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kaikou 707

Hi again. I'm Daniel Correas from Spain and this is the deck I played in Zaragoza's regional. I was runner up losing against "Kike" with Targaryen wars (possibly my worst matchup in the tournament).

Firstly I NEED to say that The Free Folk(finally) changes the meta DRASTICALLY. It's really easy to claim 4 in a single challenge. Moreover, when you win the intrigue challenge (specially on turn 1) and do an additional military claim makes even easier to win the military challenge too, becoming claim 6 each turn. As soon as the engine pulls up, the deck´s choke becomes unsustainable for your opponents.

The plots:

Easy. Your agenda works well when you have a claim 2 revealed, so why should I worry to use other plots? Political Disaster is the only exception. It's a key tool to beat control decks and heavy location matchups. It is crucial against targaryen, martell and baratheon games in order to avoid their win conditions and/or destroying the economy (or any problematic location). The smaller the board is, the heavier the claims are.

I know the question everybody is doing. Why not Winter Reserves? They're TOO slow for me. The strongest point of the deck is not letting your opponent to shield up the board so why should I let him a turn to build up the barricade? For these reasons, we need a claim 2 as opener.

Retaliation is not valuable enough in this deck because it's important to curve with refugees and you can't choose to be the active player if you need.

Sneak Attack only allows you to do a challenge and clash with the main strength of the deck. To do 2/3 claims 2 per round.

Plots to play against:

Breaking Ties: Some people say this is the weak point of the deck. I think they're wrong. If you opponent has non-cheap loyal characters he can't use Breaking Ties efficiently. In mid game, doing Breaking Ties is the same scenario than doing a claim 2 military challenge but with the advantage that you are "drawing" 2 cards, so unless your opponent has full control of the board, the plot may be even positive to you.

The First Snow of Winter: The deck may look weak against this plot but nothing could be further from the true. Using "The Last of the Giants" with Mag the Mighty or Rattleshirt may be insta-win if your opponent is not ready for it. If he can't develop the board (in an early stage of the game) fast, this plot won't have any effect on you and if he want to use it on mid game it can be positive to you doing the board smaller and making the military claims more effective.

Any other reset played by your opponent..What to say. Insert any claim 2 plot here. If you are cautious enough, you can hold 1 stealth on your hand to avoid any comeback choice.

The characters:

One word. Efficiency. These are (in my opinion) the most efficient characters we can use in the deck. Expensive characters requires other building choices as Great Hall or Winter Reserves. If you don´t draw great hall you will find your hand filled with expensive characters that you can't recruit. For this reason, I prefer The Kingsroad. They're faster and better in the vast majority of scenarios.

  • 3x of the best characters with cost 5 or lower (unless Syrio Forel) and 2 House Maester as fillers.

  • Three giants and 1 Mance Rayder to combine with "The Last of the Giants" (ideal on FSOW turn) and 3 Rattleshirt (the best wildling of the game) who can be recruited or played with giants.

  • Dalla is here because of her 2 icons and the wildling trait. Drawing cards is fine but it's not determinative.

  • Ygritte is love. The 2 icons we need, immune to intimidate and stealth makes her a solid choice but be careful when facing wolfs because she's wardeable.

  • Varamyr's best forms are bear and cat, depending on what we need. Bear is the most common form I used in the tournament (I faced 5 targaryens). 8 strength is sweet and really hard to burn.

  • Lem the lemon zest with his single the Lemondancers is the kind of character we want to draw fast and can be saved from FSOW with a dupe. 4 str at cost 3 is fair.

-0x Poor Fellows. As the name says, they are poor in strength. In a high range of situations, they are the first choice satisfy claim and your opponent choice will be power over draw being irrelevant and a win more card IMO.


-Economy and Flea Bottom. I'm running only 1 copy of Flea Bottom because sometimes you can't use the effect since you can't discard cards for reserve (if you use giants or The Kingsroad fast)or simply you are not being attacked on intrigue. I only played it once in the tournament. It was the final game and it was useless, being discarded by Nothing Burns Like The Cold when my opponent had full control of the board. But that doesn't mean it's a bad card. May be a 2x if you can fit the deck for it or maybe you can use you win or you die if you need fuel in your discard pile and it's insane in combination with Wildling Scout.

-0x The Frozen Shore. Many people is playing it but I don't like it. It's expensive and it doesn't help you to win challenges by itself. For me, a win more card. Not necessary.


Nightmares: The main targets are economy (wet dreams blanking The Arbor, Redwyne Straits, Great Hall or Hizdahr zo Loraq), SECOND SONS with Flea Bottom and stealth characters.

"The Last of the Giants": Making tempo great since 2k17.


Milk of the Poppy: I expected a gaming field full of Tyrell goodstuffs and Starks so Milk of the Poppy were metacall. May be cut for other cards if needed.

Weirwood Bow: I N S A N E. The best card of the deck so far. It forces your opponent to defend EVERY CHALLENGE YOU MAKE with 2 more strength than necessary for each one you have. It's recursive (not terminal) and you don't need to be participating in the challenge to do the action. Here we have 4/6 strength at cost of 1. Definitively a good backup for wildlings.

General Strategy:

Nowadays, It's very usual to open with economy plots like Late Summer Feast, Time of Plenty or Summer Harvest. For this reason, you need to appraise if you want to use Famine (to be aggressive), The Winds of Winter (to be conservative with your hand) or The Long Winter (if you need one extra gold to build up the threat) as opener.

For mulligan, you need to dig for Rattleshirt, Ygritte, Dalla or Varamyr Sixskins with chud and economy. That's the golden dream setup. Don't worry if you can't find economy but take care if you setup 3 chuds and no economy. If FSOW strikes the board you can be done before starting the game.

On the first turn, try to gather at least 2 challenges. Even the power challenge can be important since it can be used to discard your oppononent's hand or clear his board via the agenda. Then push on the weakest icons and end with the board or hand. At this point, don't over extend your board or you may lose both your hand and your board. Focus and try to do an intrigue or military claim 4. It is better and safer than two different claims 2 in early stages of the game.


1- Very solid against The Lord of the Crossing and mid range/The Wars To Come decks.

2- Every card you draw is aimed to do the same so you don't need to care too much about luck. Only on setup.

3- Smash any control deck doing claim 4 at intrigue and Political Disaster.


1- Economy choke hurts too much. Facing Kings of Winter (not very usual nowadays) may be a serious problem down for reserve and gold. Maybe you can include one copy of Winter Reserves if you think this is a problem.

2- Targaryen is the worst matchup so far. Not the burn itself but Quaithe of the Shadow, Qotho, Second Sons with Flea Bottom (unstealtheable), Daenerys Targaryen (TFM) and much more... make you have serious problems with well built setups. They can be enough to buff the first challenge round. It's not unwinnable but it's hard to deal with it.

3- Martell can use Vengeance for Elia and Burning on the Sand package again as metacall to deal with this kind of decks. That is not bad by itself because it can add variety to the competitive environment.

4- Any decision you make in the game matters. On the one hand, if you don't play the challenge phase perfectly you can lose the game making bad choices. On the other hand, if you are facing this deck and you don't know the challenges you can assume and the ones you can't, you can have a very bad experience. Everyone, please, practice against Agro. Sea of Blood is near and we will face many decks of this kind.

5- It destroys friendships. Many people (specially on will concede on turn 1-2 because they find an empty hand and board rapidly. Sometimes this deck can be boring or frustrating for your opponents so please use it in competitive scenarios.

Possible changes:

-Milk of the Poppy can be cut to use a second Flea Bottom and leave 60 cards.

-You can already swap one copy of Wun Wun (funny name though) with Jaqen H'ghar if you want. I prefer the giant but both are ok.

-Seized by the Guard if you think you can face heavy location meta in your tournaments.

-Heavy gold plot to change the general strategy build to use 3 Mance Rayder. You can use this tool when the board is empty or in a reset turn to play the big guys and prevent any chance of come back.

-As soon as we grab one more efficient cheap character I'll cut House Maester. They can be replaced with more locations or events if you want. I like playing 40 characters, that's all :) .

Everybody feel free to ask any question you have. It will be a pleasure to answer the questions you have. Finally I want to thank you to the Spanish community, my local mates for being awesome, people from Valencia and Barcelona who came to our home and the hidden insights (yes, you know who you are) helping me with deckbuilding. You are always welcome and you know this is your home.

From a humble guy to this awesome community, Daniel.



Adkadi 296

haha you are completely sick m8, stop wrecking people pls, op restrict

SergSel 48

Hello congratualtions! Which decks did you play against, which did you find difficult and easy opponents? How big was the tournament?

kaikou 707

24 people on the field.

I faced 6 Targaryens (5 wars/burn and 1 qohor), Stark crossing and Tyrell rains.

In the final match my opponent had Dany with dragon and chud + roseroad vs my wun wun duped with kingsroad. Turn 1 marched by his side and flea + second sons + qotto + Dracarys + Consuming flames ... Totaly destroyed on the first round. Later, with full control of the board and dragon is no slave the game was over.

Nevertheless, I'm happy with the result. As I said on report, every game I played (in and out of the tournament) against something that is not Targaryen tends to be easy. In the specific case of targaryen, the matchup depends on the first round.

Chord 101

I think you overkilled with 2 claims :) I also play FF a lot lastly and manage to go with only 2 2-claim plots (which is on the other hand not enough, but lets put that aside). Having at least one more technical 1-claimer with high initiative (Marched to the Wall, Blood Flux, Besidged for mirrors...) would only help the deck. I really don't think there's much point in having 6 2claimers in plot deck :)

Otherwise very nice composition.

doimeadios 39

Dani, primero de todo, enhorabuena por el deck, bastante duro y sólido, lo he estado probando y no crees que va algo justo de economia?

HidaHayabusa 73

Wouldn't it be better to run it out of NW for Jon Snow that stands Wildlings?

HidaHayabusa 73

Hmmmm, totally misread the Agenda. Ignore me :)

kaikou 707

Thank you for your comments.

Firstly`@Chord, I can't conceive the deck without a claim 2 revealed. If you reveal marched to the wall, you are discarding 1 character (from each player) and do a maximum of claim 2+1 instead of claim 6. Under my view, if you want to use plots like Bloody flux or marched to the wall you should be playing other agenda, because the deckbuilding restrictions outweighs the benefits.

@doimeadiosMejorar la economía es quitarle punch en retos. Una vez tienes la mesa controlada el mazo no es muy complicado, pero las decisiones que tomes en los 2 primeros turnos son definitorias. Lo realmente complicado del mazo es saber que personaje jugar en cada momento y como hacer la fase de retos. La economía no deberia de ser un problema con last of the giants y un setup normal, pero ten en cuenta que no ha existido ningun mazo en la 2.0 que se juegue como este, así que hay que cambiar el chip de como jugarlo. Este mazo se basa mas que otros en la eficiencia de cada carta individualmente y no cuenta con sinergias, así que con poco oro es capaz de hacer destrozos (o así lo concebí yo en la construcción).

DavidDAVE 2

Please ban Kaikou

argento 529

Very "nice "deck Daniel , congrats !

Ratatoskr 62

Very nice, Daniel. Congratulations!

HidaHayabusa 73

Have you tried King Beyond the Wall? It seems to fit entirely with what you are trying to do.

kaikou 707

Same reasoning that The frozen shore... A win more card in my opinion. I prefer paying 2 golds for a character better than paying a card that doesn't help me to win challenges but You can swap it for house maester if you want to try it. You need to claim challenges not rise them!!

DrThyme 1

I took this monster of a deck to the Swedish Road to Stahleck, Varberg Morghulis, and went undefeated in a field of 30 to claim the title. A huge shout out to Daniel for an awesome deck! I was going to take my own version of a Free Folk deck once but after seeing yours posted it was straight up smarter choices than I had in mine so I took it for a spin. One thing I'm going to try out post-tournament is to slot in Tithe since it'll probably be a good fit since gold is so tight in the deck. Awesome deck! Cheers!

kaikou 707

Thank you very much for your comment@DrThymeand congratulations for claiming the tournament. It's a big honor for me to see my deck winning a high level tournament as Varverg Morghulis. You are right with Tithe sinze is a good way to pay big characters or LOTG. I will give a try.

scurofra 1

I've tried to run this deck to the italian national ... i run a good 4-3 in the end but i think that i lack a bit of more testing ... but seeing the face in terror when i begin to play is priceless :) . I have 2 question for you @kaikou: why don't you run Val ? Because playing it with last of the giant and trigger is ability gave you a board advantage. The other : have you tried ["Off To Gulltown"] ? You think that can fit ? Thank you for all. Bye

dudman 7

Polish Nationals - top 4 . I lost with Grejoy in semifinal but due to a mistake from my side.

kaikou 707

@scurofraThank you for playing the deck. 1- Val requires other card to be usefull and sometimes the deck has no other characters in hand because you are drawing only 2 cards each turn. The cards that can be played with val are not valuble (wasting stealth with wifes, only 1 strength with refugees or the "notknealing" of crow killers). Moreover, every card that depends on other card to be usefull is no worth enough in this deck. I prefer Mance Raider so far with 1 more icon and strength filling that spot. 2- Off to Gulltown is valuable if martell participation is high and may be swapable for milks.

@dudmanCongratulations for that Top4 :). You guys with this successful results make me proud of building this deck :) .

Stormborn 301

I'm going to build this. Thanks for the in depth discussion of the deck.

dahaka 21

Felicitaciones desde Chile Daniel ! Estamos probando este mazo con un amigo y ha estado divertido. ¿Le harías algún cambio considerando el actual pool?

Saludos !

PD: Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales (gato arcano) =) Estamos a fondo con el único juego que importa.