Tyrell Summer Mace it! 9th in Stahleck, 3rd after swiss.

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Johannes 224

This is the deck I took to Stahleck joust. As soon as I saw The Hightower and Mace Tyrell spoiled I decided that's the deck I'm going to play when the Tyrell box comes out. When it was looking like the box will be legal in Stahleck I started testing. The first versions were more control orientated with Begging Brothers, Forgotten Plans and The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due. I wanted to control the game until I had Mace out with Hightower. However that deck had too many weaknesses since it lacked various win conditions. With help of my meta mates Tupaq, Ismo and Joni I started tuning it into the version I have here.

The idea is to sit back on early game but put pressure on your opponent with passive power gain and defensive renown. Then when the draw and economy advantage starts having an effect you just go and win the game or pressure your opponent to sub-optimal Valar. This deck also runs multiple one ofs of unique characters that I'm not that attached to. Knight of Summer are also a good source of extra renown that you are not afraid to lose. Last changes I made were adding Weapons at the Door in place of Late Summer Feast. I needed attachment control and was not happy with Rattleshirt's Raiders or The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due which sat as unused cards in most games. Weapons at the Door also provided initiative that summer plots lack. Last minute addition was also Renly's Pavilion which gives protection against Nothing Burns Like The Cold in addition to The Iron Throne.

I did miss strength buffs and especially Growing Strong in some match-ups but could not decide what to cut. Maybe Bodyguards but I would have needed saves in couple of games I lost (as well as strength buffs).

1st round of swiss, Ismo Tyrell Crossing 1-0

Ok. You travel to Stahleck and expect to meet new people and end up playing against a friend you play every week and the very guy I did the last testing with the deck. And I lost that game. Ismo ran a cool knights and ladies deck on The Lord of the Crossing. I knew if I couldn't control The Knight of Flowers (Core) I would lose. Luckily I had a good start with Redwyne Straits and some chuds if I remember right. Building Orders found me The Hightower and I had everything I needed. Ismo was collecting power fast with Superior Claim and The Lord of the Crossing but I was able to find duped Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) and setup a good Valar. Ismo couldn't find a dupe for The Knight of Flowers (Core) even though digging with Pleasure Barge and that was pretty much the game.

2nd round of Swiss, Philip Lanni Rains 2-0

Philip setup Syrio Forel, econ and chuds. I setup Redwyne Straits, The Iron Throne and The Hightower so perfect setup for me. He marshaled Tywin without a dupe and I marshaled Rose Garden, 2 chuds and The Knight of Flowers (Core) with Bodyguard. My goal was to keep The Knight of Flowers (Core) with Bodyguard and a chud so I can't be Marched and can keep The Knight of Flowers (Core) after Valar. I think used Nightmares to control Syrio Forel to keep me safe and in good position to Valar. I really wanted to get rid of that Syrio!

Going to second round I expected Philip to play Confiscation or Ghosts of Harrenhal to counter my Valar and he played Confiscation. I was ok by it because I had the card and econ advantage and those plots don't give much gold. I was able to play Knight of Summer and Renly's Pavilion and Philip only marshaled The Tickler. I was safe for military claim. Next round Philip Ghosts of Harrenhaled Tywin and KoF but it was fine by me. I already had board, hand and econ advantage and sailed for victory.

3rd round of swiss, Achab Tyrell Crossing 3-0

Achab setup Brienne of Tarth (GoH) with two Garden Caretakers. I had once again a great setup with The Hightower, econ and Ser Robar Royce. I was made first and I put pressure by marshaling House Florent Knight and got rid of one reducer cause Crossing don't like small boards. Achab Riddled my Time of Plenty but ended up with only 5 gold and a reducer. He marshaled The Arbor and perhaps a chud.

Next round I was made first again, marshaled some more stuff and Nightmared The Arbor to keep up the pressure. My board and power gain was going pretty fast so Achab was forced to make sub-optimal Valar and after that I just pressed with my advantage and won. Unlucky game for Achab.

4th round of swiss, Ryan Jones Lanni Crossing 4-0

So next opponent would be a man with multiple card designs and a great player. I have to say Ryan is probably the nicest player in thrones. We had a good chat before and during the game and even though he lost a really tight game he was disappointed for five seconds and that's it. The match itself was super tight. Ryan started strong with duped Tyrion Lannister (Core) and Tywin Lannister (Core) and Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) with Bodyguards. I had Renly Baratheon (FFH) duped and chuds. I was able to find The Hightower and tried to slow Ryan down before I could win it. Ryan made some nice intrigue pulls but when he played Heads on Spikes on turn three I was really worried. I had just drawn Brienne of Tarth (GoH) and played Wardens of the South so I could dominated the challenges with Renly and Brienne and the plot. Luckily Ryan missed this one and hit "Lord Renly's Ride" out of 4 cards. During this turn I got back to the game.

Plot 4 I played Weapons at the Door and Ryan The First Snow of Winter. My board weakened a bit but I was able to make one big power challenge with help of Nightmares on Flea Bottom to keep The Hound (TtB) in discard pile and Renly's Pavilion to win the challenge by 1 strength. Luckily Ryan didn't have Widow's Wail but the one card I didn't know was just a Tyrion dupe. Great game, great player and a great person.

5th round of swiss, Radu Targaryen Fealty 5-0

This match was recorded so you might see it. I didn't have economy on setup but I had The Knight of Flowers (Core) with a Bodyguard and two Garden Caretakers. I think Radu had Illyrio's Estate, Jhogo and a dragon. I thought I might be hit by Blood of the Dragon and I did. Luckily I redrew econ. Rady immediately dropped Viserys Targaryen (Core) to table to get rid of Bodyguard and Plaza of Pride saved one gold. I played Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) with bestow. I knew if I can survive this turn I'm going to be ok. Radu did a military with Jhogo on 4 str. I used Garlan to and buff The Knight of Flowers (Core) to 6 and defended. Radu played Dracarys! and won the challenge. I claimed The Knight of Flowers (Core) and threw a military back to make stop him from playing Marched.

Radu continued to apply pressure with Mirri Maz Duur but I found answers to everything. Renly's Pavilion was great, The Queen of Thorns (Core) controlled Mirri and in the end my econ and card advantage won the game.

6th round of swiss, Isian Greyjoy Rains 6-0

This one was a really close game and also recorded. I setup Redwyne Straits, The Hightower and a chud even though I was afraid Isian might run Nothing Burns Like The Cold. And he did so goodbye The Hightower. Isian had lot of saves from the start and Balon Greyjoy (CtA) was giving me a headache. In addition Dagmer Cleftjaw stole my Redwyne Straits with help of Nightmares so things were not looking good. I was able to redraw and replay The Hightower so that helped. Only thing I could do to make his Valar worse was attack his hand and that I did but Isian still pulled of a good Valar.

I was able to make a small comeback and had Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) to setup my own Valar. Isian answered with Varys and used him leaving him Balon Greyjoy (CtA) with 5 or 6 power and me with Margaery Tyrell (AMAF). I had a The Hand's Judgment and Isian only had 3 cards so I felt comfortable Valarin. Isian used Risen from the Sea which I cancelled but Isian had another. I almost scooped immediately but said let's look top deck. I'm sorry I was bit confusing here and maybe that messed Isians thinking too. I didn't top deck anything great but realized I had a Renly dupe in hand and he didn't die but got Varysed. I also used Pleasure Barge I think. So I marshaled him to make Balon kneel and something else. This turn was really a blur and I'm sorry I forgot to discard to reserve. I have to see the recording if I broke the rules more or did something stupid. I had two dupes of stolen Redwyne Straits in hand and two dupes of dead Ser Robar Royce so I had stuff I could easily discard and Isian didn't have intrigue presence so extra cards didn't play a role.

Somehow I fought back in this game and I think I won 15-14 in the end. Really tight match I have to watch again because I really don't remember what happened in the end.

7th round of swiss, Marti Tyrell Rains 7-0

This was another great game and unfortunaly it wasn't recorded. Marti started stronger but I was able to get the The Hightower to out draw him even he had couple of Barges. We went back and forth with challenges, resets and everything. I accidentally made one challenge turn before end with Randyll able to stand and defend my challenge and Marti got to 14 power against my 13. Last turn I was able to win initiative because my mistake because we both played Weapons at the Door. I secured the win with unopposed intrigue challenge by Renly Baratheon (FFH) and Margaery Tyrell (AMAF). A great game but unfortunately I don't remember the details and it wasn't recorded.

King of Swiss match, Even Greyjoy Rains 7-1

In this match I had very little chance. Even started strong with Euron Crow's Eye and Balon Greyjoy (CtA). I setup Renly Baratheon (FFH) with a dupe which had little use when Balon hit the board. Even We Do Not Sowed my Great Hall first turn and stole it with Euron Crow's Eye and had advantage on saves, econ and board. He timed Valar well and I wasn't able to make a comeback. Even got his revenge from to melee tables where I had won him before.

Top 32, Björn Lanni Rains, a win

So we headed back to castle, I got some rest and then I was ready for top 32. Björn had had a qualification match in between so might have been a little fresher. Though I played in melee final table until 2 AM the night before :D Björn played a cool version of Lanni Rains with Brothel Madames, Supporting the Faith, Paid Off, The Spider's Web etc. I had a decent setup but a bad redraw and really bad couple first round draws and bad Pleasure Barge (and the second one got Treachery). Two Supporting the Faith kept me away from tricks first two turn but I was able to power from Ser Robar Royce and power challenges. I needed to go through the Brothel Madame and Paid Off interaction with the judges since it's been a year since I last played against this kind of deck.

Björn spend two first turns emptying my hand full of crap and got Ser Ilyn Payne probably turn two and started hacking my chuds. I was pretty alright with this since that kept his sole power icon knelt until Tywin Lannister (Core) entered the board. However he was able to hack down my Ser Robar Royce with a dupe and 3 or 4 power. This shows the strength of Ser Robar Royce. People have to pay attention to a three coster when he starts collecting power.

Last turn I played Wardens of the South trying to win some challenges with a smaller board. I decided to Flea Bottom Ser Colen of Greenpools as a first action in case of Nightmares and made a power challenge with Renly and him that guaranteed victory even with Widow's Wail. I won that power and got a renown for Renly and passed challenges to Björn leading by probably 5 power. He did int challenge with Brothel Madame and Ser Lancel Lannister. I went through every possibility whether to block it or not and if he had Widow's Wail or not and what Rains plots he might still have. Finally decided to block with Oldtown Informer with +2 str from plot and Björn said I win. I was confused but completely missed that Ser Lancel Lannister was now str 0 after Tywin was marshaled (Jaime was already on board). I defended the rest of the challenges with my best ability and won by 1 power.

After the game my team mate Antti V said Björn is a really strong player and always on top and showed huge respect to him. He just didn't want to tell it to me before the game so I don't get extra pressure.

Top 16, Chris Schoental Lanni Crossing, a loss

I drew bunch of chuds but the last card of my starting hand was The Hightower so I kept my hand and setup econ, The Hightower and Renly's Pavilion. Chris setup Tywin and a Kingsroad. After Chris's first turn marshaling he had Shae, Tywin, Cersei Lannister (LoCR) duped and Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) duped. I was fucked since I din't have any dupes and couldn't Valar Tywin of the board. I tried to attack Chris's hand with little succes. I also made a bunch of mistakes like forgetting the minus 1 from his first challenge. I just couldn't slow him down enough and got steamrolled. Well played Chris but not a good game since I wasn't able to put up a decent fight.

Anyway I was really happy about my performance even thought the last game was a bitter end to another great day. Before tournament I was hoping to get to top 16 in melee or top 32 in joust to get a playmat but everything exceeded my wildest dreams. I know I'm not a bad player but there are so many good players in Stahleck. The meta suited me fine since I've played Tyrell since the core set and Tyrell is now strong. I already played Tyrell Summer year ago before Valar game out. That deck utilized The Arbor, Bitterbridge Encampment and Varys and fit my play style really well. There's something similar with Mace decks. Oh, and I have barely mentioned Mace. Well he closed many games for me quickly but the groundwork was done by The Hightower. I think only in first 3 games I got Mace and Hightower early and won fast. This shows that the deck can win consistently even without Mace. Without The Hightower it's harder but the deck is still pretty normal Tyrell deck without them. Missing only the strength buffs and Rains toolbox.

Thank you for everyone I played. Great people and great players. And congratulations to Marti for the win! And my team mate Henri for the second place!


Gerion Lannister 241

Great deck and great player, congratulations! :)

Johannes 224

@Gerion Lannisterthanks!

mqsi 68

All of the games that were recorded for this deck are now available at agot-replays.net

Johannes 224

@mqsiThanks for the videos! But I thought my top 32 and top 16 games were recorded too?

Lannister 66

Hi mate. Congrats. How was valar for you? Wasn't sometimes backfiring in order to keep winning passive power? Isn't it better Wildfire maybe with Marge? Thanks

Johannes 224

@Lannister Valar was good. I think in many matches I didn't use it and in some it won me the game. Wildfire wouldn't do enough for me. If I was collecting a lot of passive power I would probably win before my Valar turn. When this decks starts to collect power it only takes couple of turns to win.

Johannes 224

@LannisterThe worst games for me were the ones where opponent had many big guys duped so Wildfire wouldn't done anything. These were the games against Ryan, Isian, Even and Chris. Lost two, won two. Maybe Varys or two might have helped but Wildfire would definitely be a wrong choice.

Lannister 66

Hi Johannes. I've been experimenting with passive power and adding oldtown to it. It is bollocks. The answer about resets which is working very well to me is Varys x1 + Valar Dohaeris. As long as I can keep Mace and Robar royce intact, I dont care about the rest. 7+3=10. Give it a try :) Thanks for the advices

Johannes 224

@LannisterSounds like a cool deck. Have to give a try some time.