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Greyjoy Alliance of the Queen's guard 9 6 3 1.0
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Greyjoy Alliance (Dragon/Qohor) top 32 Stahleck 3 1 5 3.0

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Hey all,

This is the Greyjoy deck I went 6-1 with at Euros and hence making top 32. Had some good fun playing it at the tournament. It's not your typical Greyjoy deck as I don't play the whole warship package, and I don't play box Euron + Silence. Old Euron is where it's at! :) It's an updated version of [https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/12300/greyjoy-alliance-of-the-queen-s-guard-1.0]

Instead I use Qohor to find standing attachments and suprise initmidate in the form of Dragonbinder. The game plan is to get a big Guy out who will compete in a a couple of challenges and gather UO/ reknown. With a good start turn 2 or turn 3 wins are very well possible. 1-cost attachments like bodyguards and milks provide some general utility. If you get a big guy with a 3-cost attachment in turn 1 you are golden. So If you don't, you have to find it and stall, using plots like Counting Coppers and Valar Morghulis. It is a rush deck, so there is not much carddraw.

I didn't really test this deck against the meta decks, and I have no idea if I am quick enough vs Shadows. In general in the past it worked wonders vs Stark, Targ and Bara, and the Greyjow matchup went also very reasonable this tournament (4-1 vs Greyjoy). In general it can hold up quite well vs other Greyjoy decks because it does not really care about Forced MArch or Intimidate by Euron, As I can just stand again using attachments. Bara kneel it also does not really care about.

Quick rundown of the cards:

Seal of the Hand, Queensguard and Dragonbinder are the main important cards of the deck. With these attachments you can stand a big guy 3-4 times, give him suprise intimidate (most of my opponents didn't see this coming) and Be sure to use the stand effect before you switch to Dragonbinder for initimidate.

Euron Crow's Eye (Core), Balon Greyjoy (Core), Asha Greyjoy (Km), Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR). These are you main big guys. The plan is to have atleast 1 one of these cards on the table and gather reknown. Citadel Archivist is infinitely better then Isle of Ravens in a deck that plays Queensguard in my opinion. With him in deck 3x you don't really have to worry about running out of usefull attachments. It is detrimental to the amounts of cards Asha Greyjoy (Km)can search, but that is a price I am willing to pay.

Ser Jorah Mormont (Core), Theon Greyjoy (TFoA), Maester Wendamyr, Maester Murenmure, Missandei. Efficient low cost support characters. Theon can be instrumental to win a challenge in order to trigger Qohor if you are behind. 3x of both Maesters is needed because I play Maester's Chain versus attachments like Milk and Hunting Accident. Playing all these characters 3x adds to the consistency of the 75 card deck, and is good vs The First Snow of Winter and Valar Morghulis, 2 plots Greyjoy often plays. Don't be afraid to claim some of them for military sometimes, dead draws can be discarded anyway with Queen's Guard.

Some extra power gain, UO and utility in the form of Great Kraken, Red Rain, Pyke, Fishing Net.

No events, as they are bad for setup. Other Greyjoy decks don't play Nightmares generally, so I decided not to run The Hand's Judgment. If you expect a lot of nasty events like burn, you could include, as I have done in the past: Drowned God's Blessing

Begging Brother were in the deck vs Euron Crow's Eye (KotI), but they felt a bit to slow in general and you also have Drowned God Fanatic. Might scrap them for some efficient 4-cost character.

Plots At the Gates is for cowards! No but really, opening either Time of Plenty for initiative and extra draw or Trading with the Pentoshi if you have big guy + 3 cost Attachment in hand is perfectly fine. It also messes with people who open Varys's Riddle. Going first vs Greyjoy turn 1 with Time of Plenty and kneeling their whole board with Dragonbinder Qohor tricks was value.

Rise of the Kraken Ideally you want to play this turn 2 to win, but sometimes you need to go slower or more cards and then We Take Westeros! and You Win Or You Die are also very handy to play.

Valar Morghulis can really help to come back. During the tournament I was seriously wodnering whether Valar Dohaeris would not have been better, as keeping 1 big guy + attachments is also great.

Games Not a full report but some things I remember.

R1 Win vs Stark Crossing. No big guys but Theon going UO racked up some power. The only game ever where I used Dragonbinder to kill a chud and put a big Guy in play (Euron). Murenmure stopped Winterfell, Milk stopped Great Jon

R2 Loss vs Greyjoy Prince. Didn't see any 3-cost attachments untill like turn 4 and then his board was to big. Here Valar-D would have really helped me instead of Valar M. Due to a small error on his side I still reached 14, but next turn he won ini and won.

R3 Win vs Greyjoy Crossing. Good start. Euron Crow's Eye (Core) took over the game by being quite lucky, stealing Silence (yes the effect also triggers on Euron Crow's Eye (Core)), and a Raiding Longship. Turn 1 I intimidat everything, turn 2 win with Rise of the Kraken.

R4 Win vs Greyjoy Prince. Close one. I can win because a suprise initmidate with Dragonbinder allows me to intimidate his Balon.

R5 win vs Tyrell Banner Dragon. The infamous Combo deck with Growing ambition, Renly, Gifts for the Widow, Queeens Gaurds, Old town informers, Littlefingers Meddling, Beacon of the South etc. I get a really really really bad start (set-up was Jorah, Quaithe, roseroad and no good characters to play turn 1) and he gets his ideal one with Arbour + growing Ambition set up. I think because he didn't take into account my Queens Guard on Quaith (MVP), allowing my to prevent 1 UO he only gets to 14. I valar his Renly, but he expertly plays Ghosts of Harrenhal. Still 5 power is gone but he now climbs back up to 13 or something. Turn 3 I play Trading and marshall Euron + a lot of attachments. He plays The King in the North, but I still have King of Salt and Rock that I kept in my hand from turn 1 onwards. I get to go first and he makes the mistake of claiming his triple duped Renly with 5 power on it for claim (I had a King so couldn't be saved) he couldn't defend due to Fishing Net. Honestly, I should have lost that game, but it shows that you to keep paying attention even in won games.

R6 win vs Bara WtC Overpowered him from turn 1 onwards with Euron Crow's Eye (Core) with attackements. Won turn 3.

R7 win vs Greyjoy Crossing. Opponent had really cool deck focused on pillage, with Scouting Vessel, Corpse Lake and stuff like that. I had Asha + Victarion + attachment turn 1, forcing him to valar. i thought I would be fine, but he had a second Vince to cancel my Victarion save after he canceled my Vince on his Box Euron with his first Vince turn 1. Still, even with both Asha and Victarion dead I had just to much momentum, won turn 3 or 4 with Balon.

Top 32 I dropped to play in the X-wing swiss, as that was originally the game I came to Euros for. Funnily enough I played my original top 32 opponent on Sunday in the Team event, and he totally destroyed me with Grey Wind destroying all my cheap characters and I did not see a big guy untill it was to late. Deck of my opponent, which really suprised me as in how agressive it was, as usually Stark is a good matchup for the deck. [https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/13198/stark-fealty-no-surprises-top-16-and-best-stark-at-euros-1.0]

Anyway, it's a fun deck to play, but also a bit hit-or-miss, as it suffers versus attrition, but will generally do very well versus other constructive decks.

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