Q'hllor 2: Return of the Kings - Polish Grand Champ (8-1)

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Diomedes 2993

Bara Qohor did it again! The one true king won his 2nd crown at Polish Grand Champs https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7066 Thanks a lot to Maciej and the rest of the Polish meta, it was a fantastic event! :)

I want to publish the deck again because the meta is totally different from German Grand Champs in August. I have changed 12 cards in the draw deck and 2 plots to adjust it to the new meta. Maybe it's interesting for some of you to read about my reasoning for these changes as a meta analysis:


  • REMOVED: Vanquish the Unbelievers, Political Disaster
  • ADDED: Rationing, Return to the Fields
  • The meta is fewer early board presence (i.e. less ) and more Martell, shadows, aggro (NW/Targ SoB and attrition (NW Wolf, Stark/Targ Hollow Hill, so the risk reward ratio for Vanquish is considerably worse. So I don't have good targets for claim 2 or against aggro I have to play more defensively to survive the first round.
  • The days of huge Iron Fleets are over, so Disaster isn't as needed as before. On the contrary, many attrition decks play it themselves now.
  • So my strategy was to increase both economy and claim soak by playing 3 reducers (another reason to drop Vanquish). Playing no reset means I need to have a good board presence from the start. 9 economy (no Gate because of the 1 gold tempo hit), 3x Selyse and 3x reducers accomplish this. (And I had the amazing Dragonstone Faithful alt arts from Euros I wanted to play :P )
  • With larger boards on my side (hopefully), Return to the Fields made a lot of sense. This deck wants to see its centerpieces and this plot also helps with that. If you play 5 uniques as 3x, you also need a bit more protection against Valar than only Close Call.
  • Rationing is an awesome plot, it only stops Stannis's draw in this deck (he is in this deck for his voltron potential and the R'hllor and King trait anyway) because Qohor is a reaction to claim, not winning. On the other hand it stops so many effects: SoB, Drogon, Bound, Martell lose effects, character removal events, Bara power challenge effects, Rains etc. It's also another Winter plot against Winterfell and Karhold and has decent initiative for some nice intimidating :)


  • REMOVED: 1x R'hllor Infiltrator, 2x Anguy, 1x Cressen, 3x Big Bob, 1x Core Davos, 1x Core Shireen
  • ADDED: 3x Fast Bob, 2x Alester Florent, 3x reducers
  • As mentioned above, I wanted more claim soak and economy, so 3 reducers went in. Having more guys dying to Blood of the Dragon I lowered the number of Infiltrators to 2x and removed Shireen. With Return in the plot deck and no more Vanquish, she brought less to the table anyway.
  • Removing Big Bob for Fast Bob is probably the most controversial decision, I don't critize anyone who wants to keep Big Bob. I wanted to try out Fast Bob and was pretty happy with him. Against Martell and shadows you don't need Big Bob's strength, and Fast Bob's additional power puts more pressure on the opponent so they have to oppose and do other suboptimal stuff. And don't underestimate paying 1 gold less! This can be crucial for early board presence.
  • I also wanted more immediate card draw, so I play all 3 Alester now instead of King's Gate. With First Snow being in the meta, he does more than 3 Anguy. I have Return and Iron Bank for additional Alester kneel and draw triggers.
  • These 2 cards also replace Maester Cressen, controversial? :P I mean Azor Stannis doesn't care about negative attachments anyway.
  • I play 1 event now, so Davos ended up on the chopping block as I didn't want to reduce the number of R'hllors (and Ser Imry the Allmighty is untouchable)


  • REMOVED: 1x Hunting Accident
  • ADDED: 1x Seal of the Hand
  • Less GJ big guys means 1 Accident is enough.
  • Seal should have been in the deck from the beginning, it's good by itself, but it also enables shenanigans with Azor Ahai Reborn.
  • Fellow Bara loyalist Adem brought Disputed Claim to my attention. I definitely want to include a copy now, so Alester, Mel or Selyse (or milked Bob and Beric) can perfom as Azors. Especially with Fast Bob being in the deck now it deserves a space as he helps keep it activated. This solution looks far better to deal with milked Bob than playing Cressen. It will be tough to sacrifice my beloved Light of the Lord, but so be it. :)


  • REMOVED: 2x King's Gate
  • ADDED: 1x The Roseroad, 1x New Throne
  • I wanted faster econ, so Roseroad instead of King's Gate. Return and Alester cover the lost draw. Without Disaster, Gate loses some efficiency in this deck.
  • My bad, I only played 1 New Throne. Should at least be 2, this card is nuts, especially with Red Priest!


Polish Grand Championship

Win vs. Crossing

He played a goodstuff Crossing with tons of cancel: Milk, Nightmares, The Faith's Decree, New Throne (which was the only time I had the throne against me). I had the Throne in setup and named Randyll Tarly, which was basically the end of this game. He only had 1x Gates of the Moon as econ all game, which made his board small and my Mel effective. He never declared 3 challenges. I only had Beric, but that was enough to push through. 15-5

Win vs. Shadows

I had a good start with Selyse and Lightbringer Stannis. He didn't Robert Strong my reducer, so couldn't march Selyse round 2. I then marshalled Azor Bob and a Red Priest to remove Varys and could already close...Kingdom of Shadows should open Valar M against rush decks, just saying ;) 15-0

Win vs. Hollow Hill

I had some chuds round 1, he returned 2 to my hand with Unexpected Delay. I had played Barring to stop his shenanigans. I didn't do a challenge, but had marshalled the New Throne again. ;D Round 2 he killed my reducer with Blood of the Dragon, I had the King plot and played Stannis and then named Consuming Flames. My Acolyte from setup with his Warhammer won and discarded a Consuming Flames, ha! Stannis then got his Bodyguard. Next round I iron thronesed Dracarys and discarded Dracarys for claim. :P Then I named Aegon Targaryen and closed the game with Voltron Stannis. 15-0

Win vs. Wars

I had Azor Bob round 2, but he got a Traitor to the Crown. I made an error marshaling both Red God's Blessing on Bob instead of one on Selyse, so he could defend my power challenge. Rationing stopped Ser Cortnay Penrose and The Starry Sept. The Throne kept his 2 Begging Brothers in his hand. :) Win or Die was enough to win it even though Bob got an milk. 15-5

Win vs. Hollow Hill

I had duped Bob in setup, but no attachment round 1 even after drawing 4 more cards with Alester and At the Gates. He opened Counting Coppers to find Giant Varys, but only had Ghaston Grey. Bob didn't attack, but the other 3 characters did, so it was already 4-0 after round 1. Then King in the North and Rationing stopped Ghaston for 2 rounds and Bob wreaked havoc 15-0.

Loss vs. Shadows

My setup was Azor Anguy and Imry. I had seen all 3 Azor and Seal of the Hand round 1. I lost the first Azor after Anguy got Catspawed, the 2nd for claim round 2 and the next one round 3. Beric Dondarrion with Seal of the Hand was supposed to be my salvation, but he suprised me with When I Woke... :O Then Beric got marched. When I had a king and Selyse round 4, I had just lost all Azors...long story short, I got beaten badly, even though he needed 6 plots, just before his Valar. 5-15

Top 8 vs. Wars

The first round was interesting, then it was a stalemate. He saved 2 gold, but my milked Bob intimated his last character. He couldn't use Castle Black effectively, but I was suspecting a trap anyway. Mel didn't attack because Dolorous Edd with Castle Black would mean he stands, attacks and fires his Bound for the Wall. My Red Priest next round confirmed, 2 Edds in hand. :D Duped Mel was dohaerised. I wanted to rush with King in the North with Stannis the Lightbringer, but only gained power slowly with Bob milked. In this situation Disputed Claim would have been amazing. Iron Throne named Bound, then the Wall, so it was difficult for him to win. He didn't dare to play Valar M, then the opportunity was missed when Selyse and Bob were duped, Stannis guarded. I didn't find Azor, though, so with Craven on Stannis couldn't do much either...I barred the Gates against Here to Serve, then he gained 2 power with Heads on Spikes. I won on time 9-4.

Top 4 vs. Fealty

He played this: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/13446/pillage-madness-polish-grands-top-4-1.0 He opened LSF and marshalled Asha and Baelor Blacktyde with Silence's Crew and Orkmont Reaver already on the board, I only marshalled Stannis with a Warhammer, but already had 2 chuds and a Red God's Blessing in play. But Stannis couldn't win his challenge to qohor Lightbringer. The 2nd chud could win though, so Asha got a Hunting Accident, first and only time I really used the card. He gained 2 power on Asha with King of Salt and Rock. That was good to know, otherwise I would have played the King plot. The extra 2 cards from his LSF helped me to draw into Selyse next round, which was really important, as he played First Snow. Thankfully I could stop him with Barring the Gates, then marshalled Selyse, 2 bodyguards for her and Stannis, dupe on Stannis, Azor Ahai Reborn, Lightbringer, Red God's Blessing. Yep, game over from this point on. Next round I went first and intimitade his Euron, then in standing phase triggered Imry (only time!) to have his entire board worth 22 gold knelt even before the plot phase. 15-4

Final vs. Hollow Hill

Rematch from round 5, but this time it was close. I made a huge mistake round. I could have disrupted his "The Last of the Giants" Varys combo with Red Priest, but for some reason I thought it was good to have this threat out of the way. I even marshalled Beric to provoke this play. I should have chosen either one of his Giant Varys combo and try to rush to victory. I could stop Varys round 2 and 3 with King plot and Barring and just close :/ But maybe it was for the best, because this way we had an amazing final with lots of twists. He marched my Beric round 2 who had a qohored bodyguard. I had all 3 Great Halls at some point and marshalled Bob for free. I barred the gates and rebuilt my board. I ended rounds 3-6 with 13 or 14 power on my faction card, but he always could stop the only power that matters. Over the course of the game I marshalled Bob 3 (4?) times. Round 3 I returned him to my hand with Iron Bank because I knew he could just cancel the bodyguard with He Calls It Thinking (hand knowledge courtesy of Red Priest). Then I couldn't play King plot because I needed the Great Halls to pay for him. He then could perfectly valar my unduped board of Selyse, Alester and Bob because I failed to close the turn before and had already played my Return to counter his First Snow earlier. I was, however, still in the game because he made me first player on his Win or Die turns round 6, Martell reflex I guess ;) I close called Bob, my Isle of Ravens shuffled 2 Bobs back and then round 7 King plot I drew him again and marshalled him another time because I had a Roseroad at that point (and chose it for Political Disaster the same round). Yay, 6 gold Bob ;) With king plot stopping his tricks and Bob winning the game on defense or offense with 2 power missing, he conceded to the one true king (and his older brother) 15-8

The tournament was really great, the meta is fun right now. 6 different factions in the Top 8 cut says it all. I played against 7 different factions, which was much nicer than German GC (7 GJ and 2 Targ). And I broke the curse of King of Swiss. ;) Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions!


Benji 758

Congratulations. Can you detail your judgment over Fast Bob ?

Diomedes 2993

Thanks! As mentioned in the description, both Bobs fit the deck perfectly. Here's my reasoning for Fast Bob in more detail (in addition to the fact that he is new and shiny)

Cost advantage:

  • Costing 1 gold less matters more than it looks at first sight. Just 1 gold can be the difference between getting your combo ready or not. 1 gold can pay for the one attachment you need to qohor a Bodyguard or for the claim soak or screen against Marched. This was quite often the case.
  • Cost 6 is also far better for Valar Dohaeris.
  • Enables you to marshal him on The King in the North turns when you can't use the Great Halls. The opponent's Gates of the Moon is enough. ;)

Rush advantage:

  • Control is back in the meta with the decline of , so Big Bob's high STR matters a lot less many times, except against . But you have Red God's Blessing and The Iron Throne as burn protection anyway.
  • Big Bob's built-in intimidate is always good, but you can get it on Fast Bob for the cost of just 1 additional card and no extra gold compared to Big Bob. That's fair.
  • If they are milked or otherwise blanked, they're the same anyway, but Fast Bob costs less. And Disputed Claim (which I will include) works a bit better with Fast Bob.
  • Fast Bob's rush advantage matters a lot if you can win several times with him, which is basically what this deck is about. Just look at game 2 or 5, where I won plot 2 and 3 thanks to Bob. In longer games, these shadows and control decks are tough to beat. The Hollow Hill player made the final for a reason.
  • I really like how Fast Bob forces opponents into suboptimal plays because they need to oppose and prevent additional power gain. That applies both to control and less rushy rush decks when they need to play more defensively.

Benji 758

I must say that being new and shiny was my intuitive expected justification, backed by the fact that you had very logical reasons.

Benji 758

Yeah ok, basically the justification is #1 the economic frontier and #2 the increased powerrush allowing you to metagame LotC decks or not being catched by control decks.

Thanks for the clarifications.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

It's a strong deck. I recently was telling my brother now that they killed Greyjoy with new RL I was going to be switching to Bara. I like the strength of bowing cards pre-intimidate in my deck but love that there is only 11 cards difference between my deck and yours. I run Selyse that bows as it helps alot vs rush decks. Did you see many other Bara at your tournament? If so was the strategy the same or was there anything new or surprising you came across. Thanks for the write up it was worth the read.

Diomedes 2993

By killing Greyjoy you mean they are not dominating, but fair? :D All factions are playable right now, still 2 in the cut.

Regarding Baratheon, there were 3 Prince, but I have never been a fan of The Prince that was Promised, havent even tried it once. The Bara Wars was more interesting: weenie goodstuff, power challenge focus, no kings, Big Selyse.

Neoptolemos 613

Hanno, once again congrats on your win! I knew this deck almost in 100% and still didn't have idea how to deal with it ;)

@Kakita_Rinsei, new RL hit Stark more than GJ tbh. GJ just lost Drowned God deck and stupid Euron + Silence into 2x Forced March opening, but they still have plenty of amazing cards, they are just quite vulnerable to kneel (now only Victarion is immune because of restricting Euron) and - as almost every other deck - have to prepare for shadows. But definitely all factions are playable now, at Polish Grands Stark and Tyrell were underdogs but I've seen that they performed quite ok in France.

Deilan 1

I will get bored to congrats you again and again man! :D Well done!

Diomedes 2993

Thanks @Neoptolemos & @Deilan! And congrats to you as well for Top 4 and Top 8 respectively! :)

Ned4ever 1

Congratulations! This is an amazing deck. I would like to ask your advice on faction choice. I am still a newer player (been playing about 6 months) and I like Tyrell more than any other faction, but they seem more complicated in their deck mechanics. Is there a "beginner friendly" Tyrell or possibly Baratheon deck that I should try to learn, instead?

Diomedes 2993

@Ned4ever Hey! :) Tyrell is my 2nd favourite faction, but it's not in the best shape right now. The most competitive decks are shadows or mill, but they are not exactly beginner friendly. You should take a look at the World Cup Tyrell decks. Just click on the names next to Tyrell: docs.google.com

Ned4ever 1

@DiomedesThank you very much and good luck in future tournaments!

Kakita_Rinsei 23

Diomedes I find that with the release of the new restricted list and the targeting of 3 GJ cards one of which I am still scratching my head at (We Take Westeros!) that the meta has changed little. Yes Stark got a beating too, but in my opinion restricting multiple cards at a time for each house is a bit much. But I think that the shift in how the decks are being built now is not much difference, in my opinion its a matter of what cards can be switched with similar results as those added to the restricted list. For example wildfire assault can replace forced march and have damn near the same result (just more bodies in dead pile) and opening City Gates (Gates of the Moon) is still just as strong as grabbing Great Hall, and just adding in 2x King's Road rounds out the 3 cards needing to be filled for econ. Then its a matter of taste for Euron and Fanatic. I run Dragonbinder so replacing Euron is easy. I guess my point is that yes cards can get restricted but there is always ways to fill the holes with similar tech to get the same result and not lose nothing to speed or efficiency. I myself think that they should change how the RL works instead of allowing only 1 card by title that it should be only 1 card of each title. As most broken combos require multiple copies to get the train rolling. Anyways one question about your deck building decision to not run Seen In the Flames. Was there a reason you did not run it, or was it a matter of no room for it?

Diomedes 2993

I disagree. Taking down a peg or two makes so many decks competitively playable. We Take Westeros! was a card that single-handedly destroyed control decks.

Regarding Seen In Flames, it's a control or good stuff card that costs tempo (1 gold and 1 card, with this deck probably having worse draw than the opponent's). I prefer decks with a clear focus, and Seen In Flames doesn't contribute to the focus of this deck.