Suns and Daughters - Winner of 2017 Spring OCTGN league

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SilentCJ 89

This is the deck I used to win the 2017 Spring OCTGN league, going 4-2 in the swiss and 9-2 overall. I've been playing and tinkering with the build on and off since around December and while it still does have bad match ups, it can meet it's win condition pretty consistently.

The general strategy is to reset the board with Varys, Valar Morghulis or a combination of the two and then prevent the opponent from rebuilding a wide board using cards like Ghaston Grey, Captain's Daughter and double Marched to the Wall. Characters that can take advantage of small boards such as Asha Greyjoy, Crow Killers and Arianne Martell are used to close out the game.

Early game typically involves playing very conservatively, limiting your opponents power gain as much as possible, whilst reducing their hand size and setting up a safe opportunity to play Varys or an advantageous opportunity to valar.

This deck works best against factions that rely upon marshaling big characters to do well and they often struggle to do much of anything after a reset. Factions that run more low cost characters like and are more of challenge but are still beatable. The only real negative match up is defense as they are resilient to resets and often require multiple successful Varys triggers to beat.

I was going to try and do a tourney report, but it's difficult to write a coherent story of each game from the various random screenshots I took. Instead i'll just give some thoughts on some of the card choices I made. If you want to watch a recorded game of one of my swiss rounds click here.


Valar Morghulis is an on demand reset to help reach our desired board state. 5 saves help to leverage this plot to an advantage.

Summer Harvest and Sneak Attack are high gold plots with good initiative so you can put Varys into play milk free. Sneak Attack can also be used to pressure with after resetting or close out the game with , but is most often used in before a reset.

2x Marched to the Wall is still catching a lot of people off guard in 2017, and works brilliantly with Varys and Ghaston Grey to keep character count at 0.

Reinforcements is great in any deck where characters are getting sent to the discard as a regular occurrence and helps against hand destruction decks. Most often used to bring an Arianne Martell, Asha Greyjoy, or Wildling Horde into play but can often win the game in combination with Captain's Daughter under the right circumstances. Also great to march a milked Nymeria Sand away then bring here back into play later.

Summons is insurance that you see your Varys or can grab another key character post reset.


As this deck aims to keep the board as small as possible, after Varys and Captain's Daughter, the characters are mainly played for their efficiency on small boards:

Victarion Greyjoy helps close out the game with renown and shuts down small boards with intimidate, and the high initiative plots ensure going first. He can be a little expensive to play in some games but is usually well worth it.

Newly-Made Lord is great location control and gives a fighting chance against defense.


are not run. With the board resetting and changing so much, attachments don't stick around for very long and would make he match up even worse.


Ghaston Grey is pretty much the only reason this deck is a martell deck. It simply amazing value on small board and completely changes the way your opponent is able to make challenges.

Sea Bitch more location control that allows you to benefit from powerful 'challenge phase locations' marshalled by your opponent. Taking the wall for a turn can end up being a 4 power swing.

Iron Mines gives protection against aggressive decks and helps to maintain the aggressive momentum after a reset.

The Iron Throne was a late inclusion to help keep up with passive power gain decks. Sometimes it will turn off Crow Killers but that's life


The Hand's Judgment is crucial in ensuring that Varys' schemes go off without a hitch and helps to slow down those rush deck events before they win on turn 2 or 3. In that same vein His Viper Eyes can remove disruptive events before they get the chance to hit the table, or alternatively, can target low cost characters resulting in smaller boards post reset.

Vengeance for Elia is typically used for intrigue before a reset unless against an agro deck. Post reset it normally means the opponent is never getting off a military challenge without being severely punished.

Risen from the Sea give two more less versatile, but less predictable saves.

There probably exists a better version of this deck now with cards that weren't available on OCTGN at the time. Great Hall gives a better economy option over The Kingsroad, but would probably require a lot of changes to the character roster. I also tested a version of this deck that uses "The Last of the Giants" and while fun, it didn't feel quite consistent enough to play with in the tournament.


Astinus 7

Great deck! I love the strategy of keeping your opponent board tiny.

Have you considered Venomous Blade? It's actually an attachment that likes resets and also helps keeping your opponent big characters exposed to Marched to the Wall

SirLargeness 475

Whats the Lanni Rains matchup look like?

SirLargeness 475

good job on utilizing Crow Killers.

SilentCJ 89

@Astinus Thanks! One of the earlier builds of the deck ran many more Martell cards including Venomous Blade. Without the reducer location it's too expensive with this plot lineup and i always found it quite awkward to play.

@SirLargeness I haven't saved any stats from my testing but I know it's one of the better matchups, especially if it's a variant that relys too much on Harrenhal (FFH) and jumper events. There are tools to deal with everything they can throw at you, you just need to make sure you cancel or get rid of the Treacherys.

exoter 18

I would love to see your initial version of the deck with the first 2 chapter packs of 3rd cycle released. Any ideas what would you include/remove to handle the increased number of wall decks and targ aggro.

DrNovak 1

Did you encounter Political Disaster? Great work btw :)

SilentCJ 89

@exoter Me too :) haven't had much time recently to build decks or test. For a better matchup i'd start with swapping Vengeance for Elia for Nightmares to slow down The Wall. isn't too bad from my experience but i've been meaning to ruduce the absurd number of 1str characters for a while, starting with Wildling Bandit, so that Blood of the Dragon doesn't crush me.

@DrNovak only once, luckily in that game i'd forgotten that Sea Bitch is a unique location so i'd accidentally duped it...

Benrik 1

This deck got me good, congrats once again.

Any thoughts on changing the plots? I was thinking you might be able to swap out sneak attack with winter festival. But maybe there are to many summer plots in the current meta to be sure to trigger the extra power consistently. What do you think?