Killing you softly - Kingless Baratheon Top32 Fracas Joust

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Lucid 13

Hi, I'm Lucid and some of you might recognize me from playing a ***ton of games with Bara on Ironthrone. As a foreword, I'm a relatively new AGOT player (sadly, cause the game is amazing) but I'm a veteran card gamer in a number of other titles.

Baratheon is my favorite faction, because I love the control playstyle and its the fairest control faction out there, not as strong as I'd like but not as weak as some imply. And Stannis is the one true king, period.

Having that said I playtested a couple different decks to choose from for the Fracas, as it was my first premier agot event which included: Dom based bara, Bara Qohor Lion - a hand disruption based Myrcella voltron which I had a lot of success in playtesting and my own take on Diomedes' Bara Qohor Rose, but that fell out of equation quickly, cause it was too fast and simple for my liking.

Ultimately, I figured out that being Nedly has to beat out being competitive here and I didn't want to rely on other houses toys to win, so I stuck with pure Bara but with a different approach. Game plan for this deck is farily simple: Survive long enough (by having lots of chuds and gaining hand advantage and hand kills, not losing power challenge), establish Stannis, play Selyse on Withering Cold and win, while you passively gain power from dominance each turn. I originally wanted to include higher curve including Bobby B and Bara "goodstuff" like Messiand Nightsong, but as I played more and more, I realised that meta is too fast right now and, plot 5-6 is a rare occurence between all the Crossing, Qohor and Stark powercreep so I decided to lower the curve by excluding 6 and 7-costers and getting more chuds to snore my way to victory with papercuts and ultimately I had a lot of fun and with some better piloting, I think this deck could have made it deeper into the tournament.

Some oddball choices that are visible immidiately:

No Bob - This is a choice i regret the most cause Robert is a powerhouse, but it had some funny consequences like people saving milks "cause bob is coming, he's always coming, why isn't he coming?"

Ser Barristan Selmy (TS) - I included him as a 1 of, because of a possibility I would want to Valar after Withering Cold/Stannis in play or play Forced March into the opposing Valar, in playtesting it was worthwile, at the tournament I didn't play him even once.

The Stall Chud I don't regret including him, This deck is very slow at first but once it builds its pieces, it's very hard to stop it so every plot you can survive is important.

Big Mel - I have an unpopular opinion that Small mel is weak in the current meta: Milk of the Poppy Qohor, Targ, Breaking Ties, resets are so prevalent that she usually has only one use anyway, so I run Shadow Priestess instead.

Motley - opponents with no cards can't rush you down, so you win. This was the main premise to run both Big Mel and this card and lots of

Now for the tournament itself: It was very fun and every opponent was a good sport! Thanks for the games guys and I enjoyed myself win or lose, great event.

Round 1 - Massimo - Banner of the Wolf

Remember when I said that you win when opponent has no cards? Well, Tyrell have all the cards they want and the economy to back it, so when I saw The Arbor in setup and Greatjon Umber 1st plot I knew I was in trouble, that coupled with Ward turn 1 and 2 and Scheming Retards juggling cards made me unable to interact with my opponent, it wsn't even close


Round 2 - Purchy Wars

I didn't know Dagmer Cleftjaw was a thing. I didn't know him with Crown and my iron throne, red keep and chamber on his side of the board were a thing either. I couldn't establish a strong board soon enough and he just kept snowballing.


Round 3 - Roman Wars

I don't remember that game very well, he didn't open Dorne and I consecutively attacked his hand until he had to topdeck in plot number 3. Seeing a Martell striving for cards was shamefully a satisfying sight, but my opponent was a good sport and played until the end, but it wasn't a close game.


Round 4 - Lucky Wars

What a game. Firstly, Lucky plays on a wheelchair and has trouble holding cards and tokens with his hands, so he has a wooden setup that helps him hold his cards and play the game. It was so uplifting to see that anyone can play in a competitive environment and have fun, super nice guy too. Onto the game, he played Solitaire and opened setup with The Hightower and The Arbor so I already knew that striving him for resources was out of option and I had to win the old fashioned way. Mace came onto board plot 1, made a bunch of power thanks to That obnoxious card. So I valared the board and I thoguht I was going to win for sure when Seen another copy in Flames. But yeah, that thing happened. Close Call topdecked the third copy and he came in flying colours making ton of power each round and just having enough chuds to not get claimed or sent to the wall.I also misplayed and didn't see the opportunity to march him to the wall and I used the plot prematurely. I also had 1 economy card until plot 5 and just couldn't race him to 15. Really depressing outcome to a really enjoyable game otherwise.


So me and guys from my local meta sat at dinner and I was really disappointed. But more games were to be played and more fun was to be had, so I didn't mind playing and doing my best at the very least :P

Round 5 - Adam Greensight

Actually I thought NW would be more represented at this tournament due to how hyped the new Wall was, but it was a matchup I was prepared for. He obviously started with Wall and Queenscrown in setup, so it could just end in 1st plot if he could get Melisandre (GtR) or Barry, but fortunately for me he revealed only locations and events. I openeed A Feast for Crows and dumped chuds into discard pile so my big chars were never at risk of being taken. A cool interaction I came up with was giving him my Gendry so I could win dominance and give him again over and over, he found a way around that and the game took very long and I almost decked myself out (due to unncessarily drawing from The Red Keep) but we managed to make it in time.


Round 6 - Gziku The House With the Red Door Great Kraken

Fun game with lots of bad jokes. I thought unopposed greyjoy was a really outdated deck, but it surprised me at times. Asha Greyjoy (Core) with Risen from the Sea is hard to kneel, I found out, but I managed to get him to topdeck mode and slowly pulled ahead by not overextending offensively and controling his unopposed challenges. One tricky decision I had to make was handkilling Euron Crow's Eye or Tris Botley. I chose #housebotley and In hindsight, I don't regret it.


Round 7 - Winko The House With the Red Door Great Kraken

Wait a second, I just played that. So here we go again. This game was a rollercoaster for me, firstly because the winner would get to the extended cut, but my opponent drew into some nasty cards like Tris Botley and Nighttime Marauders while harassing me with Balon Greyjoy (CtA) from plot 2. But I got all my combo pieces into play. The Withering Cold + The Queen (FotOG) into march into second Selyse, was controlling me the game, when suddenly, during a single Rise of the Kraken (which followed Valar) he managed to come back from 14:5 to 13:13 score I think, I was striving for cards and we were both on topdeck. Last plot he actually won the initiative and would have won, had he chosen to go first, but he allowed me to go first and I found enough characters to win a and unopposed.


Top64 - Jaime Bamfield The Wars To Come

Setup: Melisandre (GtR) Dragonstone Faithful The Roseroad for me; The Hightower some eco and some little guys for him.

He drew that game into a lot of control (multiple milks, nightmares) and Big Boys (at one time I Seen In Flames A boy, A girl and a disgrace. I handkilled Mace and put Margaery's Head on Spikes the following turn. He marshalled Renly and The push-up man, but I had all my control already in place, and he just watched as I slowly got to 15 power.

On a side note: I feel really bad for Bambi, he was the only 6-1 player to have to play in the extended cut and he got disappointingly beaten by a noname scrub like me. I think the 4-3 guys should have played only between themselves, but the rules for the cut were revealed before the tournament started so everyone knew what's gonna happen.

Top32 - Aleksander Preiss Fealty

To go forward first you must beat the 1st seeded guy in top64 and then the king of swiss, I guess. The game had gone pretty good for me, I thought. At one point I killed both Robb Stark (Core) and Fat Man in a single turn with Valar Morghulis and Melisandre (GtR) respectively and I thought I was starting to come back from behind (cause he had a considerable amount of power at that point I think 7 or 8 to mine 3). But I failed to draw economy turn after turn, and Winterfell blocked my Motleys which was very frustrating. In the end his wolves proved to be too much and Rob miraculously came back from the dead to finish the game.

All in all, lots of fun were had this tournament. I would change a few things in this deck, but maybe someone would like to screw around their locals with this jank in the name of the lord of light :)


kuwalek 5

And who inspired you to change from Qohor to Wars before Fracas? :)

Diomedes 2837

Congrats! :)

I agree with you that Core Mel isn't worth it right now. It's great to see Big Mel in play. According to your report, she did a good job. :)