though because I saw all 3 copies of Tears (taking out Mel, Nymeria, and Littlefinger) and all 3 copies of Ghaston, which kept a duped Stannis from using his Lightbringer at all. Eventually I got The Knight of Flowers and Margaery Tyrell to start winning power challenges and seal the game after another 8+ turn grind.

  • Top 4 vs Robert's Lanni/Crossing - He opened with Ser Gregor Clegane and a couple Hedge Knights against my Ghaston Grey, Quentyn Martell, a duped Margaery Tyrell, chuds, and 2 gold. He swung military with Gregor and a Hedge Knight, killing my Marge dupe and then finishing her off by pillaging an Olenna's Informant. Since he didn't put Quentin to the sword, I chose not to use Ghaston. Then I swung back with Quentin and put Gregor to the sword. Next turn he got out Ser Jaime Lannister, but Vengeance for Elia combined with Quentin's counter attack killed his remaining chuds, allowing me to march Jaime. Then he played Calm and got another Jaime out, but Nymeria + Attainted took his icons and gave me 3 unopposed. Next turn I played The Winds of Winter and was about to kill Tywin and Jaime when he conceded.

  • Finals vs Alex's Targ/Kraken - Alex setup Mirri Maz Duur and a chud to my Quentyn Martell and a chud. I put an Attainted on Mirri and played Nymeria to strip her power icon, but he was able to block my plans with Nightmares. He swung intrigue and played Tears on Quentyn. Then he swung power with Mirri (5 STR) and I blocked with Quentyn for 6 STR to win the challenge. He had forgotten that I played A Song of Summer and immediately regretted playing Tears on Quentyn instead of Nymeria. Quentyn subsequently got his revenge by killing Mirri. After that I controlled intrigue via Nymeria and 2 Attainteds. Although he had a lot of characters, I was able to kill them with 2 Tears, a HFK (hitting Viserion), a Vengeance for Elia, and some military pressure. He had a good Winds of Winter turn, but had to forgo the military challenge because I was sitting on 2 gold (and did in fact have Vengeance for Elia) in my hand. He saw one Dracarys!, but I cancelled it with The Hand's Judgment. I eventually wiped his board completely and won the game.

This deck was really fun to play. It's similar to Lannister in that you are pushing aggro and focusing on Military and Intrigue, but it's more subtle than Lannister. I would have liked to play it against a greater variety of houses, but I think it can hold its own against anything. Here are some reflections on the key cards:

  • Arianne Martell - She's the engine of the deck. If you count Areo and Informants, there are 10 different character that cost 4 or 5. So, you are always getting value from her ability. She allowed me to use Martel reducers and Noble Cause when playing any character. Syrio Forel, The Knight of Flowers, and House Florent Knight became much more affordable because of Arianne. I often used her ability twice in the same round, once for the reducers and once for a good enters play effect. Definitely worthy of 3x even though you don't usually want to dupe her.

  • House Florent Knight - These guys were really effective. Hitting Ser Davos Seaworth was the best use during the tournament, but I also took out reducers, several Fiery Followers, Bastard Daughters, and Selyse Baratheon. It didn't happen during the tournament, but in play testing I've been able to jump them in during challenges after defenders are declared to win me a challenge. They may not always be a bomb effect, but your opponent isn't expecting it and every chud you remove gets you one step closer to taking out their big guys.

  • Knights of the Sun - He's only 1x and I only saw him once or twice, but his occasional renown was never a factor. I'd have been better off with a Palace Spearman. I still like the card, but not sure it's a fit for this deck.

  • Left and Right - These guys are so good, especially if you are running a Summons or have good card draw. They should be 2x in almost every Tyrell or Banner of the Rose deck. They gave me a big boost against Baratheon.

  • Quentyn Martell - Having Quentyn on the board makes your opponent rethink their military challenges. Especially if you can boost him with Song of Summer or Marge, he can take out most 6 or 7 cost characters. Also, it turns out 5 STR mil/power with stealth is pretty strong. I would be tempted to go to 2x just so I can see him in more games.

  • Varys - 1x Varys felt right in this deck. I never planned on having him because I had plenty of character removal, but it's nice to have a reset if things go south. I might have lost that second game without him. In the third game I wanted the reset, but couldn't find him even with my second play of Summons.

  • Tourney Grounds - I was always happy to see my 1 copy of Tourney Grounds. Even if you don't have an event to play, just the threat of Tears or Vengeance can be enough to change how your opponent plays.

  • Vengeance for Elia - I was really impressed with Vengeance. I don't think I got to play it on a 2 claim turn, but even the extra surprise 1 claim military was able to set up a couple of key Marched to the Walls. And like I've said, the threat of it can mess with your opponent.

  • A Song of Summer - This was very good for me. It's a decent opener and has great synergy with House Florent Knight, The Knight of Flowers, and Quentyn Martell. I originally had it as 2x, but cut it to make room for Summons (which was a good choice). Also, it's really easy for your opponent to forget about (see the finals. I actually made the same mistake a few turns later when he played his Song of Summer, but thankfully it wasn't as costly).

  • Confiscation - There were very few attachments in my games. I confiscated a couple of milks, but often played it on turn 5-7 when there were no attachments on the board. But, I do think it's necessary in this deck. A Milk on Nymeria, Syrio, or Arianne can really kill your tempo. Plus, I hear Seal of the Hand is pretty good still and worth discarding.

  • The Winds of Winter - I put Winds in almost all of my decks, and it performed well once again. It works great with Olenna's Informant and lets you finish them off quickly once you get board control. Even with the new influx of 2 claim plots, I like Winds the most.

That's all I've got for now. Let me know if you like the deck or have any suggestions. Other than possibly squeezing in a second Quentyn, I don't think I would change anything.


Laxnumba7 1

Would you generally prefer to go first or second? What was your overall plot strategy?

teamjimby 1838

Generally second is better. It's obviously better with Quentyn and Left/Right, makes it harder to milk Arianne, and helps me decide if I need to save gold for events. Although with the House Florent Knights, it can be better to go first if they have a juicy target (like my 4th game) or even to take out a reducer before they can use it.

I generally open with Noble Cause if I have a Lord or Lady. Otherwise it's Song of Summer. I try to use Song of Summer on a HFK turn. Save Winds of Winter for the killing blow or if you have an Informant. Calling the Banners was actually pretty mediocre because there were rarely more than 3 characters on my opponent's board. That might be worth replacing with another Song or Noble.

ironlix 1

Congrats Jim! Nice deck and a good tournament. What do you think about Alex's Mirri deck if you have a rematch?

teamjimby 1838

Thanks! Mirri is really scary and that is a good deck. I feel pretty well suited to handle her via Ghaston, Vengeance, and icon stripping. But Targ in generally is pretty scary. Drac and Crown of Gold can take out Arianne and Nymeria pretty easily unless I have Song of Summer or Hand's Judgment.

Laxnumba7 1

Are you generely more defensive as a playstyle?

teamjimby 1838

Not really. I get bored playing Night's Watch or Baratheon kneel. With this deck you don't need to defend as much because of Ghaston and Vengeance, so you have more standing characters to make your own challenges.

Turkis 9

So Jimby, do you feel that playing bad decks is a good strategy? Or, do you simply rely on your opponents being more bad than your deck?

teamjimby 1838

I don't think those two are mutually exclusive :P

agusti 9

I wonder why The Winds of Winter instead of The Long Winter. Is it the higher initiative better than the extra gold?

szendroib 11

Wow this deck is just what I was looking for :). Really like both martell and tyrell, so its a dream combo, and it seems they really work great together :). Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try it as soon as possible :).

Astinus 7

I really like your deck, it seems a funny twist to the martell aggro archetype, I will surely build it.

Aren't you missing counting coppers? With only the greenblood traders as card draw it seems you might risk to run out of gas

teamjimby 1838

@agusti Personally I prefer the 2 initiative and 1 reserve over the 1 gold, but it's a very close call.

@szendroib Thanks for the kind words. Let me know how it goes for you.

@Astinus I actually rarely run low on cards in hand. With attainted, Nymeria, and a lot of intrigue icons, I almost never lose an intrigue challenge on defense. And even though there are virtually no 6+ cost characters, the average card cost is pretty high. Plus, it's good to save gold to at least threaten Vengeance. So a typical turn is playing Arianne then maybe a chud and maybe an event. If you're only playing 2 cards a turn and you never lose intrigue, card draw becomes less important. On the rare occasion that I ran low, Summons was good enough.

reclusive 2

Great deck and congratulations!

handshaker6 114

This deck is brilliant, extremely creative. Thank you for sharing!

Gryn 13

Really nice deck. I like it a lot and definitely give it a try. Its just minor changes but what do you think about cutting Varys for another copy of Quentyn? As you suggested I would try to cut calling for another song of summer but overall you hit my playstyle perfectly. Its something new, fresh and seems to be fun :) Good job!

Csonti 1

Haven't you run into economy problems? Especially reserving money for those pricey events.

igotoofast 1

Do you think vengeance is impactuful enough for 3 slots? Do you think HFK is impactful enough for 3 slots?

What do you think about cutting 1 of each for another ptts and a wildling horde?

teamjimby 1838

@Gryn Varys for Quentyn is a possibility. I do really like having the 1x Varys though. I'd probably cut the Knights of the Sun before cutting Varys. You could definitely fit in a second Song of Summer to replace Calling the Banners.

@Csonti Economy has been OK. You typically want 6-7 gold so you can play a 5 coster and save for an event (or threat of event). Usually I go Noble turn 1 and Song of Summer turn 2, so it just takes 2 locations/Scavengers by turn 2 and 3 by turn 3 to pay for get the 7 gold each turn. I didn't always have 2 gold leftover, but I did most of the time when I wanted it.

@igotoofastIMO, the deck only functions because it has such a density of character removal. A second PTTS could be good, but I wouldn't want to cut Vengeance. Plus, it's not always easy to win mil by 5+ with minimal stealth and nobody above 5 STR. Wildling Horde could help with that, but I really like the fact that the deck doesn't rely on winning military. If you wanted to add a Wildling Horde, I'd replace the Knights of the Sun.

igotoofast 1

How do you think the deck would survive against naval superioty? You seem to be on the high end of a curve. Do you think that plot isn't going to be big in your meta soon? Does that push you more towards 2 songs, and dropping calling? Did you ever wish you saw the informant more often?

teamjimby 1838

Naval hits 3.5 of my plots (Calling still gives some gold), so that's probably about average. I think it's pretty much unplayable right now with all the new Summer and Winter plots. It might just be my meta, but I've never seen Naval in any of my tournament games. So I don't worry about it.

2x Informants feels right. I generally want to see them once per game, for the Winds of Winter turn. 3 cost is a pretty bad slot, especially for this deck and the abundance of 5 costers. I kept seeing a lot of 3-5 setups in the early versions, so I cut Obara, Caleotte, and one Informant to put in the House Dayne Knights. Now I see more 1-2-5 setups, which is much better.

cart3r 23

How was it playing lots of Bara?

teamjimby 1838

Exhausting... But Bara is a pretty favorable matchup for the deck. Bara is vulnerable to Tears and Ghaston, Arianne gives extra stands, and kneel isn't as effective because there are no bomb characters.

James Harrison 104

What do you think about removing the Garden Caretaker from the deck? I guess it makes the deck weaker on setup, but I wonder if the card could be gainfully replaced.

If so what do you think about potential replacements...

Economy - Blood Orange Grove, In Doran's Name

Agro - Put to the Sword, His Viper Eyes

Deck manipulation - Green Dreams, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

Control - Milk of the Poppy, Nightmares, Condemned

James Harrison 104

...or even Sunspear?

teamjimby 1838

Yeah, the Caretaker is mostly there for setups and claim soak, although there are a decent number of Tyrell characters that can benefit from the reduction. But it could potentially be removed. If I did take it out, I'd probably replace it with Nightmares or Blood Orange Grove. I hadn't thought much about In Doran's Name. That might be worth experimenting with at 1x.

Turkis 9

Nice job James!

dockellis 896

Quickly becoming prolific, those Flo Ridas.

James Harrison 104

@Turkis Thanks! Had a great day in Bristol - and now I have a hefty lump of glass to cosh any thieves who mean to steal my hefty lump of glass :-)

@teamjimby I took your deck, tweaked, to the first UK regional championship in Bristol and piloted it to victory! There were 41 of us and we had a great time! Though I was shattered at the end of it all Martell was Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Arianne Martell is utterly fantastic. I'll try and find time and space (and, moreover, easy access to the net) to say more about how the games went sometime this week! You'll get to hear how the deck fares against not Bara!

Great thanks to Liam for organising such a fantastic Tourney! Go Martell!

teamjimby 1838

Well done! I followed Liam's posts on Facebook during the cut, cheering for you and feeling like a proud father. I'm definitely curious to hear what you tweaked and how it performed. Congrats!

RoflRoy 22

@teamjimby Gratulations for the win and very interesting list! I have a question though: I know it would significantly change the score of your list and tactic. But since I still kinda don't like House Florent Knight I was thinking of replacing them with Ser Horas Redwyne. Like use Arianne, take her out, bring him in, use him, stand Nymeria so on... And maybe also 1 Ser Hobber Redwyne just to boost finding Arianne. I have little to no experience with Martell, so this might be a stupid idea ^^ Thanks!

teamjimby 1838

I had one Hobber originally, but he didn't pull his weight. If his ability worked when he entered play (via Arianne) I might include 1x. Horas is no good because there are only two ladies (Nymeria isn't a lady) and Arianne is often back in hand before you could use her twice. As far as the House Florent Knights are concerned, taking them out would totally change the deck. All I can say is to give them a try.

RoflRoy 22

@teamjimby I was assuming all of this... ^^ The deck looks pretty good and fun to play though, I will definitely use it as a start for getting into testing Martell and Tyrell!

eldub 2

Would you mind posting on The White Book? www.whitebookpodcast.com

Wessex 1

What were your tweaks James? I've cut the 1 of Knight of the Sun for Rattleshirts Raiders so far, and Varys for Quentyn 2.

Tromsicle 1

@teamjimbyWhen the new chapter pack comes out, how do you intend on incorporating Tyene Sand into this deck?

teamjimby 1838

I'll definitely give Tyene a try. She would be 10x better in this deck if she cost 5 instead of 6, but the extra repeatable kill potential can't be overlooked. For now, I'll probably try 2x replacing the Knights of the Sun and maybe a Nymeria or Varys.

szendroib 11

@teamjimby We only had our local tournament (friday nigh agot :) ) today, so it's a late report, but managed to pilot the deck to 1st place with some small adjustments. The end result is 4-0 against 2 x targ-lions, 1 x martell-lion and 1x lannister fealty. Lannister is very popular at us so it's great that this deck combines 2 fun houses, its strong, and it's a blast to play (yet it's not autopilot because of the tricks you can pull off).

teamjimby 1838

@szendroib Nice! What were your adjustments?

szendroib 11

@teamjimby Removed garden caretaker for 2nd Quentyn, he helped me in all games, but I think he never lived through a round, there were always some juicy targets for him to remove by getting killed :) (was a little afraid of threachery but haven't seen any all day). I also removed a greenblood trader for rattleshirt, I was afraid of milks and wanted less low str characters.

After 6 games (2 practice games earlyer) I would also change 1 Varys to 1 more tourney grounds even though I had a game where a 1st turn Varys saved me from a terrible board state :). I don't think I would have won without him that time.

Last thing I would change is Calling the banners. By the time I played it, it usually only netted 1 or 2 extra gold from the enemy. A second song of summer would be better instead for the House Florent knights. It can also save you from dracarys if Danny isn't present yet since most of the 5 cost guys are str 4s.

WinterNite 1

Great deck! Really enjoy the concept of it but can't wrap my head round how to effectively play it.

What sort of opening hand do you hope to go for? I had several problems against board flooding especially when my opponent opens with a lot of income and a high income plot which causes them to entirely overwhelm my board considering the deck relies more on effects for removal rather than sheer strength of characters.

Also, which of the houses which you consider to be a harder match up than usual? I found problems with Targ a lot because of susceptiblility to Dracarys a lot as well as Danaerys making it impossible for me to win vany challenges whatsoever.

teamjimby 1838

@WinterNite Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying the deck!

The opening hand depends on the board situation and matchup, but generally you want economy, Arianne, Tears, Ghaston, and Vengeance. Nymeria, Florent Knights, and Hotah are the best targets for Arianne early on.

My losses have typically come against board flooding, so I've been toying with including Wildfire or First Snow to help reset the board. I've only played ~15 games with the deck, so I can't say for sure which houses are worst. Targ is tough because Arianne and Nymeria are susceptible to Drac/Crown, but those two can still be effective without needing to participate in challenges. I struggled in a couple games against Martell/Lion, but that's just a really strong deck right now. I actually think NW would be a tough matchup, mostly because of Aemon, but I haven't had a chance to test that yet.

DavidDAVE 2

Hi there! First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your deck. It really seems to be funny, and I'm looking forward to test it :).

There is something I haven not fully understood, and I quote you: "I often used her ability twice in the same round, once for the reducers and once for a good enters play effect." What do you mean with the reducers?

On the other hand, did you miss the milks at any moment? Which matchs do you fear to include 3 copies of Attained? And last but not least, would you include his vipers eyes in this deck?

Thanks a lot!

James Harrison 104

@DavidDAVE Say I have Syrio Forel in my hand - I can use Arianne Martell's ability in the marshaling phase to jump him into play, returning Arianne Martell to my hand - thus allowing me to play her again with the potential benefit of A Noble Cause, Desert Scavenger and Blood Orange Groves - in effect Syrio Forel became a House Martel noble for the round.

It's worth noting you can do snazzy things with Arianne Martell with a newly drawn House Florent Knight in the draw phase, before your opponent has a chance to purchase lower strength 'claim'.

DavidDAVE 2

Got it! Thanks for your quick answer :)

teamjimby 1838

Yep, James has the right of it. Jumping in a House Florent Knight during the draw or plot phase can be very effective, especially right after a Wildfire Assault if they have a 3 STR character left.

Milk might be worth an add in the current meta, but I'm not a huge fan of Viper Eyes. I think I would add another PTTS before I'd add Viper Eyes.

To be honest, I've only been able to play the deck a couple times since this tournament, so I don't have a lot of additional insight on the current meta. Thus far I've never been sad to draw Attainted. It's great against heavy intrigue houses because you can tears their Tywins. But it's also great against weak intrigue houses because removing every intrigue icon from your opponent gives you a huge advantage. You don't need to defend intrigue and you only need a lowly Greenblood Trader to get that unopposed power and drop a Tears.

DavidDAVE 2

Thanks for the feedback, I'll give it a try :)