Trading with the Sparrow - King of Swiss German Nats (7-1)

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Diomedes 3099

How to annoy Valyrian Steel? Simple, The High Sparrow! :-D When considering where he fits best, my Conclave deck was the obvious pick. Your main draw engines, Archmaester Marwyn and Maester Gormon, are not affected by the Sparrow.The Conclave and Marwyn also make it very probable that you see the Sparrow very early, which is when you need him.

I'll explain some changes from my previous Bara Conclave version:

German Nationals:

Round 1 vs. Katharina Crossing

I opened Trading/Sparrow :) I also had a Milk of the Poppy early for her Green-Apple Knight, then Chef Bob kept her board under control. I kept Bob for Valar D and slowly got ahead in power, then Sorrows/HFK made the game interesting again. I had 2 Saving the Kingdom to keep the control up, even though her knights were immune on her A Tourney for the King turn (which I obviously had missed before playing the first Saving...)

Round 2 vs. George Fealty

We both opened Trading, but I had a Kingsroad, so I went first and marshaled the Sparrow, glorious! :) But I had marshaled from my Conclave, so I couldn't Hand's Judgment his Nightmares on the Sparrow during my marshaling, though. :/ But the High Sparrow was basically stopping all his tricks and econ (Scheming Septon, The Hightower, Oldtown, Oldtown Informer, The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due, Redwyne Straits) He quickly found a dupe, and the Sparrow was safe from HFK.

Round 3 vs. Chris 321

I had a duped Throne in setup, which was helpful to steadily gain power in a 11-plot game. I played very defensively, waiting for his various resets before building a bigger board. It was a very interesting and close game going back and forth before his Valar turn 7 hurt him more than me, and I got the upper hand.

Round 4 vs. Ektor Winter

I started with duped Bob, he started with duped Grey Wind and duped Catelyn. I removed a dupe from Bob for claim to bait Valar round 2. I countered with Maester Kerwin here to save Bob. Delena Florent was very helpful to counter his Tower of the Hand (BtRK) and Robb standing tech. He could use Meera Reed to blank Delena, but that meant he needed 2 sacrifice triggers each round for Robb. The Sparrow also blocked his Northern Keep and Old Gate effectively, so he never really got into the game.

Round 5 vs. Atanas Crossing

He played the weenie style deck with I Am No One as restricted card. Looks like the current RL succeeded in breaking up the homogenous Wyman decks we had before. I had faced 3 vastly different Starks in a row: 321 attrition with Ward, Winter/shadows with Meera Reed, and now weenie rush with I Am No One. I had Chef Bob turn 1, so his weenies had 1 good turn (he finished round 1 with 8 power). A 2nd Winter Festival got him to 11 power, so without Bob round 1 this game would have been very difficult to win.

Round 6 vs. Reinhard Qohor

He opened The Prince Who Came Too Late for Cost 8 Dany, so I didn't marshal the The High Sparrow, but duped Chef Bob. He played Valar Dohaeris, but I could control his Voltron Dany with Delena Florent and Maester Mullin, and win dominance thanks to Delena's son. The High Sparrow was helpful as well to stop his card draw. I made a huge mistake on his You Win Or You Die turn, when I didn't Lysa Arryn his Dany, but a standing Khal Drogo because I didn't want a 2nd claim 2 challenge against me. He qohored for Mother of Dragons and I realized I had messed up, although I could have stopped his challenge by using Maester Mullin on Viserion. I didn't and suffered a Khaleesi claim 3. But I still had the game under control with my big board and At the Palace of Sorrows, so the mistake didn't matter in the end.

Top 16 vs. Carsten Steel

Carsten and I played last year's final. I found the Sparrow with Marwyn's 2 extra cards, so I finally was able to annoy a Steel as I had planned. :D I wanted to play Saving the Kingdom on his Lordsport Shipwright, but he had Drowned God's Blessing, so I had to use it on my own Advisor to the Crown. :P He valared round 2, but Kerwin came to the resuce again. I also had a Healing Expertise in the Conclave. He had to use Drowned God Fanatic for Lysa Arryn, so he couldn't cancel Kerwin. I had a milk in the Conclave for the risen Euron Crow's Eye. He found more big guys, and I only found Chef Bob in the bottom 9 cards (one was pillaged and shuffled back in by Balon), so the game took quite a while although the victory wasn't really in danger.

Top 8 vs. Chris 321

This matchup has been the closest I had in the swiss, so I wasn't looking forward to this game. I had a double duped Archmaester Marwyn, who helped giving me options and saves. His Bolton Flayers killed his own characters. He stole Maester Gormon as he did in the previous game. I made a huge mistake when I clicked through an action window after he used Skagos to move Ice to win a challenge. I could have played In the Name of Your King! to save Bob from Ice. That would probably win me the game as Bob can keep milked Arya kneeling. Knelt Arya would mean no skagosing into Valarya and I can save characters vs. his incoming Valar Morghulis. Clearing my board I capped at 12 power and we played 4 more rounds where I didn't do anything. Huge congrats to Chris, our new German champion! :D

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